About GOLD to green

Minh Huyen, media & communication science student in Germany, currently on a study abroad semester in one of the greatest cities ever: New York City, US.

This blog started out in 2011 as a travel blog about my gap year after high school in New Jersey/ New York. It came back to life as a lifestyle blog with a focus on fashion, health and mind topics in 2013. Inspired by my own transition from a shopping-addicted fashionvictim to a more conscious, healthier and active person, this is my outlet to show you a balanced mix between a gold & green life. 

On this blog, you will not only find fashion week reports, outfit inspirations and streetstyles, but also mindful thoughts about life, new healthy food recipes, workout tips and a bit of yoga, skate and travel here and there. Find your way around on this platform and I hope, you will smile, laugh, think, taste and enjoy this journey as much as I do!

I believe in Love & Karma. I am a fashion lover, your personal health coach, a skater, and most of the time vegan. Want to find out more? 

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