September 2, 2013

Black x Gold Fever

Not only do I love love love golden jewelry, I love the mixture of black and gold, especially in jewelry and leather goods, look at my first designer bag Z Spoke by Zac Posen. When I saw the new lookbook of the autumn/winter 2013 collection of & Other stories, I just had to get these!!! The box-chain necklace, the bracelet and these rings. Love the two tones, right now, I just adore everything edgy and black :) Maybe it's because it's getting pretty cold here in Germany.

Additionally the other day I saw a girl with this purse in the elevator, I did ask her where she got it from. It was H&M and on the onlineshop it was just sold out! Super funny! In a couple of days, this minimalistic purse with the imprint LOVE was just sold out. I've got lucky and found it on my satuday shopping spree in a shop and couldn't decide whether I should go for red or black. Decided for classic black then ;-)

I did more shopping this weekend because the first TOPSHOP just made its way to Germany and it was the weekend before leaving Berlin for college. Going back to school I guess, yep, my internship is almost over but I'll show you more of my purchases in a couple of days.

Stay tuned and happy monday :)

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