September 23, 2013

Recap: How would you style to a Longboard Contest?

Melanie Golz from Cologne,  1st in the Women's category of the Eurodance. Washed Jeans, T-Shirt, skated-off sneakers: 
Perfect way!

Guleed Yussuf from the Netherlands, awesome style in skating and fashion! How to describe in one word?

 Lotfi Lamaali from France and Esther Suave from Berlin, being serious and childish! What's that? 
Authentic and skaters by heart.
 Are you ready for Peter Markgraf from Berlin, 
the skate-pirate? Arrrr :)

Just don't give a fuck and have fun =D OR go all into it and create your own style, be it sporty or extraordinary. Found these shots from the Eurpean Longboard Dance Contest 2013 back in August, maybe I can do some more style shots at future contests, would interest me how 'longboarders' style themselves ;-)

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