September 19, 2013

Watch out: Superfood Flaxseed Oil

When I was at my friend's house whose mum is a health advisor, she gave me some flaxseed oil to try. Of course I knew about flax seeds and I'd always add it into my oatmeal, but the oil of it? Made me curisous! She told me to have a spoon. Yes, pure oil =D At first, I was like.. okay, well, why not. I mean, I'd sometimes do it with coconut oil but not with like.. vegetable oil? Anyways, I've then added it to my oatmeal and it didn't really taste differently, but eaten pure I'd say that it has a special taste, not bad, just rich and significant.

Reading more and doing some research about this special oil, which contains 50% of omega-3-fatty acids, convinced me to buy it and add it into my everyday foods. So, before posting tomorrow's food friday recipe I've just wanted to tell you some good-to-know-facts about this superfood. 

Omega-3-Flaxseed oil comes from the Flaxseed plant and is one of the healthiest oils in the world. The flaxseed plant is growing in my area for many, many years and people would trade with it. Nowadays people make oil out of the plants through decating and studies found out that it has a lot of health benefits:

- contains about 50% unsaturated fats 
- antioxidant effects
- improves concentration
- may help with blood pressure, diabetes, eye and heart diseases
- helps fighting cancer
- anti-inflammatory and so on...

If you want to read more about flaxseed oil, follow this link to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland or read this post about the health benefits by the Global Healing Center. 

I am taking flaxseed oil for more than a week now and I don't know if it's the oil, but I do feel healthier, also because me adding more of chia seeds into my everyday foods and trying to get back on track ;-) So, where did I get this? Mine is from Agriluna, here you will find it and will get your own dose of plant-based goody-fats :) 

Oh and be aware that you have to keep it in your refridgerator, add it to freshly made salads, your muesli, oatmeal or just have a spoon ;-) No heating up or cooking! Sooner or later I'll post another food-statement of myself because for now, I'm heading more into 'vegetarian' and 'raw' food :)

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