March 4, 2014

Featured in NYC Issue by OFF COLOR


Last night, my dear friends from the online magazine Off Color dropped their 4th issue about one of the most amazing cities on this planet!!! Katrin, one of the two sisters, just came home from her short trip to New York and wanted to share with you what she has experienced. Not only do I share my love for the city with them, but I was happy to be featured in this issue again :) This time, I was asked to answer a few questions about what? Yes, of course, the city!!!

Inside you will find a NYC guide, some cool stores to visit and hot shots from people she met there, but I don't want to talk too much. Dive into it and let the pictures, texts, mood inspire you from the city that never sleeps and where Off Color was born.

Thank you for featuring me in this issue again :) I think you guys did an amazing job ♥ Please, keep up your work, do what you love and stay strong. Embrace the difference and stay true to yourself. Words from the NYC Ghost story:

You've got the resources, two hands and a brain.
You can make it anywhere.

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  1. thank u once again for everything!
    may the nyc ghost be with u hahaha :) x


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