October 30, 2013

Tune In: Parra for Cuva x Anna Naklab

Most Wanted: Ankle Boots

I've just bought myself the leather boots from H&M (2) because I was longing and lusting for some really nice Ankle Boots this season. Rich, dark, made out of leather, not too high, an everyday shoe, something simple yet special, these were my criteria for the perfect Boot. Yeah, I was actually looking for my Chelsea Boots with heels.

A dear friend of mine recommended me these boots and I've found them on my last Berlin visit. They look like the ones I had on at &Other Stories, the tip is just less sharp. Now that I have them here, I'm not sure whether to keep them or not since watching the documentary 'Gift auf unserer Haut' made me really thinking about all the animals that had to die. What about you guys? Are you aware of the leather industry and would you still keep them? I don't know because I really like them and they seem to fit to my style as well... Here are some more really nice ones I wouldn't be able to say no to:

1-Leather Ankle Boots from Zara.
2-Leather Ankle Boots from H&M.
3-Leather Ankle Boots from &Other Stories.
4-Chelsea Boots with Heels from Asos.
5-Chelsea Boots with Plateu from Topshop.

October 29, 2013

New UO Backpack x Student Life


I've finally found the perfect solution for my bag-dilemma for school. Well, how to find a handbag which is big enough for your books, waterbottle, food etc., but won't be too heavy wearing on one shoulder? It's like impossible.. until I came across this lovely piece in the Urban Outfitters Store during my last visit to Berlin. At first glance I couldn't believe that there were golden zippers on it, but indeed :) Since day 1 I'm happy to have it because it's practical, doesn't stress my shoulders too much and it's stylish at once. It looks like an oldschool backpack and fits very well to my wardrobe. Furthermore it's not cloth, better yet it's fake-leather, so it will be more durable. Since we're witnessing a Golden Autumn-so called in GER-it was warm enough to not wear any jacket and scarf for school :)

Topshop Basic Grey Tee.
H&M Conscious Collection Blouse.
Dark patterned Pants from Zara.
Goertz Chelsea Boots.
Maugold bracelet.
 UO backpack. 

October 28, 2013

Meet Anh from tha.darlinh

It was the Show of Franziska Michael during the Berlin Fashion Week this summer when I've met Anh. I've noticed her because she is also Vietnamese and my first impression was right: Anh is really kind and open-minded. She started her blog tha.Darlinh in 2011 and since then she's writing about her personal style, DIYs and events in the fashion world. Additionally she's a fashion design student at Esmod-International Fashion School, works part-time for the WALD-Store and just started her Stylist career with LeanOn-Styling.

Why I've wanted to talk to her? Anh has a unique style and I love how versatile this girl is. She's a very young talent, really down-to-earth and very impressing. Let's talk to her:

How and when did you start blogging?
A friend of mine is totally into photography and always wanted to take pictures of me. We started shooting around town then and one day she came up with the idea of a blog. That's when we've started blogging together until she had to move away. We were blogging seperately then and that was the moment when tha.darlinh was born. I've also started with photography but soon it became more and more a fashionblog only.

What's interesting for you in fashion?

I think it's interesting because it's so different and versatile. Different in our everyday or professional life, it's also different how one respond to it. There are so many opportunities, which I like about fashion.

How would you describe your own style?
Oh, very good question. My style is always changing depending on my mood, but in general I'd say: sporty, and I like to wear casual stuff like skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a cool jacket. Casual and sporty.

So, what did you do in your gap year between high school and college?
First, I was in Vietnam for about a month and  took a drawing class as a preparation for college and then I spend a lot of time with my blog. In the meantime I've also attended the London Fashion Week in February and right afterwards I've applied for my studies. Fortunately they accepted me and therefore I had time to do an internship, it was part-time at the WALD Berlin Store and part-time at Dana Roski as stylist. After my internship, they still wanted to keep me and now I'm running their online-shop as a side job because school started.

Do you have any style tips?
Well, the most important tip is to always stay true to yourself. Just wear something in which you feel well because if not it won't be authentic when you're trying to dress yourself up.

October 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday: Success x 30-Day Challenge

I ♥ TED Talks, so inspiring, fascinating and funny :) 
So, let's be gritty and look at these eight words to success.

Running out of motivation? 
Try something new, for at least 30 days :)

October 25, 2013

Food Friday: Little Tibet Berlin

Today, I'm presenting you a short restaurant review of Berlin's Little Tibet. How come? Well, I thought that once in a while I would like to show you my favorite eat-outs and give you new ideas where to go. So, whenever there's no recipe on fridays, there will be an 'Eat-Out'-Review :) Additonally I've thought that adding it all up, I'd have 52 recipes a year if I post every friday, a bit too much right? Yes! Sooner or later I'd start having a separate blog for just my recipes =D Haha, who knows.. 

When entering the restaurant you'll realize that it's really calm and relaxing, making you feel immediately content. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of the interior, but there are photographs of Tibet all over the rooms and traditional Asian furniture in the colours red and brown. It's really cozy in there and the waitresses were super friendly, wearing an unusal long gown for work.

As drinks we've had a Mango Lassi (mangojuice x yogurt drink) and a Butter Tea (tea x milk x salty butter), which was really interesting but not my taste. My friend liked it a lot. Try it! As starters we've had the plate of Momo Nazom, mixed steamed and fried dumplings filled with spinach x cheese, chicken x onion and beef x onion on a salad. These dumplings were really delicious, reminded me of the ones from Joe's Shanghai place in NYC, and really filling, so sharing recommended ;-)

As main courses we've had the Gadhen Dä-Thuk (a curry mixed with beef, vegetables and rice, a speciality from Gadhen monastery in Tibet) and Shaptak Shoko (Wok-fried beef and vegetables, served with a special potatoe recipe). The second one was served with additional sticky rice and both were really good. The meals are different to Chinese food and I really liked the curry sauce of the first one and the potatoes of the second one. Of course there are vegetarian meals, too and I can assure you I'll be there more often to try out more! ;-)

So, whenever you're in Berlin, it's located on the Gneisenaustraße, go there and taste yourself, definitely worth it! The atmosphere, the kind waitresses and this rich Tibetan food, very appealing to me! 

Little Tibet, Gneisenaustr. 6a, 10691 Berlin

October 24, 2013

Second & Other Stories-Opening in Berlin

This weekend I could spend some days off with friends in Berlin again and of course I've did some window shopping. I've checked out the new & Other Stories in Berlin Mitte and pretty much liked it, compared to the one at Ku'damm, I've liked this one more because it seems like there's more space. In the front window they have an installation made out of paper bags. When I first came in, I've noticed that there are not many shoes and accessories, but wait! Walk into the basement, there you'll find a large room full of handbags, shoes and beauty essentials. So, whenever you're in Berlin, you definitely have to check out this Swedish house of chic clothing with high quality materials.

Second-hand Object Jumper.
Pieces Treggings.
& Other Stories Ankle Boots.

October 23, 2013

Dreams by OFF COLOR

Dreams is the title of the 3rd issue of the urban online magazine called 'Off Color'. The featured artists from music, film, fashion, art and architecture talk about their hopes, aspirations but as well about their fears and doubts. Dreams is about believing in oneself and working hard to achieve these dreams. Whether you're a daydreamer or not:
Everything you can imagine is real. Picasso
Off Color is running by the sisters Kristina and Katrin Schmidt. Inspired by sleepless nights in wonderful NYC the girls started gathering together all their ideas and put it into their 'blogazine', which was launched in March 2011. 

Off Color focuses on anything creative, be it fashion, music, lifestyle or interviews. The girls love being in big cities, not only that, they have a passion for HipHop, RnB, Kanye West and Photography

It was Katrin who came up to me and asked me to be part of their current issue. After strolling through their last issues Urban Rebl, La Bonita and the concept of this one, I was excited to be in this project :)

What I love about Off Color: the blogazine is so down-to-earth. I like how they illustrate small and newcomer artists like Urban Germany or Efkan NY, but also show artists who work behind the scenes like photographer Nabil Elderkin and fashion designer Katie Eary. Additionally they give event and city tips, style advice and recommendations for current art exhibitions. The writing of the sisters is very appealing and it's hard not to read the whole thing at once :) Oh and did I mention that I love the quotes throughout the mag? Check out this incredible work and let them inspire you to dream

October 21, 2013

Mindful Monday: Shopping and its impact on us

A very dear friend once said:
'Do not follow loud goals, listen to your inner self.' 
In the last several years my shopping habit has changed a bit, maybe you saw this transition yourself, too. Three years ago, I used to buy clothes and accessories excessively, working as a waitress by the side made it possible to buy anything every time you received your tip. Then, being in the U.S. clothes were super cheap and yes, I have to admit, I bought stuff I didn't even touch there because I thought 'Well, I buy them here, but will wear them in Germany.' Did I then? No, not at all, being back here I had a total different style and wasn't as colourful as in the U.S. anymore. 

Now, this year and especially after my internship I look for quality than for quantity, but have to admit, you start looking for designer brands, as well. My personal project of 'I want less. Here and now.' concerns shopping as one of the most important issues and I'm trying. I'm trying to stay away from cheap clothing because I think. I think that it cannot be that I pay 3€ for a t-shirt and it cannot be that there is so much stuff on sale whenever the season is changing. 

A few weeks ago I've just attended an information event of the Clean Clothes Campaign which showed me that most of the produced clothes end up in developing countries, in which they try to sell them, but these will actually find their way to landfills. Furthermore I don't have to say that many seamstresses in Bangladesh etc. live in poverty and can hardly afford their homes, food and education for their children. 

My call is: Just be aware of what you buy and don't consume clothes blindly, look and inform yourself. For example, this is a very good German documentary of the British retailer Primark who sell super cheap clothes and I have to say: has super bad quality (from my own experience). There are more negative reputation about H&M, Zara and so on, just google it.

Back to the quote: sometimes I find myself wanting something because others want it and not because I've wanted it myself. So, other people voice out their thoughts and needs and I would be like: hmmm.. Yes, I want shoes and bags and stuff, whether I need it or not. Same thing happens when I stroll through blogs, magazines and shopping sites. If I listen to my inner self, it would be like: No, I really do not need all that and be honest, don't find excuses to need and want them. Just stick to your own ideal and you already know that material things won't make you happy. 

Shopping is like a vicious circle, if you feed your closet or room, you won't be able to stop it. You always want more and then, at some point you'll try to find happiness through materialistic things. Let's altogether think about what we buy and why we have to consume so much nowadays. I would love to hear from you, did you already cut back on your shopping habits? :)

Documentary-Tip: 'Gift auf unserer Haut by ZDF, unfortunately in Germany, but totally worth seeing, it's about the leather industry and how its produced in bad conditions in Bangladesh. Stay aware!

October 18, 2013

Food Friday: Sweet Pumpkin Slices x Greens

More Pumpkin please :) 
Just found another wonderful recipe with pumpkin in my '2012 pictures of food-archive' and it was inspired by the recipe-platform chefkoch.de, there it was the pumpkin salad with arugula and goat cheese. 

One year later, I've tried to remember the recipe, but couldn't find it until today and again, transformed it since we don't have maple syrup in the house. For this fall salad with sweet'n'hearty pumpkin slices and honey-marinade you'll need:

Hokkaido pumpkin, preferably arugula salad or any other green salad (romaine lettuce), tomatoes, cucumber, if you like add some baked vegetables like zucchini and eggplants.

Cut up the pumpkin into 1-2cm thin slices and preheat the oven at about 220°C (390°F). Put the slices on a baking sheet and leave it in the oven for about 10minutes. After that pull out the pumpkin, spread on the pumpkin-marinade and put it back in the oven for another 10minutes. 

For the pumpkin-marinade:
Mix up four tablespoons honey with one tablespoon olive oil until a liquid consistency is reached.

The honey and oil should caramelize on the pumpkin while the vegetable is cooking. Cut up the lettuce, cuke, tomatoes and prepare the salad. 

If you like: Spread on some olive oil, salt and pepper on the zucchini and eggplants, put in the oven and bake for about 10minutes until it's soft enough. What about feta cheese as well? :) Garnish with nuts'n'seeds!

At the end, just have your salad, add your desired dressing and have the pumpkin slices, baked vegetables and cheese on top. The sweet pumpkin will give the salty-salad a different twist. Just try it out and let me know how you like it! My friends and I loved this combination ♥

October 16, 2013

Street Art New York: All you have to do is to LOOK

I haven't bought any books since Paulo Coelhos, but for my farewell from my internship at LesMads, my boss gave me this: STREET ART NEW YORK by Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington (Prestel).

Opening up this book, I've had to smell the photopaper and also skim through all pages. These great pictures of street art and graffiti in New York made me want to buy a ticket and immediately fly there. Even a friend sent me a letter, telling me that she just moved into the city and is looking for a roommate. Poor me, I'm not done with school yet, but hopefully I'll be back there soon :)

Back to the book: It's super inspiring and looking at the great works I was like: Yes, I love producing stuff and being creative! Be it spraying, drawing, writing, cooking, acting, dancing.. anything!!! What can be better than seeing your stuff on a wall? Or 3D in your hands, on the plate, in your sketchbook, anywhere! 

In the introduction Carolina A. Miranda says: 
Vandalism is often equated with the destruction of architecture. I'd like to argue that it can give it new life.
Jaime Rojo and Steven P.Harrington came across many unique images living in the city and have been collecting their discoveries through film and digital photographs for more than ten years now. With this book they are sharing a selection of great work from different artists-well known and not. 
Street Art New York is a record of these discoveries, the little moments when a piece of art peers at you from a wall and says Look. It's an ongoing dialogue between an observer and the street.
Street Art in New York, another reason to love this wonderful city. The energy and the creativity of all these artists are surrounding you wherever you look

October 15, 2013

New In: Kenzo Scarf and Object Jumper

These days I was looking for a plaid scarf and found the one from Zara very appealing. The ongoing grunge and punk trend this autumn is really cool but I wouldn't buy a whole new wardrobe full of plaid stuff. I didn't find the perfect plaid shirt, so I've decided to go for a scarf. Zara it was... until.. I saw the very first girl sitting in one of my classes wearing the particular one. Okay, hold on: Do I care? Haha, one would say: No, why would you care if someone wears the same clothes?

Doesn't matter anymore because I have found the perfect one for ME :) Yes!!! Where? Last wednesday I happen to go into two vintage stores close to Uni for the first time and one of my friends found it: a Kenzo plaid scarf. Red, green, white, that's all I've wanted in the scarf I was looking for. Not too punky, but still edgy and perfectly fine with christmas time :)

Additionally I've found the perfect comfy sweater I was looking for years, no ages now!!! An Object Sweater made its way into my wardrobe. Great length and superduper fluffy, love the relaxed oversized fit :)

Yes, this was a super shopping spree and I can warmly recommend you: Check out Vintage Stores and Flea Markets every now and then, you will find lovely and unique clothes. Another reason to support 2nd-hand, vintage and flea markets is that it has a better impact on our environment and I am way happier to find pieces 2nd hand rather than new. It also adds up to my process of 'I want less. Here and Now.'.

Have fun shopping ;-)

October 14, 2013

Mindful Monday: Stay Inspired!

How do I feel right now?

In the middle of Unistress and many more activities I feel tired, overwhelmed and I'm longing for something new. Something fresh, something inspiring, something motivational. It might be the case that I didn't skate for two weeks and now I feel sluggish. This cold weather doesn't help either. 

So what? The other day I've talked to a dear friend from the U.S. and she sent me this from tinybuddha.com. It's a list of 50 ways to open your world to new possibilities by and I've picked those of which I think are the most striking in my situation right now. There are five categories and I'll explain why I want to get into these new ways of thinking and acting.


3. Have a vision session. Write in a journal, create a video, sketch—anything that lets you explore what excites you most.

Yes, I have a journal, but didn't write anything in since two or more weeks and I feel like whenever you do not write down or sketch down your thoughts and ideas, they will fade. Thoughts won't become real if you cannot visualize them, so write them down and make your dream happen :)
 6. Commit to something you always say you’ll do but always fail to start—and then take the first step right now.

I want to eat less meat. I had my ups and downs with this aspect and couldn't erase it from my plate for good, but maybe I'll manage to reduce it more and more. So far, it was easy to not have it when I wasn't thinking about eating less. Now, that I really try to have less, it's like I'm not sticking to it. No forcing allowed here, I should definitely free my mind of that thought and it will come naturally.


 18. Start something you always assumed it was too late to do. Take gymnastics, learn guitar. If it moves you, get started today. It’s never too late.

Yes, I totally agree with this phrase: It's never too late. Before starting with skating I was all about: 'Oh my, I cannot skate, haven't done it before and I feel super insecure.' I really felt like I was too old to start something new. Like it's always better to start with a hobby when you're a kid since you don't care about the risks, dangers or whatsoever. NO WAY! You're really never to old and honestly, who cares your age?? As long as you're having fun and love it, DO IT! Go for it, start today :) If I haven't started I wouldn't be able to feel the freedom I'm having when I'm with my longboard, so go ahead and live! 


23. Compliment a stranger on something you notice. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and it’s a great way to start a conversation.

I want to try this out right now! Haha, cannot wait for all the people who will be like: 'What? Why is this girl saying this?' :) 
Oh, just remembered, I'd compliment strange people because of their style or their shoes etc. and they'd be like: 'Hey thanks' (e.g. Fashion Week Situation) or 'Okay...bye' (at random places), hahaha =D I assume that they thought something like 'Weirdo!'.

28. Bring enough lunch to share with other people at work—particularly childhood favorites. Nothing bonds like shared nostalgia.

I always bring a lot of food!!! I just love sharing my fruits and vegetables with others. Bring some cut up veggies to school or work and share with your neighbor :) They'll definitely have a smile for you!


32. Speak up in a meeting, even if you don’t feel confident or you’re afraid you’ll be embarrassed. Your ideas can only take shape if you put them out there.

Oh, that's a real challenge for me since I'm not the one who'd raise the hand to say something. I'd rather observe and think about it. Maybe, this is the time that I have to speak up for my ideas and opinion about stuff.


47. If you blog, find other bloggers in your niche and email them to introduce yourself. 

Oh my, if I had time, I would do all this stuff =D Well, but sooner or later I really want to do this! No procrastination anymore, I've wanted to focus on me and my blog more, so get it on!

The list is long and there are another 40+ways to open up for new possibilities, but it's definitely worth reading if you're lacking some inspiration and motivation as well! Now, I know what to do and I love challenging myself! What are your favorite ways or things you'd like to challenge yourself?

Here's another tip, don't overwork yourself and pick one thing out and then try it instead of setting yourself too many goals at once, just saying ;-)

October 11, 2013

Food Friday: Green Cabbage x Ginger Soup

Oh my! I think Autumn time means Soup time for me as well since I'm all into it. Throw at me some vegetables, I'll make soup out of it with my super blender :) This time it isn't pumpkin but the bit smaller brother Cabbage, try this out and tell me what you think!

Ingredients (1 portion):
Coconut oil, ginger, one onion, half a turnip cabbage, vegetable broth, green herbs like cilantro and parsley.

Cut up all the vegetables into small pieces or squares, heat up three teaspoons of coconut oil (love it!!!) with the onion. Add the cabbage and the ginger, let it steam for like 5 minutes and then add two cups of vegetable broth. Let it simmer for about 20 minutes until the turnip is smooth. Pull out your blender and mix it all up until your desired consistency is reached. Add salt and pepper how you'd prefer it and garnish the soup with herbs, ginger, almonds and thin turnip slices.

Yes, again coconut oil, I just love the taste of it in any food and I have to say that I didn't even season my soup since the herbs and the broth were altogether salty enough. Loved it and will definitely try out more green soups :) What about broccoli or zucchini? Have fun cooking and bon appétit!

October 10, 2013

Karlsruhe Longboard Open 2013

A Longboard made out of wine barrel :)

Hey guys!
Here are some impressions from the last big Longboard event close to my home. This one was held in Karlsruhe by the wonderful Daniela Schukalla, sponsored by Concrete Wave Cologne, and here lovely friends and team. I was happy to be there since it's always a very nice atmosphere at those contests and happenings, good vibes are on and you'll meet crazy skate fellows :) I didn't dare myself to take a ride since I wasn't sure if I make the curve but will definitely try out next year, it looked like so much fun! AND: I will bring a helmet and some protection gears for sure. The season is almost over, but I try to use the last sunshines to skate a bit every week. Put some hoodies on and move! Let's get out guys!! :)

October 9, 2013

Bomber Jacket x Black Panther Sweater

This cold and groggy weather calls out for: All your sweaters! Pull them out of your closet because we already had to say 'ByeBye Summer, see you next year!' I've bought this Black Panther Sweater back in Berlin and immediately fell in love with it :) I liked the shape and the print, but hey how do you like my Bomber Leather Jacket from Zara?

I've just bought it a few weeks ago after having seen it in their online-shop. First, I really wasn't sure to keep it or not, but everyone said: Yes, except from my mum =D who doesn't like my style anyways. Now, I think it fits me very well since I was looking for a new, more elegant leather jacket and I really do like the pattern of it. This one for example is more sporty with its hoodie.
Sweater from Pull & Bear.
 Pieces black treggings.
Bomber Leather Jacket from Zara.
Z Spoke Handbag,

October 8, 2013

New In: Givenchy Le Vernis

For my farewell of my internship at LesMads in Berlin, my boss gave me this nail polish as a small present and although purple is not my favorite colour, I'm happy to have it. Why? I love to try out new things and I think that this colour is the perfect accessory for every autumn-outfit.
Givenchy Le Vernis–Lilas d’Exception is doing what I've expected, a very high quality lacquer with a nice opacity. I always do two layers of nail polish, so the colour will be richer and last longer. When putting it on your nails the colour will turn out darker which gives you a more elegant look. The lacquer costs about 20$, so be sure which colour you'll go for.
Yes, Lilas D'Exception is definitely a GO and thanks again to my boss Katja! If she hadn't given me this, I would have never seen purple on my fingers :)