October 28, 2014

NYC #10 // My personal Broadway Bomb Weekend

Ian Nichols, co-founder of the Broadway Bomb

Do you know the feeling when you skate through the streets of your town with some of your best friends? Imagine this with hundreds and hundreds of skaters pushing next to you in New York City! Anyways, let's start this post with Uncle Funky's Potluck Picnic on Friday Night. The Uncle Funky's family set up a small get-together to kick off the Broadway Bomb Weekend. A bunch of skaters from New York, the U.S. and even from Sweden and Germany came ;) 

After a while, we decided to move the skate party inwards. To be honest, I didn't really know what that meant... until I found myself skating by night on the big streets of Manhattan. We skated from the West to the Eastside, then on to the Williamsburg Bridge, the famous bridge - never done that before, so for me, ├╝ber exciting! Then, skating down the brigde was another huge adrenaline kick! It was a long, very fast and a sweaty journey, but worth every single push.

Landed somewhere in Brooklyn, I was stoked as hell and couldn't hide my enthusiasm about the past moments. But it wasn't over yet. We stepped into a house party (I called it skate heaven because there was a Miniramp in the basement and hey, 6 rad skaters living under one roof) and we even played Adam Colton's famous Bite the Bag Game.

The next morning, THE day of the Broadway Bomb, everyone started at noon on 116th Street. For my part, I decided to wait on 14th & Broadway to take some pictures, and dived into the first big crowd. Even though it was only the last bit of the Bomb, it was sick! We were all pushing through red lights, making these crazy taxi drivers, pedestrians and cyclists stop, some held their smartphones up high to take a snap and it was such a cool vibe skating with amazing people, pushing and not giving a fuck. Just do what you love, get rad or get lost! And don't die! Haha!

 Kiefer Dixon on his way. 

 Jamie Nieves // Cami Best // Mike Girard

After hitting the finish line at the Charging Bull, we cruised down to the East River Park to announce the winners. Kiefer Dixon and Claudia Clase made it first. Some of us took off shortly after and went for some food, naps and beers, just to land at skate heaven again later that night. 

It was like a never-ending skate party with positive people, doing what they do every single day, being stoked about their passion and making the best out of the urban streets of New York. What I think can be related to any community or passion is, when you feel like your legs are killing you, the positivity and drive of the community make you go further and not care about pain. Everything is mental, so enjoy the time while doing it and push harder! Also, one of the most inspiring things about the last weekend was: it doesn't matter whether longboarding or skateboarding, whether long / small / or even middle boards, there is no difference, you are a skater and we skate everything. We all share one love, one passion. 

 Slide Jam with Steve Kong

Sector 9's Scavenger Hunt
The weekend went on with a small Slide Jam on Sunday Morning and ended with a fun Scavenger Hunt through the city organized by Sector 9 in the afternoon. Hopefully this will happen again next year! 

I cannot believe how my life has changed by getting my first longboard, back last year. Everyone else and everything what happened next were connected. This whole community of positive, creative, and motivated skaters opened up a new world. I cannot say it enough: thank you to everyone who is part of this, never did I feel so much freedom and vitality before. 

I hope this skate party will never end, 
cheers and keep your heads up high,
inspire and aspire

from New York with stoke,


October 21, 2014

NYC #9 // 10 Facts about The Broadway Bomb

When I knew I was coming to New York City this semester, I put down Broadway Bomb 2014 in big red letters in my calendar. For everyone who is not familiar with this race, here's what you need to know about The Broadway Bomb: 

1. It was founded in 2002 by a group of 15 friends.

2. Ian Nichols was one of them and 
is still organizing it.

3. It is on the 3rd Saturday in October, 
every single year and kicks off at 12, noon.

4. Start: 116th Street & Broadway
 Finish: Charging Bull in Financial District  
5. It is around 8 Miles and
150 intersections & lights will be crossed.

6. The rules are as following: 
Stay on Broadway // No Skitching meaning no holding on to
 cars to gain speed // No knocking down skaters or pedestrians 

7. Since it first started, 
it has gained a lot of attraction and in 2012,
thousands of skateboarders from all over the world 
partcipated in this event. 

8. In 2013, police officers tried to barricade the skaters
with orange nets. Here is a fun video to watch.
In that year, some people got arrested, too.

9. Yes, it is an illegal race.

10. Best of all: it's free and will always be!

Who is coming with me next year? ;)

A post about my personal experience of the
Broadway Bomb Weekend 2014 is coming up,
so stay tuned!

October 17, 2014

NYC #8 // First 4 Miles in the City

Thank you!!!

When I'm in cities such as Berlin or NY, I just love participating in fun events such as Food / Yoga festivals or smaller meet-ups for sports activities.. because hey! Often it's for free, there's good music, good action, good food and duh.. good people around! So, there was this Run x Dinner Event this past Tuesday Night and the deal was: Run 4 Miles with Undo Ordinary and have Dinner afterwards sponsored by Sweetgreen to check out their new Fall Menu. Awesome, right? We had to go! Or better.. I had to go.

So, I asked several friends to come with me and they all couldn't make it. I was by myself and didn't know whether I should go or not.. hmm.. my mind told me not to go because I am still sick and trying to recover from my cold.. should really take breaks! But my heart and my 'ants in the pants' I guess, so that's how Americans say: Hummeln im Hintern .. haha! (so lovely to discover new sayings in a different language!) told me to Go! Go! Go! This would have been my first run in a long time, too. So.. yep, you hear it. I did not want to go by myself.. until.. hach, I am such a bad decision-taker.. I asked another friend (who is not into running) for an objective opinion and she was totally like: Yes! You should definitely do it! It will be good for you! Just sweat it all out, it will be good for your cold. You'll make new friends! Just go! 
After such an enthusiastic response, I just had to go. I love how she said: Sweat it all out! Often, you have to do what's best for You. And you need that small kick in your butt! Don't depend on others, just do it! So, I was super excited to put on my brand new shoes and couldn't wait for my very first steps in it. Also, it was the perfect night for a run! There, I met some really nice pals and the founders of Undo Ordinary. We did not run to Williamsburg and back, which would have taken us 9 miles, but instead, along the water on the Westside Highway for 4 miles. 

My thoughts during the run were like this: 
1st mile.. this is not too bad, 
it's actually pretty warm with my jacket.

2nd mile.. Okay, this is a bit tough on me.. 
with my cold and stuff.. arghh
but 2 more and you're done! 

3rd mile.. okay, you made it 3/4 of the run
just keep running, no stops, no breaks
slow down if you need to.. 
my legs feel super heavy.. but I'll make it
 maybeee.. this wasn't the best idea..
to push my body to do this, 
hey you're still sick! (doubts, doubts, doubts) 

aah.. whatever I am here right now, enjoy the view!
You cannot change it.. you have to finish it. 
3.8miles.. 300m left, you can do it!!!
Just keep moving! 
Don't forget to breathe!

Aaaand.. I finished my first 4 miles in New York with an amazing view and amazing people who cheered me up the whole way!!! I still cannot believe that I did this, after 3 months of no running at all. Going for a long run, instead of adjusting myself with short runs first. Nope! Shoot for the stars, kids! After this, we had delicious salads as post-run dinner, I wasn't able to eat right away, so I took it home and was exhausted! As you can tell in the picture above in the left corner, I was the only one with a red face, BUT I was happy and now, two days and an intensive yoga class the morning after, my legs are still sore and I feel like an old lady trying to sit down.. soo funny! I think the only solution here is: Go Running! 

Cheers guys! 
I hope you enjoyed this little tale
 of my first 4 miles in the city.
And remember yourself,
kick your butt and just do it!

 Nike Air Zoom Structure 18,
this time no black, yes, it's bright and pink! :)

October 13, 2014

Mindful Monday: Dream. Believe. Achieve.

When I came to NY the very first days, I looked up some half marathons and saw that there is one coming up on my birthday! Nice, huh? :) I asked my dear friends if they would be up for that. No racing, only fun and friends motivating each other to accomplish something together instead of a big party. 

At that point, my ankle was still swollen and I am glad that by now, it turned to normal size again ;) It was rather a No from every party. So, I turned this chance down and didn't think about it anymore.. until last weekend! 

With my Girlcrush on Sophia Chang, I came across one of the Undo-Ordinary Co-Founders Robin Arzon. A former lawyer turned into a fitness journalist and an ultramarathoner, running for her mum and multiple sclerosis, read her full story on her blog. I read an interview with her and this is what made my eyes spark again: 
Endurance racing really parallels life in that there are so many moments when you’re like, I can’t do this, but then you look back with 20/20 vision and you’re like I am stronger than anyone could ever imagine.
Read the full interview here.

With these words I was like: This is so so true! After every long run I did in my life, I always felt like superwoman afterwards! In that year of 2012 when I started long runs I was like: I can't do this, I don't want to run anymore.. and then you push, push, push and you finish!!! Every single time, I felt more energetic, more alive, more focused! 

Long story short, I ended up getting the right gear to start running again and as soon as I feel better, I will hit the streets of NYC! :) Really cannot wait!!! Will I do the 10k on my birthday or the half marathon? I do not know yet, but I will run for sure! What is your hobby or passion that gives you power, more strength and endurance for life? 

Never stop dreaming, always believe in you!

October 10, 2014

NYC #7 // Let's go to the Beach!

Only less than two weeks ago, summer said good bye to us and where would it be best to spend the last hot days of the year? Of course, the ocean, the beach, in the sands, somewhere far from the city. It might not be the first thing on your mind when you think of New York, but indeed, everyone can escape the loud city once in a while. Especially when you're here in the summer, you should check out the different beaches. If you're not by car, as everyone else in this city, you can easily take the A-Train to its far far end. Not Harlem, but Far Rockaway! It takes about 45minutes (depending on where you hop into the train) to get there. It was incredible sitting in the train and riding towards nothingness.. no skyscrapers, no cabs, no houses.. only sand and water.

Since my friend and I are in the middle of our semester and school in the U.S. is a bit different compared to Germany, we took our studies outside and enjoyed the afternoon at the ocean. Really miss the warm days and need to adjust to the rain and the cold weather out here now. Have been sick and drinking tons of tea and hot soup all week now! 

So take care guys! 
Stay warm & cozy ;)

October 4, 2014

GIRLCRUSH // Sophia Chang from Queens, NY

 By Jeremiah Wilson for Hypebeast

When I first heard about Sophia Chang, I had to immediately talk to K from Off Color and was like: Oh my! New Girlcrush! I'm so into her! Why? Her appearance and her style, I love the fact that she's sporty and super feminine at the same time! Oh and the most important part: she's real! Also, her work, her thoughts, and yes even her bun! I was amazed by the young illustrator and designer from Queens. She just had a major collaboration with PUMA and designed the series 'Brooklynite', in which she incorporated her New York inspired illustrations. This creative mind is not only active in the arts & design field, but also in sports such as running and aerial yoga/pilates, which I would love to try out myself, too! 

Her interview on Hypebeast really motivated me to also take some time off from school and explore myself and embrace new projects.. Well, time will tell, but her words really stuck in my mind:  
Struggle, fail, try, make attempts, succeed (maybe) and see how far I can take myself.
Read the full interview here.

She is also part of Undo Ordinary, a magazine where sweat meets culture. I will definitely get a copy of that because it sounds like my perfect bible, style meets culture meets fitness.

 Follow the Bun Queen on Instagram.

October 2, 2014

NYC #6 // Express Yourself in Central Park

H&M Basic Top // ThuThu Shorts
Fleamarket Handbag & Sandals // Bracelet from an ArtFair

One thing I love about New York is that it does not matter at all how you look or dress like. The more time I am spending here, I feel the need to experiment more with my wardrobe and try out new things. Although the outfit I chose for the last hot weekend in NY is not 'new' in the sense that I never worn it before but new in a sense that it is not black, more colorful and just different. These ThuThu Shorts I bought a year ago turned out to be one of my favorite summer pieces. I love how the shorts confuses people and they might think: what is this, skirt or pants? :) I also love the traditional Vietnamese Sapa Pattern as Pocket Details. You should definitely check out ThuThu and her unique creations.

A beautiful smile is worth so much! Thank you :)

Strolling through Central Park that afternoon, we discovered the wonderful singer Bekhari from New York, who was in a middle of a shooting herself. We loved the golden details and her shoes!

Later on, we met the two Denim Ladies Shonelle and Cherish, both dancers from New York and the Netherlands. The Denim trend is stucking with us and won't leave anytime soon as I still see Denim-on-Denim Combos around the city. We really liked Cherish's Jumpsuit and Bomber Jacket, also the perfect mix with the Air Jordans!

 Of course, we had to take a Group Selfie :)

It's New York,
celebrate yourself! ;)