September 6, 2013

Food Friday: Vietnamese Pho Ga

The other day some friends have asked me for a traditional Vietnamese dish and they heard a lot about the typical Pho Ga. This is actually one of my favorites from my mom's, so it is really hard for me to cook the same one. Moreover my friends wanted me to do it for breakfast one day.  So, there I was, looking for Asian ingredients in Berlin, which were super easy to get. Just google Asian food market; I went to Mekong Asian Market at Hackescher Markt to get my stuff.

Cilantro, spring onions,
Vermicelli noodles or rice noodles,
if you use meat: beef or chicken, and for the broth: Pho powder or mixture.
fish sauce, sriracha chili sauce.
Soy bean sprouts are optional. 

For the broth:
Cook the chicken in a big pot full of hot water, cook until the chicken is done. This will take you like 30minutes or so, be patient :) Remove the fat from the broth little by little.

After that put out the chicken and cut it up into really thin slices. Put it aside. Be careful, the chicken is superduper hot!

Add the Pho cube into the broth and add salt, pepper and some fish sauce. Taste it and be careful with the fish sauce ;-) Keep the pot with the broth warm.

Cook the noodles by just pouring hot water into a bowl with the dry noodles, stir. The noodles just take about 5 to 8 minutes, so you do not have to boil it in the pot. If you're insecure look up the cooking methods on the package. 

Cut up the vegetables into small pieces. And now, I'd say that was the actual cooking part. 

Set up some larger bowls with noodles, top it with the herbs, the cut up chicken, the soy bean sprouts and then add the broth. Have more fish sauce or Sriracha chili sauce as you like.

Hmm.. yummy :) After having this for breakfast my friends were like: 'Okay, you can do this more often. We can get used to warm dishes in the mornings!' Hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as I do.

P.S.: Beef will work as well! Oh and do not forget chop sticks :)

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