March 28, 2014

Rohvolution in Berlin: Raw x Vegan Food Fair

Another week just passed by and I've been busy with college and other projects so that I couldn't post more frequently. But today is another Friday and that means another Food-Post :) Well, if you follow my Instagram account, the last few posts pictured my Vegan Oatmeal Breakfast or delicious Bread and Greens :) Follow me there and get everyday inspiration from me and my life ;-)

This weekend I'm in Berlin and will attend the biggest Vegan and Raw Food Event in Europe called Rohvolution. Not only are there more than 100! yes you see it right: 100 exhibitors, who will present their new products, food, books and so on about a vegan and raw lifestyle (meaning no cooking or processing over 45°C), but you can take part in a variety of lectures, workshops and tastings. 

Hey, there is even more! This year's fair has four major highlights: 

There will be selected authors who introduce their books to us visitors and will answer your questions about health and nutrition. Let's prepare for a heated discussion!

For all chocolate-lovers, including me :) there will be a Melangeur, 
a machine which shows how to make raw chocolate!

Have you seen my noodle recipe yet? It wasn't raw of course, 
but at this fair, the very 1st raw noodle called Wild Pasta will has its premiere.

A new radio station in Germany called veggie-radio will broadcast live
 from the fair and talk about interesting topics and interviews.

I think, there's no way out but coming! If you're a food lover and you're into vegan, greens and everything delicious, don't miss this! I will be there, too and try tons of raw desserts :) I'm also planning on going into a workshop on how to make your own nut milk, are you in? :) This will be yummy, so prepare your belly, your wallet and bring a big bag because this is open to ANYONE and you can go SHOPPING while eating :)

Sat.29th March, 10-7pm & Sun.30th March, 10-6pm
FEZ-Berlin (Wuhlheide)
9€ day-ticket, kids under 14 free

For more information ahead, 
take a look into the Fair Magazine or click here :)


Where is the picture above coming from? When I just arrived back home from my abroad year in the U.S., a dear friend and I had to try out this Rohköstlich (engl. Deliciously Raw) restaurant/shop in our little hometown :) We were pretty surprised that something like this was existing there because it's really small ;-) but the food was really good and different. We couldn't believe that it was 'uncooked', but hey I'm always curious about new food! You can also buy Superfoods like Chia-Seeds and Hemp-Protein Powder or Books about Raw Cooking there. Before, I also did not know that the restaurant owner and author Nelly Reinle-Carayon is actually organizing the Rohvolution Fair with her husband each year in several German cities ;-)

Stay tuned for more updates about this weekend's fair!
See you and happy eating ♥

March 21, 2014

Food Friday: Easy Vegan Spelt Pan x Greens

The other day a dear friend of mine came over for lunch and we did not know what to cook. So usually, I just come up with something eatable and always hope it will taste nice :D The result was a Vegan Spelt Dish with Greens mixed up all together in a pan. It turned out so good that I had to cook it again and use this as today's Food Friday Recipe :)

How come Spelt? Well, I am always curious and want to try out new things. When I first bought it, I added it to some of my breads, just the pure grain and some of my friends might have noticed it because it sometimes would be still hard inside the bread. Additionally, I use spelt as a side dish like Quinoa, so you can easily substitute it for rice, pasta, bread etc. But be sure to soak it in water the night before using it or let it sit in warm water for about an hour. Pure spelt also has more minerals and beneficial nutrients compared to processed wheat. 

2 cups of spelt, soaked in or cooked with 4 cups of water.
1 zucchini,
1 onion,
some celery,
some cilantro,
some coconut oil for the pan,
any spread (here I've used a paprika cashew one).

More of leftover vegetables as you prefer, add anything you like. This pan serves about 2 hungry people, oh, and spelt is pretty filling ;-)

1. Let two cups of spelt sit with 4 cups of hot water, cover up the bowl with a plate. This takes about an hour OR cook the spelt as you would do it with rice OR let it sit with water overnight.

2.Cut up all your vegetables into slices, squares, just as you like ;-)

3. Put some coconut oil in the pan, heat it up and sauté the onion, add the other ingredients. Cooking a vegetable pan, I always go from the hardest to the softest one meaning e.g. after the onion, the zucchini, spelt, spread, celery, cilantro.

4. Add some salt and pepper as you like or don't season at all since you have the spread, which gives the pan its sauce. Put 2-3 table spoons of it into your pan and mix everything up while its on the stove.

5. Add the celery, mix up for another 5min. and garnish with some chopped cilantro :)

Hmmm.. this is really yummy :) healthy, vegan and super-easy to make ;-) I just love improvising with food and new ingredients. I also love cooked spelt because you have to chew it thoroughly in your mouth, you will notice ;-) And although this is filling, it won't give you that full and stuffed stomach. So do not hesitate to grab a package of Spelt on your next food-shopping trip and try out some delicious spelt pans with vegetables yourself ;-)

Happy cooking and experimenting! xx

March 20, 2014

My Beauty Essentials

Today, I want to present you what I actually put on my face every morning. Not only do I pay attention of what I eat and take in my body, but also what I put on my skin. Last summer, I've already showed you some Dr.Hauschka products, which I bought back then. Now, I want to tell you about what I have actually used over the past months. Most of my cosmetic stuff is organic and free from chemicals and toxins. Yes, it's expensive, but totally worth it!!! The products also last very long, so I'm glad that I found them.

When I get up in the a.m., I rinse my face with clear water to freshen myself up for the day and to hydrate my skin. After that, I apply some Coconut Oil on my face and let it absorb. This takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Oh and when I had a shower in the morning, I also use it as my bodylotion ;-) As a second layer, I put on the Dr.Hauschka Toning Cream, which does not only tone your face but also nourishes your skin with its needs whether your skin is dry, sensitive or normal. I really love the Toning Cream and as you can see, I use it every single day because then, you do not need any Make-Up anymore and my skin still feels good and unmasked. No worries if you're lighter than me, the cream mixes easily into your natural color. Then, I use a concealer for dark circles under my eye or small spots to cover up. Unfortunately, I do not know the brand name anymore.. that time, I bought it in the U.S., yes, I'm still using it, some things just never run out. 

For my eyes and if I feel like it, usually I do, but there are also times that you see me without anything on my face ;-) that's when I'm sick, overslept or just don't feel like putting anything on but coconut oil ;-) .. back to my eyes, I put on the Maybelline Lasting Drama-Gel Eyeliner in the blackest black, which a friend of mine recommended to me and it's pretty good, doing its work and lasting all day. I did not found any good! Organic Eyeliner so far, so let's see what will come across in the future. Additionally, I use the Benecos Natural Kajal which is really good except from the fact that it smudges under my eyes, so it's a OK, but for 3 € a good deal, compared to my other organic products. Not to forget the Dr.Hauschka Volume Mascara in black which does a very nice job, but is unfortunately not water-proof and a bit expensive with 16 €.

Whenever I go out for dinner or a party, I also use an eyelash curler to bring my lashes into shape, does not always work, but better than nothing, all Asians you're hearing me? :D And I'd put some Rouge from La Roche-Posay which I received from a dear friend. As you can see, there's not that much of an effort of my everyday beauty routines, the only thing I could never live without again would be Coconut Oil for its superpowers :)

Therefore, the Concealer and the Eyeliner are conventional products, but other than that I try to minimize my consumption and I think: ok, let's pay more for Organic Really Good Stuff which last very long instead of cheaper ones which run out very fast and are not high-quality. I guess, at the end, you pay the same amount of money. What do you think of Organic Products? Have you ever heard of Dr.Hauschka products before? :) Would love to hear from you,

many hugs xo

March 18, 2014

Lookbook: Atea Spring x Summer '14

Minimalistic, pure, elegant and sporty at once. When I found out about this brand based in London, I immediately fell in love with the timeless, effortless pieces and clear cuts. Atea gives me inspiration of what my Wardrobe Essentials have to be like. They have to be chic, but also relaxed and comfy, so that I feel put-together, but not too lady-like. Mixing up feminine pieces like dresses with sneakers just does it.

These are my favorite outfits from the Spring x Summer Collection 2014 and I'm totally into the Suit underneath with the light Blazer and the Tailored Shorts. That outfit paired with white sneakers would be my go-to Spring outfit. Now, I might be really looking for a suit with shorts :) The designer Laura Myers just knows how to create clothes which can be easily worn and paired when travelling between different continents. 
What do you think?

Find more about the New Zealand designer 
in this interview by thefashionspot.

March 17, 2014

Mindful Monday: Let's go for a run!

Long time no post, huh? Well, a week I guess :) But that's not too bad because you know what? I've started working out and eating healthier again!!! This year we had barely no winter here in Germany, except from a week full of snow in Berlin, but this amazing weather and the early signs of spring just made me go out and put on my running gear again :) So, the last week was packed with my studies, but also 5 times of exercise. I have to say it has been really tough for me to get back on track since that crazy year in the U.S. in 2011-2012, why? Because then, I had sooo much time to care for myself, like really. I would workout every single day, being outside, having loads of activites and read about food, health and trying out new stuff, experiencing the super-healthy-American-way of life :) Actually experiencing the best and healthiest ME I could ever be and reaching limits, but more of my transformation in this post.

What did I do last week? I went for a run, did some weight training and yoga :) I think now it's really time to get back on track. Remember, being healthy, eating mindfully and being active is not just a trend, which comes and goes, it is a lifestyle decision. As soon as I've started running outside last week, I felt more alive, more energized and motivated to keep all this -yes life- going! Therefore this week's motto is simply:

You're only one run, stretch, skate, swim, play.. 
away from being happy. 

That's just how it is. Move your butt! For example yesterday when I didn't feel well because I was a bit stressed out with Uni and several other projects, I've turned away from my desk, put on my running shoes and went for a run. How did it feel? It's like meditating, I am by myself, fully focused, clearing my mind and the only thing I am doing is: breathing.

I breathe in all positivity and light which nature gives me. 

 I breathe out all negativity and worthless thoughts.  

And also during the run, I was grateful for having the ability to actually walk, run, and breathe in this fresh air. Friends and other people tell me that they don't like working out because they feel tired afterwards, but what it does for me is, it actually relives me and gives me more strength for the upcoming tasks and challenges life has for me. A dear friend once said: Energy creates energy. Give it a try, I promise you will feel better afterwards when you get the hang of it! Or better yet, wanna meet up for a run? :) 

Here are tips on how to get back on track and 
here's one on how to deal with your muscle ache the day afterwards ;-) 
Enjoy reading them! 
Keep up the light guys and stay positive ♥

March 7, 2014

Food Friday: Homemade x Whole-grain Pasta ♥

Everyone who is following me on my instagram or twitter account already saw that I have been into eating and cooking a lot lately. I went out to eat, met up with friends for brunch or baked bread to calm down after a long day of school :) But it wasn't until two weeks ago, my boyfriend had the idea of making our own pasta as well. So, today I am actually sharing his recipe :) Both of us always wanted to do this one day, but we do not own a pasta machine, so we thought: hmm.. might be too strenuous, but hey! if you put some effort and time in it, it's actually NOT! 

Make this an event with friends and family, get together, make your own pasta and cook different sauces to eat with :) I promise, this is so much fun!!! 

300g whole spelt flour,
200g semolina (dt. Hartweizengrieß),
6 egg yolks,
1 egg,
2 teaspoons olive oil,
1 pinch of salt.
Serves 4 hungry people :) 

1. Mix all ingredients together and knead until you have a nice dough. Add so much of water that the dough does not crumble. It should not be liquid either. 

2. Shape a ball and put it in a bowl. Let it sit in your refridgerator for 30minutes.

3. Pour some flour on your table and take out your rolling pin. Tear off parts of the dough and roll out until it is super thin. Since we had no pasta machine, we used a pizza knife to cut out thin pasta slices :) At this step you can be creative and cut out whatever you like or even use cookie cutters ;-)

4. Now it's up to you, are you hungry and wanna have some pasta immediately? Then cook some in hot water, but be aware: they only need 3 to 4 minutes to be al dente ;-) If not: you can hang them on a cord and let them dry, so you can enjoy them the next days.

That was it! Cook your different sauces and invite some friends over to share them :) I also have to say that these are super filling! because they are whole-grain, so have an empty stomach ;-) That night, I had my pasta with some sautéed zucchini, onion and green pesto :) The pasta definitely tastes different, but really really good and I think, it makes a difference whether you actually know what's inside your food instead of guessing what these chemicals at the back of the package mean.

Happy cooking your homemade pasta without a pasta machine! ♥ 

March 4, 2014

Featured in NYC Issue by OFF COLOR


Last night, my dear friends from the online magazine Off Color dropped their 4th issue about one of the most amazing cities on this planet!!! Katrin, one of the two sisters, just came home from her short trip to New York and wanted to share with you what she has experienced. Not only do I share my love for the city with them, but I was happy to be featured in this issue again :) This time, I was asked to answer a few questions about what? Yes, of course, the city!!!

Inside you will find a NYC guide, some cool stores to visit and hot shots from people she met there, but I don't want to talk too much. Dive into it and let the pictures, texts, mood inspire you from the city that never sleeps and where Off Color was born.

Thank you for featuring me in this issue again :) I think you guys did an amazing job ♥ Please, keep up your work, do what you love and stay strong. Embrace the difference and stay true to yourself. Words from the NYC Ghost story:

You've got the resources, two hands and a brain.
You can make it anywhere.

March 3, 2014

Mindful Monday: Stress as my Friend?


As everyone of us, I am still dealing with stress and I guess, this will not pass away that easy and fast, but I am definitely feeling better now because I listen more and more to my body's needs. Today, I've just found this super interesting Ted Talk in how to turn stress to your best friend as the Health Psychologist explains. Please take 15 minutes of your time to learn about how to deal with stress. It might save your life and the only thing you have to do is: believe. 

Chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort.