December 30, 2013

Mindful Monday: Thoughts on 2013

I actually wanted to show you guys a lovely book, which I got for my birthday, but this will be for next Mindful Monday then ;-) So, I came across these 25 questions to ask yourself before the end of the year by MindBodyGreen and tried to answer a few of them. Now, I want what I've thought while answering the questions.

What lessons have I learned?
You are NEVER too old to learn something new. JUST DO IT.
No doubts, no fear. Embrace yourself, do whatever you want. Stay strong, everyone else is going through the same feelings and the same issues, they are going as far as you do, 
but can and will you make it further?

Always be nice and grateful, be the best version of yourself!

Do not hang around too much with people who don't understand you or drain your energy. Turn to those who inspire and bring out the best in you.

Always be open and stay curious, you never know what will happen next. 

Stay true to yourself and don't regret decisions and situations. 

How did I spend my free time?
With new hobbies. I've started a new passion called Longboarding in May this year. 
Read my longboard story here ;-)
Additionally I've found my way back to blogging.

When did I feel most creatively inspired?
When I met strangers, some became friends and the 2nd half of the year was very inspiring: with my internship at LesMads, with longboarding and fellow skaters,
with Off Color and Dreams
with small moments in life like taking a walk with my mother
or doing random acts of kindness :)

When have I felt the most alive?

How can I improve my relationships?
More patience, my dear. 
Learn to let go of the past, forgive people and you have a decision to change your behavior every single day. 
Read my Flexible Mind post :) 

What would I like to cultivate?
Do more of what I love, have more fun. 
Don't take life toooo serious, but hey,
play hard, work hard ;-)

I want less and clearing clutter.
Trusting my gut more, decide intuitively.

How can I be kind to myself?
Stop watching and comparing to others, 
start doing and be the best YOU you can be!

As you can see, one of the best moments was getting into longboarding, which gave me so much. More freedom, more creativity, more action and more fun :) I truly love it and after the small tour today, I don't want to miss it anymore. Other than that I'm still learning, it's a lifelong journey and I am grateful for all these magic moments that happened this year, next year it will be even better ;-) Do you have any new year's resolutions? I will post mine soon, so stay tuned!

What else did I learn this year? 
Take the good, leave the bad. Making new friends is so inspiring and YES, life is good.
It ALWAYS depends on how you look at it.

Be KIND to strangers, life is full of surprises
and magic moments ♥

December 27, 2013

Tips on how to get well soon :)

Yes, why? Because I was sick over the christmas holidays and I thought, why not give my get-well-soon tips to you? And here they are :)

1. Sleep and Rest
Nothing new, same story every time ;-) I think, whether or not you're a working bee, you just have to give in. At the latest when your body calls for it and says: STOP! Your body will force you to go to bed, to rest and to yes, stay there for a bit...  It's always hard for me to admit that I didn't get enough sleep the last few weeks and then, to really take my time to rest.

2. Hot Lemon/Ginger Water
This is my Go-To-Water whenever I feel sick or have a cold because lemon will detoxify your body and ginger will cure your illness. My mum always tells me to drink lots of hot ginger water and you can even eat a small piece of raw ginger to help your throat. Read more if you want to know why you should drink warm water with lemon.

3. Herbs, Greens, Vegetables and Fruits
As always, fuel yourself with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Especially right after the holidays when I ate heavy food, I'm longing for something light and fresh :) That's why I made myself a Green Juice yesterday. It's so fast to make your own, for instance this one consisted of a kiwi, half an avocado, some zucchini, a few slices of lemon, some ginger et voilá you'll have your dose of vitamins and essential nutrients :) Read more about Green Juices here.

4. Frozen Berries 
This is a tip for anyone who is suffering a sore throat: my friend's mum told me to buy frozen berries, to suck and to eat them. They will work better than any cough drops you have from the pharmacy. Try it :)

5. Fresh Air
Go out, have a walk, not a jog ;-) and let the sun shine in your face (if there's some), breathe in some fresh air and be out in the woods, your body and mind will thank you for!

I hope you're getting better with these tips and really stay at home when your body calls for it! The holidays are over, I'm almost fit again, but will take it slow the next few days :) 

Slow down and breathe,
xo Minh

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas x Happy Holidays!

I wish you guys lovely holidays and lots of fun with friends and family. Enjoy the days that you're home and cherish the few moments you have with them. And if you cannot be with your friends, send them Do-It-Yourself Postcards ;-) and let them know that you're thinking of them ♥ If you still need some nice recipes, check out the cookies and cakes!

Unfortunately I'm super sick right now.. again and wasn't able to post this week's Mindful Monday topic, but stay tuned for next week's thoughts ;-) My How-to-Get-Well-Soon-Post is coming up, too :) 

Sending you love and greetings from Berlin, 
xoxo M.

December 20, 2013

Food Friday: Vegan Muesli Cookies

I guess it's that time of year again although the weather doesn't seem like it! It's raining here, and it's kind of warm, which reminds me of last year's christmas in Germany when I went for a jog with a friend. Weird, huh? Climate Change is showing its effects..

All my friends are into baking right now and what better to give your loved ones than homemade cookies? :) I've already showed you the Almond Biscotti and the Chocolate Chia Peanut Cookie Recipe in the last two weeks. So, if you mix up those with these Vegan Muesli Cookies you'll have some delicious christmas munchies to share with friends and family.


250g whole grain flour,
1 package vanilla sugar,
1 pinch of salt,
150 to 200ml soy milk,
75 raw cane sugar,
200g mixed nuts with muesli,
1/2 package of baking powder
and 3 large spoons of powdered sugar (if preferred).

1. Just mix everything together until a nice dough comes out.

2. Shape cookies with a spoon and place on the baking sheet. Bake for about 15min. at 170°C (330°F).

After that, you're all set I would say ;-) Why are they so special? Because they aren't heavy on your stomach and the raisins and nuts do their best in this oatmixture, happy baking for christmas! xo

December 19, 2013

Grey Cos vs. Greens

I've always wanted to make this post about the COS Cardigan, but couldn't manage to take some pictures of it since the weather wasn't nice enough. This sunday, it was sunny out and not too cold to pull out the huge Cardigan and throw it on some basics ;-) When I bought it back in January in Berlin, I honestly wasn't sure about it, because it was a fair amount of money and more special. My friend Samira told me to definitely go for it and yes I really love it now! 

Nevertheless, I didn't wear it often, but used it rather as a jacket than a cardigan. So, it needs to be the right time to wear this, be it in spring or autumn, additionally you have to wear something underneath. I prefer autumn though because I feel like this doesn't match to spring =D Anyways, I need to pull it out more often because I do feel comfortable and cozy in it :) And yes, I've returned the H&M Ankles and got myself the fake-leather Zara ones =P How do you like this outfit?

H&M Black Basic Sweater.
COS Cardigan last season.
UniqLo Pants.
Zara Ankle Boots.
UrbanOutfitters Backpack.
Necklace is from a NYC Flea Market, 
Bracelet and Ring are from Snash Jewelry.

December 16, 2013

Mindful Monday: Inspired by Pharrell Williams

Every Mindful Monday I'm sharing my thoughts with you about actually anything, but sometimes it's just something inspirational for me. So, these days I'm all into Pharrell Williams, his music, his videos, his designs and his words. How come? Not only did I accidently watched some of his 'How to suceed in life' videos on Youtube, which I strongly agreed on; a dear friend just reminded me of his great work with N.E.R.D. when she gave me a CD-mix as a birthday present. 

His words made me really think. Think about my doubts, about my future, about the fear of managing life and dealing with all the shit what's going on around. And also how you treat yourself. Listen to what he says and let him inspire you.

This is what I wrote down in my diary and here I'm sharing it:

Create your own world. Don't wait for it.
Always be curious and keep on chasing. Feed your curiosity.

There's no such thing as nothing. Nothing is a perception, things and reality are changeable. You just have to reevaluate it and love what you do in life.

Ego. It's a funny entity. It's on your side when you're doing great, but leaves you when you fail. So DO NOT listen to and get rid off it.

Failure. Switch failure for lesson or better: it's useful information for the future. 
It's acutally R'n'D: Research and Development. 

It has to be about YOU because if you spend time doing things for other people, you will think: what about ME? 
If you don't pay attention to who YOU ARE, you possibly cannot be good to the next person.

Don't be afraid, go get it!
You have the idea, do it!

Organize your own crew of girls and guys that think like you and start your own movement: people who believe in and represent YOU.

Imagine. What would you do all day long when your bills are paid? Find respective jobs.

If you're not learning you're wasting your time.

These words helped me so much during the last week, and I will always return to these whenever I'm doubting about myself. Really love yourself first and then you can love others. And hey, I've already met up with some creative heads to just sketch together, talk and exchange ideas. Love the idea of a creative Think Tank or a Crew to start my own movement ;-) In the next few weeks or better for the upcoming year I will rethink what I really want in life and how to focus on it better :) It's time for a new Vision Board ♥ Have a happy new week guys!

December 14, 2013

Superwoman Beyoncé

If you haven't heard it yet: Beyoncé just released 14 songs and 17 videos while we were sleeping, I guess :) Watch this short video about her new album and listen to what she says.

I remember when I was 13, 14, my former best friend and I were so into Beyoncé, we would battle who has more knowledge about her and who's more up to date =D Yes, it was that bad and I was so in love with Destiny's Child as well. This woman is still a big inspiration for me and actually this week, I've wanted to buy myself a new album, yes CD, no itunes ;-) Read a short album review at Refiner29 here and get a first impression.

December 13, 2013

Food Friday: Vegan Banana x Chocolate Crumble Cake

For today's Food Friday recipe I'm showing you this wonderful Vegan Banana x Chocolate Crumble Cake I've made for my own birthday a few weeks ago ;-) Why vegan? Well, just because I love to experiment with different ingredients and since I don't drink milk at all, I also try to substitute eggs and so on :) So, this is a good recipe for any party, that's why I'll make it again for a friend's bday tonight ;-) have fun baking and share, share, share!


For the dough:
100g Coconut Oil
120g raw cane sugar,
150g whole spelt flour
30g cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
75ml soymilk
5 spoons soy yogurt

3 Bananas, 60g Chocolote Flakes,
2 Packages of Vegan Cream , 4 packages cream stabilizer.

1. Mix all ingredients for the dough together and put it on a pie pan, bake for 30min. at about 170°C (345°F). 

2. After that, carve out the upper part of the cake and leave the ground at the side. Crumble the rest for the topping.

3. Cut the 3 bananas into slices lengthwise and put them on the ground (look at pictures).

4. Whip the cream, you really have to stir and stir and stir, pour the stiffener in and it will work somehow, I promise. Vegan soy cream is just not as easy as the usual one, so don't give up ;-) Mix in the chocolate flakes. Pour the cream on top of the bananas until everything is covered, should look like a hill :)

5. Spread the crumbles on top of that hill of whipped cream and voilá, there you go :) You have your Vegan Banana x Chocolate Crumble Cake. Leave it in your refridgerator for about 2hours and then, serve friends and family :) 

My friends didn't realize that it was vegan, and it really doesn't taste different. The cake is not too sweet as well, depending on your sweet tooth: add or subtract sugar ;-)

Tip: Enjoy right away, it won't be as good the next days since you're using bananas ;-) and sorry for the blurred picture of the dough.

December 12, 2013

OFF COLOR Analog Shoot

NYC Knicks Beanie, Grey Sweater by H&M, adidas Originals F/W'13 Leggings, Goertz Chelsea Boots.

This is actually a recap-post since I've already received these pictures a few weeks ago but wasn't able to scan them yet, so here we go: some analog pictures during the Dreams Shooting for OFF COLOR's 3rd issue. Although I'm not 'that' into modeling, Katrin Schmidt did an amazing job making me feel comfortable. Working with her was a lot of fun and I could just be myself and do whatever suited me best. 

It was a very spontanuous shoot though, we had an hour to do this at a playground near school and yes, as you can see, there were many children screaming and playing around. But they were too cute, super curious, and they wanted to be part of the whole thing ;-) See the girl in that pink sweater on my right? Too cute :)

Kazumi Snapback, H&M Blazer & Sports Bra, Air Jordans, Baseball Jersey from the Cleveland Indians.

The pictures below were taken in the Turkish area of the town. K told me that she saw that wall sometime when she walked by and just had to do a shoot there. Yeah, definitely a must, don't you like the pattern? :) When she showed me the analog pictures one or two weeks after the shoot, I was surprised that they turned out so 'real', I guess you never know when the photographer is taking a picture ;-) And the T-Shirt is also from adidas Originals F/W'13. Always have fun and enjoy yourself ♥

Tune In: N.E.R.D.

November 27, 2013

Finding Focus

With this post I'm going to say Thank You so far and Good-Bye for a two-week break from blogging and surfing through the world wide web. This is the time of year that I really have to focus on my studies at college since exams are coming up :) So, I'll be back around the 10th Dec. and be sure to check back then ;) There is so much more to come, cannot wait to play with the keys again and let my mind flourish.

In the meantime: read and dream a bit with Dreams by OFF Color, it's such a nice magazine full of dreamers, believers and thinkers ♥

So how do we find focus?
Take a step back. Back away from the browser and the phone, and give yourself a moment’s space to think.
What do you really want to do right now? What’s most important? What kind of person do you want to be?
Maybe you have 5 things you want to do. Pick one. Subtract.

Read on here if you want to find focus by Zenhabits.

See you guys back in December ♥

Love, Minh

Birthday Weekend ♥

Just wanted to give you guys a small impression of my birthday weekend :) Everything started on saturday when I was preparing for family and some friends, I've baked a bunch of cookies and also tried myself at baking a Vegan Banana Chocolate Cake - post is coming up ;-). Then, I've had a lovely dinner with the family and received some mail from England and Berlin :) Sunday morning, I met up with other friends for a nice breakfast with delicious food and got loads of tea for winter and study time ♥ Once again: Thank you so so much for all lovely wishes, words, gifts and time you've spent with me. Friends, You are the best :) xoxo 

And wuuhuuu, I cannot wait for the skydive next year ♥

November 25, 2013

All black everything

The other morning when I had to prepare myself for Uni again, I was thinking: All black everything :) So, this was super easy for me and I really like mixing and matching different fabrics of black clothes. I combined some leather with cotton and added a bit of gold. My favorite Zara pants with the flower pattern (love the details: pattern and zippers ♥) went with a grey-black sweater from Vero Moda; the leather-arm blazer from H&M, which I just bought, worked well as a second layer and since I were at school, I had my fake-leather UO backpack with me. The shoes are some old ones from Goertz and the accessories are from friends :) How do you like this black outfit?

November 22, 2013

Food Friday: Chocolate x Chia x Peanutbutter Cookies ♥

Inspired by this super-fast and super-easy recipe of 'a teeming mind', I just had to try these Chocolate-Chia-Seed Cookies! I adjusted it to my preferences and the ingredients I've got at hand, so this turned out as some super-chocolaty Chocolate-Chia-Seed Cookies with a Peanutbutter swirl!!! :) I really like this recipe because you can have four big cookies right away, try it and let me know how you like it ;-)

Ingredients for 4 bigger cookies:

- 4 tablespoons whole spelt flour
- 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
- 2 tablespoons raw Chia seeds
- half a teaspoon baking powder
- 4 to 5 tbspoons honey (instead of agave syrup)
- a handful of almonds
- 3 tbspoons coconut oil
- 1 tspoon cinnamon
- 4 tbspoons soymilk 
- some creamy peanutbutter

Mix all ingredients together (except of the peanut butter) until you've got a nice dough, put four equal parts on the baking sheet and swirl some peanut butter on top of the doughs. I hope you know what I mean =D Well, look at the pictures ;-)

Bake at 200°C (395°F) for about 10-15min. and then you'll have some delicious chocolate-cookies with a peanut-twist :) Perfect for christmas-time, so have fun baking and enjoy ♥