September 30, 2013

Changing Seasons: Autumn is here.

Well, have you noticed that the season has changed? I didn't yet, here in the south the weather is pretty nice and I don't feel like wearing huge sweaters and scarves yet. So, the other day I finished working out and had the lust of wearing my leather shorts from Topshop to school. My friends were like: Oh no, you definitely need to wear some tights with it, it will be freezing outside. I've checked the weather forecast, it said sunny and up to 22°C (70°F), furthermore I was like: No, just go with the shorts, you will regret wearing long pants later that day.

There you go, me, the only one wearing shorts, was happy without tight, long pants and the sun was shining bright on my bare skin. Loved it! Whenever your guts tell you something, just do it and don't care what others will say or think. We should show more skin when it's still warm out, especially when we're lacking so much sun and Vitamin D. In addition I think that, when the 'big people' wear short skirts and dresses to the Fashion Weeks right now, we could also be more brave with our everyday styling :)

I've loved my season's changing outfit: I've paired the Topshop leather pants with a grey sweater from Zara, black sneakers from Deichmann and a light blazer from H&M. The tote is from the Funky Summer Longboard Shop, the two-tone necklace with the black ring on my thumb are from & Other Stories, the small rings are from Snash Jewelry, on the right hand there's the golden COS ring, a natural one from Brazil and the bracelet from my dad. What do you guys wear when the season is changing?

September 27, 2013

Food Friday: Chocolate Chia Pudding

For today's recipe I've got inspired, once again, by one of my favorite American Health Sources Mind Body Green and they showed a chocolate chia pudding recipe and a strawberry version. Of course I didn't really follow the instructions and just made mine up :)

soy milk or other milk,
almonds or nuts,
cocoa powder,
some cinnamon and honey.

Mix two cups of soy milk with two to three tablespoons chia seeds, do one tablespoon of cocoa and stir until the colour of the milk is even. 

Shred one cup of almonds and stir into the chia-soy-cocoa mixture, let the bowl sit in the refridgerator for at least one hour. The mixture will thicken and the longer you will let it sit, the thicker it will be. Have some honey, cinnamon and fruits with it :) 

Enjoy it as a super healthy desert after dinner or let it sit until the next day and have it as a morning breakfast with frozen or fresh fruits :) Opening up your refridgerator you will find a super duper puddingy bowl of chia and chocolate!

Oh and do the double or triple amount of it if you want to share it with others :) 

My Food-Tip: Try to use it up as fast as possible, the combination with chocolate don't last long.

September 26, 2013

Fall Essentials 2013 #3: Black Boots

I bought these boots last fall from Zara and haven't worn them very often. I felt like the boots were too chunky and heavy on my outfits, but this season I'm totally in! The Grunge-and-Punk trend this fall gives us the chance to be more edgy, black and rough. Usually I'm super picky with clothes because I really want golden zippers, buttons, studs and so on, since the embellishment is not that big, I can overlook it: Whatever right? =D I'm just all into everything golden, although punk and grunge work better with silver.

My shopping-tip: I bought them in the kids section and they were way cheaper than in the normal women's section. How come? My friend found out, that the kids sizes goes up to 38 EU or 8 US :) Save some money!

Want to find some similar ones?

 1-Leather Boots from H&M.
2-Flat Ankle Boots from Asos.
3-Boots from H&M.
4-Leather Boots from Zara.

September 25, 2013

What I listen to...

Last night the artist Bonobo was around this area but I couldn't make it to his show. Nevertheless, I've just wanted to give you some music input and show you what I was listening to this summer besides Patrice, Seeed and Clueso. Enjoy :)

September 24, 2013

Beloved all-seasons boots by Blowfish

Like these? Well, these shoes were my first shopping spree after arriving in the U.S. in 2011 and I have to tell you, I instantly fell in love, got them and wore them so many times. I don't know how many miles I've walked in these boots out of fabric, but I can tell you: MANY! Up and down the city like a bazillion times, they were with me travelling through the U.S: Florida, Puerto Rico, the Westcoast and then back in Germany, as well.

Two years, many walks, a bike accident which scratched them badly and special weather conditions later.. they are almost saying goodbye to me. Should I cry? Don't know, but I'm close to.. of course, Century 21 do not have them anymore and the brand Blowfish doesn't sell them on their online page. What to do? Super desperate, super frustrated, how am I going to find boots that nice again?

I wore them to skinny jeans, always!, to skirts to get a more street-used-look and almost to every occasion, yes, also to work. People have asked me where I've got them from and I was always lucky to say: Well, from the states :)

Now they are having huge wholes in the sole, so whenever it's raining, it's getting wet in there and a few stones got stuck already, too =D The fabric is not sticking to the sole anymore and now I'm thinking of duct-taping the inside but I'm not sure if it really makes sense to keep them. So, guys, what do you think? What do you do with those kind of clothes, the ones you love so badly, like really bad and then, actually YOU have to say goodbye. Do you really do it? Getting rid of them, do you try to get a new pair (similar though) or repair it?

September 23, 2013

Recap: How would you style to a Longboard Contest?

Melanie Golz from Cologne,  1st in the Women's category of the Eurodance. Washed Jeans, T-Shirt, skated-off sneakers: 
Perfect way!

Guleed Yussuf from the Netherlands, awesome style in skating and fashion! How to describe in one word?

 Lotfi Lamaali from France and Esther Suave from Berlin, being serious and childish! What's that? 
Authentic and skaters by heart.
 Are you ready for Peter Markgraf from Berlin, 
the skate-pirate? Arrrr :)

Just don't give a fuck and have fun =D OR go all into it and create your own style, be it sporty or extraordinary. Found these shots from the Eurpean Longboard Dance Contest 2013 back in August, maybe I can do some more style shots at future contests, would interest me how 'longboarders' style themselves ;-)

September 21, 2013

Recap: Black Summerdress

Back in summer, back in Berlin. Actually the outfit to the interview with Susie from Stylebubble. Oh yes, black works in summer ;-)

Leather jacket from H&M-years ago.
Sheer dress from Forever 21-somewhen last year.
Shoes from Deichmann.
Vintage Handbag from Coach.
Necklace from a friend.
Bracelets from a street vendor in NYC.
Ring from Brazil.

September 20, 2013

Food Friday: Raw Salad x Apples x Flaxseed Oil

Getting my new superfood Flaxseed Oil I've just wanted to try it out by myself and add it with anything, starting with oatmeal and now raw salads. Well, this is more of a leftover recipe, but I totally like it :) Do you eat broccoli raw? No? Try it, I obviously did try it out and since then like it a lot!

any leftover vegetable like
broccoli, carrots, red peppers, cucumbers, a tomatoe and an apple or any other fruit :)

Cut up the vegetables into small pieces and mix everything! Adding some fruit, like an apple will bring a different taste into your normal salads and sometimes I like to have a twist for my taste buds. I also like to mix up 'dry' or 'crunchy' vegetables with ones which are more juicy, for example mixing carrots, broccoli with avocado and mango, you won't need a special dressing then. Oh, check out the Mango-Salad!

Have some carbs with it, I've added some leftover spelt. How come spelt? Found it in the supermarket, usually use it to make bread, but wanted to try it out and see, if one can actually substitute it with regular rice or pasta. Yes, you can! Just do one cup spelt with three cups 'uncooked' water and let it sit for a day, it will become soft and eatable.

Add your superfoods like chia seeds and flaxseed oil :) Season with some salt and herbs and you will have a fresh and delicious salad with a good dose of vitamins.

Food-Tip: Always, always add some avocado if you like it :)

September 19, 2013

Watch out: Superfood Flaxseed Oil

When I was at my friend's house whose mum is a health advisor, she gave me some flaxseed oil to try. Of course I knew about flax seeds and I'd always add it into my oatmeal, but the oil of it? Made me curisous! She told me to have a spoon. Yes, pure oil =D At first, I was like.. okay, well, why not. I mean, I'd sometimes do it with coconut oil but not with like.. vegetable oil? Anyways, I've then added it to my oatmeal and it didn't really taste differently, but eaten pure I'd say that it has a special taste, not bad, just rich and significant.

Reading more and doing some research about this special oil, which contains 50% of omega-3-fatty acids, convinced me to buy it and add it into my everyday foods. So, before posting tomorrow's food friday recipe I've just wanted to tell you some good-to-know-facts about this superfood. 

Omega-3-Flaxseed oil comes from the Flaxseed plant and is one of the healthiest oils in the world. The flaxseed plant is growing in my area for many, many years and people would trade with it. Nowadays people make oil out of the plants through decating and studies found out that it has a lot of health benefits:

- contains about 50% unsaturated fats 
- antioxidant effects
- improves concentration
- may help with blood pressure, diabetes, eye and heart diseases
- helps fighting cancer
- anti-inflammatory and so on...

If you want to read more about flaxseed oil, follow this link to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland or read this post about the health benefits by the Global Healing Center. 

I am taking flaxseed oil for more than a week now and I don't know if it's the oil, but I do feel healthier, also because me adding more of chia seeds into my everyday foods and trying to get back on track ;-) So, where did I get this? Mine is from Agriluna, here you will find it and will get your own dose of plant-based goody-fats :) 

Oh and be aware that you have to keep it in your refridgerator, add it to freshly made salads, your muesli, oatmeal or just have a spoon ;-) No heating up or cooking! Sooner or later I'll post another food-statement of myself because for now, I'm heading more into 'vegetarian' and 'raw' food :)

Best of Berlin: Explore

September 18, 2013

September 17, 2013

Best of Berlin: Music

Me, being a groupie =D I've listend to, danced to and enjoyed Clueso, Patrice and Seeed in Berlin City :)

September 16, 2013

Best of Berlin: Fashion

In brief: I've had my internship at Les Mads Berlin, had an interview with Susie Bubble, went to the Opening Show of Hien Le at Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014, bought my very first designer handbag by Zac Posen, had an unbelievable party night at the fashion week party by Les Mads, met up with Thuy Duong Nguyen, designer of ThuThu at her Sample Sale and bought this unique short, went to the Opening of the first Topshop store in Germany and had a few outfit posts with friends and me.

What wonderful three months full of fashion, food and more to come :)

September 13, 2013

Best of Berlin: Food

Tonight I'm skipping the Food Friday recipe, instead you get a few impressions of what I've eaten during my three month internship in Berlin :) There are more 'Best of Berlins' to come, so enjoy! xx

I want less. Here and now.

Yes, I've returned a week ago and now I'm back in my small hometown in the southwest of Germany. I'm back at college and unistress, back in my room full of clothes and stuff and the only thing I want to do is: Clearing my Clutter!

Back in spring a friend gave me this book to read and after that I was just in desperate need of clearing my clutter and getting rid of everything. She lives very minimalistic and I'm very looking up to her and still learning. 

The reason why I want less is because I want to change my shopping habits as well as the thinking of wanting, getting and longing for more. Although I'm posting clothes and also these fall essentials, I try to be aware of what I really need or just want, want and want. I want less because there are so many things which weigh me down, do I really need shorts in six different colours? I don't think so. 

When I was packing my suitcase to leave Berlin, I was like: What the hell do you actually own? You didn't even wear these clothes for a year now. Additionally, I think a few girls can agree, I still have clothes with tags on and there are a bunch of stuff I don't wear because it doesn't fit into my actual style now. It's hard when your style is evolving and changing year-round but I think for the first step I want to break down my closet into just essential pieces, which you can always wear differently or add accessories to change it up.

If you want to, check out Karen Kingstons book and read about how to not just declutter of stuff but also from the past and negative energies. It's super motivational and I would recommend it to everyone, it answers questions like: Why you keep clutter, how to identify and clear it in your home and workplace, how to clear it from your body, mind and spirit and then how to stay clutter-free! Happy reading! :)

I want less, here and now is a work in progress, so I've just started and if you're also into it, follow me and let's see how it will change us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

September 12, 2013

Fall Essentials 2013 #2: Boxy Sweater

For this fall I'm also looking for a boxy sweater á la Elin Kling, she's wearing the one from McQ by Alexander McQueen and yes, it's quite pricey. Looking for a boxy sweater from retailers like Zara, H&M, Topshop, Asos and so on can be hard, why? Well, try to find a perfect boxy sweater, which has that square shape, is more robust and please in the colours black, grey or white. Yes, the weather is super groggy and I'm all into black again, shame on me, but I just love everything black :) and having a big slouchy sweater on is the best bet for fall! I would love to combine it with black skinny jeans then or my Topshop leather pants, the perfect outfit for the season's changing. 
Of course, I've made some research and found some fair pieces, click to get your own boxy sweater and read my German article for my most wanted sweater this fall at OK COOL.

September 9, 2013

Feeling fresh and new!

Yes, I've did it!!! It's not short, but definitely shorter, what did I say when I got my last haircut: step by step should it be. So, the end of my internship was coming and I thought: Okay, I'm up to it, I want something new, something edgy and cool and then I've called a friend: Basti Jung, who recommended me the hair-and make-up artist Theo Schnürer.

Theo actually did a Hugo Boss show in Berlin and you should definitely check out his website. Before meeting up with him I didn't have any real image or haircut to ask him for, I thought: Well, maybe, what about an asymmetrical long bob? 

It happened last sunday, Septemer 1st and when I went to his place, I was a bit nervous. Theo was super friendly and really honest with my needs. He suggested me to do something more classic because if I'd have something too edgy, I shortly wouldn't like it anymore. When cutting up my hair, I wasn't able to look into the mirror, so by the end when he finished blow drying I had to. I was like: Oh my world!!! Is this me??? I cannot look into the mirror, I look sooo different, haha. I didn't have shorter hair since I was five or so =D Super different, it's like I'm a new person, a new type and I LOVE IT :) :) :)

He then curled my hair a bit and showed me how to do a different style, so I left Theo's place very content and I'm super happy about that decision :) Sometimes you have a feeling and sometimes you should let that feeling overflow you and DO IT :) That day I was like a kid, jumping around and being happy all day because of my hair. My head was feeling so much lighter and I loved swinging my head and hair around, I felt like a hippie =D Haha, just kidding, oh no, I really did that =D

The first resonances were: - Is it you??? - Oh my gosh, what happened to your hair?? - Love it! - Now you actually have a real haircut. - And suddenly there's so much volume in your hair. =D =D - Looks a bit like Elin Kling, naah, do you really think that?

Apparently friends and family liked it as well :) So, what do you guys say? :)