September 27, 2013

Food Friday: Chocolate Chia Pudding

For today's recipe I've got inspired, once again, by one of my favorite American Health Sources Mind Body Green and they showed a chocolate chia pudding recipe and a strawberry version. Of course I didn't really follow the instructions and just made mine up :)

soy milk or other milk,
almonds or nuts,
cocoa powder,
some cinnamon and honey.

Mix two cups of soy milk with two to three tablespoons chia seeds, do one tablespoon of cocoa and stir until the colour of the milk is even. 

Shred one cup of almonds and stir into the chia-soy-cocoa mixture, let the bowl sit in the refridgerator for at least one hour. The mixture will thicken and the longer you will let it sit, the thicker it will be. Have some honey, cinnamon and fruits with it :) 

Enjoy it as a super healthy desert after dinner or let it sit until the next day and have it as a morning breakfast with frozen or fresh fruits :) Opening up your refridgerator you will find a super duper puddingy bowl of chia and chocolate!

Oh and do the double or triple amount of it if you want to share it with others :) 

My Food-Tip: Try to use it up as fast as possible, the combination with chocolate don't last long.


  1. das muss getestet werden!!! hahaha
    schmeckt dieses chia zeugs nach irgendwas? x

    1. Chia seeds are pretty expensive, so be sure to try it before you get the whole package! And nope, they just taste like water, so dont forget to add the cocoa for this recipe :) You can also let it thicken in orange juice or any other fluid, but water will stay for a week or longer in your refridgerator ;)


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