September 2, 2013

Body Mist Shinjuku Bloom by & Other Stories

When summer was here, hope it will come back in a few days because right now it's pouring and pouring, I was getting sweaty pretty easily, I did not know what to do. It's not that I was smelling, but I used to rinse off my face and wrists with cold water just to get something refreshing. Around two weeks ago, a friend of mine, got me this: Body Mist Shinjuku Bloom by & Other Stories.

It costs about 15€, I guess 20 $ and comes in nine variations. Mine is a mixture of orange blossoms, cherry, vanilla and sandalwood. I take this when I'm on the run and have it in my purse all the time, so whenever I need a refreshment and something to awaken me up, I spray it onto my face and neck. 

Love the cherry fragrance, but it's really juicy and you have to like it ;-) Go out and try out the other ones. What do you use for as a beauty-summer refreshment?

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