September 29, 2014

Mindful Monday: Shopping Madness

NYC #4 // "Money looks better in the bank..

..than on your feet", that is what Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and author of the NY Times Bestseller #Girlboss recommends us. As soon as you get out of the airplane and land in the heart of Manhattan, you see shining lights with photo-shopped ads everywhere. Anytime, you will find sales going on: Buy one, get one 50% off. Buy 4 for 25$. Buy two and you get the 3rd one free. It's crazy! People are running around with huge shopping bags as if spending money would be their biggest hobby. 

Of course, I am tempted, too. There are so many stores you won't find in Germany and designer brands, where you just want to dive in and all the consignment stores and flea markets. Oh my! It's shopping heaven for any fashionista! What shall I do? Buy or not buy, that's the question... I know these are first-world problems, but Mindful Monday is there to reflect and rethink my actions. Before coming here, I already made myself a shopping list and only wanted to buy specific things. Now this list has reached its edge and I don't know what to do. Did my 6 Month-Shopping-Challenge teach me something? 

Yes, it did. Every single day here, I tell myself: Try to keep your money together, save it, you will need it. Only shop what you love, not because something is cheap! Be selective and live within your means. Think first. So, at the end, I didn't get these nice pair of Nike Wedges. Amoruso is right, I do like my money on my bank account better than on my feet.

September 27, 2014

NYC #3 // Skate and Art Saturday

Last Saturday was my very first day skating in and around Brooklyn and you cannot imagine, I loved loved loved it!! Being back on my board was tremendously relieving! I am so glad that one of my friends from Germany brought one of my boards here, so I can enjoy the city from a different perspective :) So, thank you again T! ♥

Although my ankle is still kind-of swollen, I really wanted to push through Brooklyn! That day, I met up with a dear friend and we had a lovely brunch together in Bushwick. After that, we talked a lot about dreams and travels, how we only have one life and that we should do what we love. What is the best for you? Not for your boy/girlfriend, your parents, your company.. but you? What is your purpose here and what is the most fun to you? 

Deeper into the conversation, she revealed some hidden artwork she did when she studied Design. I had to take some pictures and was amazed by her potential and her ideas :) Find Sarah Azpeitia on her instagram to get inspired!

After that nice afternoon of skating and exploring a bit of Bushwick, I took the subway home. In that train, a skatergirl approached me and we had a nice little chat, she told me that there's a skateboard artshow that night. It was the 20 year anniversary of Chocolate Skateboards. A skate shop on Bedford Avenue, therefore very close to home. It was really packed and really hot inside, so we only stayed for 10minutes, enough to take these pictures! But actually after that, I had tons of fun skating through my own neighborhood by night! It was exciting for me because it was my first time skating through the streets of New York, now I cannot wait to click on publish and head out.

It's beautiful outside,
you should go play! ;-)

September 25, 2014

NYC #2 // On Brooklyn Bridge

Since I am right now in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, I am taking this chance to capture some nice, authentic NYC street styles. Lately, I have seen these classic black leather Dr.Martens boots a lot! In the streets, on campus and in several retail stores, but when I had my eyes on them back in Germany I couldn't make the purchase just yet. Maybe because I feel like they are too chunky.

This English girl shows us that they are not! But she is also striking another trend: the shirt-tie around your waist! Although this here is more like a jacket-tie, I love how she twists up her all black everything outfit with such a small detail. Do you already know which two pieces to twist together? ;)

September 23, 2014

NYC #1 // Welcome back to NY

As you know, I kicked off my new semester with NYFW (see the street styles I shot here, here and here), but this NYC Series will be a small diary about my New York life and what I'm up to. In here, I also want to show you revisited eating-out-tips, shopping-tips, events and also street styles from people I meet  ;-) Enjoy this trip with me and let me know how you like it!

It's been 3 weeks now that I moved to Brooklyn, Williamsburg and the faster time passes, the more I am getting used to it. I have to say, I was super lucky to find a room with a nice roommate here. Again, Vitamin B helps. It was only a couple of nights before my study abroad semester started and before, I stayed with friends in NJ. Looking for a room in the city is really not as easy, especially if you are not here. There are a couple of options such as Craigslist, Airbnb and also Student Housing, but often these I find superduper expensive and not reasonable. 

Such a warm welcome, thank you S & T!
You guys are the best ♥
My budget for a room in a private apartment was 1000$, which I think, is still lots of money and last minute a friend from a friend from a friend got back to me and offered me a room. It was under my budget and the decision was easy. It's a small room, maybe 8m², I sleep on an air mattress with my sleeping bag, but I don't really care, I am here for only a couple of months and I live in one of the best places in Brooklyn. Once again, I had to learn: don't stress out.. in the end, everything will fall into place!

Of course, I had to bake some good bread!
The very first nights on the East Coast // New Jersey

I am so glad that for the first couple of nights my friends from two years ago took care of me and welcomed me back to the States with open arms. Thank you again! ♥ School.. is situated in Downtown Manhattan, Financial District, therefore very busy, very smelly, very loud, many cabs, many tourists.. the Brooklyn Bridge, the One World Trade Center and Chinatown are nearby.  
Lunch view.
Germany is visiting me ♥
Some Sightseeing in Central Park
Germany, second round :)

But.. luckily, I can escape Manhattan a bit and spend most of my weekends in a more quiter place: Williamsburg. When I was here two years back, I wished I could live here, I guess that little dream came true! I didn't do anything big in Brooklyn so far, but will definitely come up with eating-out tips, where-to-shop and many more stories! Oh yes, two of my best friends from Germany already came to visit and I had an amazing time showing them around and showing them MY personal New York, wanna hang out? :)

Although my room is small and I have a 30minute commute to school, the location is just perfect! There is the McCarren Park, the year-long farmer's market every saturday, a donation-based Yoga Studio, a supermarket, the subway station, the beautiful East River State Park with the view to Manhattan aaaand.. for all longboarders out there: the Bustin Board Shop! Everything in 15minutes walking distance. Two weeks ago, I just had to stop by at their shop when they had a HUGE sale going on.. (they are moving down the street and will reopen mid-October) and I couldn't leave the shop without bringing this beauty of board home. Yep, this was definitely a splurge! Not planned, but even as an artwork for my wall totally worth it. I also have the feeling that one day, someone special will receive this :) 

I hope you liked this kind-of NYC Diary, let me know what you think about it! Anything special you want to see while I'm here? 
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Have a wonderful new week ♥

I saw it, I fell in love, I couldn't resist.

Crack Pie anyone? :)

September 19, 2014

Healthy Friday: More and more Vegan

This is no regular Food Friday and I actually wanted to post this on a healthy wednesday, but since I moved to New York almost three weeks ago, things are a bit crazy over here and I barely find time to really embrace myself into blogging! Just so you know, there will be some changes in the next couple of months and I am not sure, if I will be able to post on specific weekdays.

Still, no excuses and I really wanted to share this important fact with you. Well, okay, this is not big news because some of my friends did sense that, but I do eat more and more vegan now. How come? I tried several times last year, but was never able to stick to it for more than a week. And then, something happened to my skin. After my summer in Berlin, I started getting eczema and it was really bad, so bad that my skin turned completely white and dry because I could not resist scratching. I never had it before and after a few check-ups with my doctors and failed treatments with creams, I took the chance and just try it.

Brooklyn, NY

Let's go vegan for 30 days, strict. As you know, I already did tend to more vegan and vegetarian food since I post them in my food friday recipes, so this was actually not that hard for me. But, I have to say, it was very benefical to not stay with my parents and their Vietnamese cooking, therefore I was forced to cook for myself when I spent that month in Berlin. Additonally, I did not consume dairy before, and I could definitely live without cheese. So, the 30 days turned out to be very experimental and at the end very eye-opening. My skin got better and better and it seemed like my eczema was gone.. for good... until life becomes stressful again and your body shows it to you.

Nevertheless, it's been around three months now and I would say that I am still 80% vegan. Why only 80%? Because I do have my exceptions. The very first month was strict, but then later, I figured out for myself that most of the time and especially when I am cooking for me, I can definitely stay vegan. But you know what, there are situations such as birthday parties, having food at home with your parents etc., where I do not ask whether there is egg or milk inside the birthday cake or the spring roll. I would either bring my own food or just eat with my friends and family because I don't want to make a big deal about my lifestyle and we still want to be social, right?! If friends came over to my place, it would totally be all-vegan. And why not back to meat? Not only did my skin turn better, but in general I feel better, too! :) 
So amazed by the COLORS! *.*

Here are some tips to start out with veganism: 

1. Start small, try a day, then a week, 
then a month and if it suits you, keep going 

2. Of course, it helps when you're open-minded 
and want to learn more about this lifestyle  

3. Inform yourself to get the right nutrients and 
also protein from your vegetables and fruits

4. Don't try to convert people, 
always be nice and open, too!

5. You can substitute everything:
cow milk with soy/almond/hemp/flax milk
eggs with soy milk/bananas/other fruits etc.
 cheese with almond butter/ cashew butter

6. Be creative! Look up amazing recipes on the WWW, 
find some of mine here

.. and most of all: don't be too harsh on yourself, this should be about your health and food should be fun and enjoyable!

Happy Experimenting!