June 30, 2013


This weekend I really felt like making a quiche, so this sunday was the day. The first time I've ever made a quiche was this year's mother day, so today was the second time. When I got up this morning I realized that I forgot to buy whole-grain flour. Shoot! So, what do you do then? 
Like the quote 'Necessity is the mother of invention' I've used whole-grain bread and oats instead. As you can see in the first picture it worked out pretty well. I've used up four slices of bread (cut them up into breadcrumbs) and maybe one small bowl of oats, mixed that up with one egg and some butter and put it on the tin. 

The recipe is actually from the German cooking site: Chefkoch but I didn't follow it and totally transformed it. I mean, this is the way I cook. I cook by instict and always see how it works.
And you'll realize that this is definitely not a tomatoe-quiche =D

So, the recipe to THIS quiche:

June 29, 2013

My once-in-a-year-haircut

Yes! Today I've got my once-in-a-year-haircut because I'm always afraid of cutting my long hair. I have to admit that my last time was in the U.S.: August 27th '12! I'd just let them grow and grow. They belong to me and I definitely cannot imagine myself with like.. short hair. My friends from college kept telling me that I should go let my hair cut because they were just toooo long. And I'd always answer: Naahh, I love my hair, I don't want to!!! 

Green Tea at Mamecha's

What do you guys do on a saturday when it's rainy outside? Right, you meet friends for coffee and have some cake. Although I always meet friends for 'coffee', I'd always get tea. This morning we've decided to go to a tea place instead of a coffee place. Google helped us and we've found MAMECHA!

June 28, 2013

Food Friday: Oatmeal

That's what I eat for breakfast! Every single morning :) Oatmeal is super yummy and I just love it! The consistency, the warmth in your tummy, the different mixtures and hey it makes you feel happy and full! In the U.S. I'd eat the packaged ones but since there is none in good old Germany, I make my own which is way healthier as well! You won't have added sugars then. How do I make it?

Vogue Netherlands May '13: A longboard story

Model: Anne-Marie van Dijk in Vogue Netherlands May 2013, Photographer: Anne Menke

How would you incorporate a longboard into a high-fashion editorial?
Just shoot a model who rides a longboard, put some designer clothes on her and let it print in the Vogue Netherlands May 2013! Sounds fun, huh? I'm sure it definitely was! Look at the pictures, I can imagine these guys had tons of it shooting this. In my opinion the photgrapher did a great job and the female model just looks super cool with the board. The outfits with the prints and colours make it more exciting. These looks don't look too boyish, still fashionable and I suppose it is possible to ride a longboard in these clothes. I love this editorial by mixing up one of my favorite hobbies with another passion of mine: Fashion x Longboarding.

My favorite pictures are: the one above, orange colours go well with the blonde hair and her pants are great! The third one below with the black oversize sweater and the green/blue pants- doesn't it look super independent, cool, stylish and like: 'You know what? I don't care what you think!' Love it! And the one with the olive green jacket is nice, as well. Oh my, I really need sweaters like these to longboard, especially when it gets cooler at night.

June 27, 2013

Joni Sternbach: Surfland

Strolling through the world of blogs I've found out about Joni Sternbach. She is a New Yorker photographer who is specialized in picturing and filming contemporary land-and seascapes. This artwork: Surfland is portraying surfers from the U.S. and Australia in tintype. In her words the subject of Surfland is a series of environmental portraits, taken at the edge of water. It is devotated to the people and the sport and not just the sport itself. Her photos are fascinating by creating magical moments between the surfers and the vast landscapes surrounding them.

June 26, 2013

People come and go, sadly.. but some stay, luckily

Relationships, friendships, marriages, acquaintanceships.. they sometimes break off and you feel devastated because you might have lost your best friend or even your beloved-one. I think everyone knows how it feels. It might be just a phase or something occurred or I mean you're oceans apart.

So, some might leave then and you feel sad. I've learned to deal with it. How?

June 25, 2013


Get Out There ! from GET OUT THERE on Vimeo.

"When asked what freedom is to us, we'll probably say nothing. No thoughts, no doubts, no fears, no pressure, no self reflection. A positive emptiness."

Freedom, that is what longboarding gives me. Be passionate about anything you do

and get out there!

June 24, 2013

Black x White

zara lookbook 2013

Yes, it is summer and although I'm more into colours when the weather is getting hotter I just love black and white. It is not a new trend, but black and white always work. It's like: What to wear today? Go all black or all white, nothing wrong with it, just mix it up with statement pieces and a nice handbag or shoes. Well done then!

June 23, 2013

Never give up

Yosemite Hike 2012

If your goal seems far away to reach, things might be hard, strenuous and you're tempted to give up. Don't. You're in the middle of your path and your life. What did Confucius once said 'The journey is the destination'. You should move forward, do it little by little, one step at a time and then give it some patience and you'll get there!

June 21, 2013

Food Friday: Green Juice

Yummy! =D No?! Oh right, it is green and does not look very delicious, but I can assure you that this small drink is loaded with vitamins and nutrients your body needs! What did I do in the U.S.? My boys and me, we would watch documentaries about food! Haha, yes food! There are many interesting ones, if you're in the states, check out Netflix! If not I'm your ambassador! 

One day we watched Fat, sick and nearly dead and I was inspired by Joe Cross who started the revolution of juicing in the U.S. He was indeed fat, sick and nearly dead and his conditions were pretty bad. Cross then promised to heal himself by eating fruits and vegetables for 60 days instead of taking in tons of pills. Traveling through the U.S. with a juicer and walking a lot he came across some people, talked with them about health, food and actually spread out the word. It is a nice documentary about people who try to save themselves from their diseases because the only one who can is YOU! Check out the trailer and get inspired as well!

Being inspired I've wanted to try out juicing but didn't start until this spring. I felt like I needed a cleanse after this very long winter...

I drank them for two days, three juices a day replacing whole meals. In the mornings mostly fruits, for lunch a mixed one and for dinner vegetables only. I quit. It was not enough for me, not chewing and being done with 'eating' so quickly. And yes I know it was my mind telling me that I cannot resist but chewing on things, but I don't take it too seriously. That was my first experience with a 'juice cleanse' ever. Instead I did a vegan week and ate a lot of raw foods, which worked well for me.

Nevertheless, I like the taste of green juices a lot, mixing and trying out different ingredients is fun! Yeah, I know they really do not look good, but honestly I'm talking about self-made green juices and not some packed up carrot or tomato juice from your super market ;-) Once in a while I make myself green juices in the morning or in the afternoon. It definitely revs up my metabolism and although it does not look as good, it nurtures my body to the fullest. Check out those great charts to mix up your own green juice at home. No expensive juicer needed, a food processor will do its job, too! 

I always include spinach or kale, frozen spinach works if you don't have fresh one. Additionally I try to mix up sweet fruits with vegetables so I won't need added sugar.

Here are more refreshing recipes: 
Green smoothies from Refinery29 and Green Juices from Mind Body Green.

And why should you add greens to your everyday life? Read on: 10 Reasons.

Have fun mixing! :) 

edit: read more about the health benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits,
such as taking in a wider variety of vegetables and cleansing your body: easy green juice.
Oh finally! Germany has noticed the benefits of green juices! For German readers: even Miranda Kerr is juicing, click here

June 20, 2013

Taking decisions and not regretting them

I am not the best decision taker in the world because I feel like I am always torn between things. I mean really good things like food (duh =D ) or places you've never been. 

Well, not long ago I had to take a big one. Big is relative, it always depends on how much it means to you. I was torn between two really good jobs and did not know how to decide. Moreover I already did take my decision by saying yes to one job first. Then, before it actually started, the second one just popped up and I was like: 

When things change that fast and you don't expect them: stay calm! I tried to make a PRO and CONS list and asked friends and family what to do and how to decide. Nobody can take your decisions, you have to make them. One full week passed and my mind was going crazy. What did I do? I sat down, turned everything off and meditated. I took my time to really go into myself and tried to focus on what I really wanted. My decision was made.

June 19, 2013


Just came across this video and I'm getting so stoked, 
a perfect way to start the day!

Girls! We can be as good as men or even better!
Try out things you've always wanted to and keep on doing it!!! Never stop dreaming big because that's what keeps you ALIVE! Try to focus on positivity, get rid of negative thoughts and most importantly:

Love what you do and do what you love. Don't listen to what others say.
Just do your own thing because YOU are living YOUR life. YOU are the only one who has to live it! So, stand up and stand out!

'She believe she could, so she did'- BE AWESOME TODAY!

June 17, 2013

What I'm reading right now...

Who did not read his world known book: The Alchemist? It got translated into 71 languages! I've got it when I left Germany for the U.S. in 2011 and it became one of my favorite ones. A couple of weeks ago I've just started reading again because Paulo Coelho's current book 'Manuscript found in Accra' caught my eye. Anyways, I then decided to read his former books first: The Pilgrimage, Like the flowing river and Maktub. 

June 15, 2013

My longboard story: Gold x green

Look at this perfection of a longboard. Yes, this is it! Gold to green to the fullest!

Long story: I was sick, became a bit depressed, life was monotonous and I was longing for something which sparks my eye. Do you know what I mean by saying: the glowing in your eyes? I've missed that!

Until the next day, it was like someone heard my call: I met a girl on a longboard. I was like: WHAT IS THAT? CAN YOU TEACH ME?!!! That was a month ago and since then it became one of my passions. The moment I was standing on my friend's board I felt: Freedom. My second thought was: Dedication. I felt free, energized, motivated, so childish, yet very very happy.

I had and still have fear, but I know I have to overcome it. Doubts came up and my mind was telling me things like: 'You need time for it. Do you really want it? Aren't you too old for this? Maybe it's just a phase.' Furthermore it wasn't only my mind, it was also people who surrounded me. They were like: 'Honey, we've all had our skater-girl phase, get over it.' I wasn't sure. I borrowed one for a month and have to say: I used it often. 

Time passed and I've made a decision: The fun and the kick is worth more than anything else as long as you're happy! Hell yeah! I don't give a f***! I want to prove myself that you're never too old to start or learn something new. Listen to your gut more and just do what you love and love what you do! Decisions are no decisions without execution. Today was the day: A Loaded Dervish Sama board, golden Bear trucks and green ABEC 11 wheels. An investment for the next couple of years, hopefully for a lifetime. 

Longboards are bigger than skateboards and are used for many disciplines: downhill, dancing, cruising, slalom riding and transport. Surfers tried to invent something for times when there weren't good waves to surf on. So, why not surfing the streets? The result: Longboards and skateboards. It has been always a dream for me to learn how to surf. I am fascinated of being in the middle of nature and flowing in between waves. Since it is a bit difficult to try it out in Germany, I thought: Well, longboarding just popped up. Give it a try and you'll gain some experience in actually standing on a board.

The moment I stood on mine I was one of the luckiest girl on earth or at least Berlin! The feeling of freedom is still intense and this new hobby widenend my perspective once more. I love changes and I love life! Yes, sometimes I want to be a kid again! :)

Many thanks to Funky Summer Berlin. These guys really know what they're doing and selling! Since 1999 they are trying to establish the longboard sport in Germany and spread out the word. They were super friendly, open-hearted and they really took their time to give me advise. I ended up being there for two hours and testing some boards. I'll definitely return and try out their dance class! I might join them on a longboard tour which they offer every Tuesday night (Cruiser Day). The owner Franky (above) said something beautiful: Longboarding is somekind of meditation for me, of being calm with your mind, body and totally focused on the streets.

Oh and girls can surf and skate, too ;-) 
and TinyBuddha gives some advice for overcoming the fear of taking risks.




Weekend Food Shopping

It is my first weekend all by myself in Berlin, so what did I get? First of all I have to say that it can be pricey living by yourself and feeding yourself. Haha, no mommy and daddy, no full refridgerator! Anyways, as you can see I try to stay healthy and I cannot live without vegetables, fruits and a bit of protein. I also make sure to have oat flakes, almonds, eggs and whole grain bread in stock.

Carrots: my go-to snack to munch on, full of Vitamin A and good for your eyes.

Zucchini: very good for stir-fries, have you tried it raw?? :)

Peppers: red vegetables and fruits like red grapes are full of iron, you don't need meat! ;-)

Turnip cabbage: vietnamese influence>> steam it and dip it in traditional fish sauce.

Radishes: like the spicy taste a lot, raw! I also use up the greens for soup or broth.

Pickles: who does not love pickles? Try some from McClure's in Brooklyn, super funny, it is a family recipe and these guys make some spicy and garlic ones! Everything hand picked and hand sliced. Want to make a pickle pizza? Check out their website, just love this creativity in cooking!

Bananas: full in potassium, my go-to pre-workout snack when you want to head for a jog in half an hour, very versatile for smoothies, banana bread???! Mix them in oatmeals and it is a great substitute for eggs in baking dishes!

Strawberries: antioxidants go! Dark berries are the best, full of Vitamin C, perfect summer fruit for smoothies, salads, desserts, yummy!

Nectarines: just available here in the summer, more exotic frui.

Whole grain bread: good carbs, whole grains?! says it all, cannot get it, don't like the ones in supermarkets? Bake your own: Whole grain bread variaton #1

Almonds: super healthy fats!!! Your body do need those! Snack on them, make your own almond milk, add to anything from breakfast to salads.

Eggs and cottage cheese: egg-omelet, boiled eggs=6g of protein, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese does not have as much fat but I don't consume as much lactose.

Here are some tips to up your fruit and vegetable intake: Just have it at home! Get out and enjoy the sun!

Happy weekend guys ♥

New Boho Chic: Free People + Anthropologie

Free People Presents "Roshambo" from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Beautiful people: 'Girls' actor Christopher Abbott and model Sheila Marquez are featured in this first short film of Free People. A love story takes place in beloved Brooklyn, New York and shows clothes from the brand. Free People and Anthropologie belong to Urban Outifitters, Inc. I recognized these brands when I was in the City and now that it's summer I'm longing for them again. Although I don't like UO as much, I adore Anthropologie, it has something more chic, more mature and feminine.

June 14, 2013

Food Friday: Quinoa

The first time I had quinoa was in the U.S. at a BBQ, someone brought a salad and I just loved it! The second time I had it was in California at an Israeli restaurant called Oren's Hummus Shop. So, again I was really excited about it when I've found it here. It's really versatile, especially when you like it lighter in the summer; you can substitute it for rice, millet or pasta. Just perfect for vegans or people who are allergic to gluten. I bought mine from the organic brand Rapunzel. They make great nut butters, too!

Some facts about quinoa from Mind Body Green:
+ one serving fills 48% of our daily magnesium needs
+ low in cholesterol and sodium
+ it can be white, red or black
+ is a relative to leafy green veggies like spinach
+ very high in protein

Take a look at the recipes:

June 13, 2013

Golden summer 2013 at Roxy

Have you seen the new summer swim 2013 collection from the girls sports brand Roxy? I just fell in love with their signature bandeau for the campaign. It's white, strapless and has golden crochet details on the bra. Just beautiful and perfect for anyone who loves the combination of metallic and white. YES! I love it, I want it and just cannot take my eyes off of it! 

Roxy belongs to Quicksilver Inc., the largest sports brand for everything dealing with boards. The brand Roxy targets young women and encourages them in sports, especially surf and snow. They also sell equipment, footwear, accessories and more. I think they try to do a mixture between sporty and girly, which works very well for me now ;-) ! Fashion and sports goes hand in hand here.

June 11, 2013

First capture in Berlin

M #1:  Gap Vintage top, Pieces jeggings, Zara sandals, Coach Vintage purse, C&A sandals, Snash Jewelry NY outline bracelet and rings.

Who loves everything vintage? I do! You can find real bargains in New York City, also known brands like Coach, Jacobs etc. I just love mixing and matching it with new clothes and accessories from small designers like my bracelets from Snash Jewelry which you can find here

Better yet, you can find her designs at Brooklyn Fleas and Markets. Some of them have the NY skyline cut out, others are more rough and have claws. You have to look what fits you best, I'd stick to neutral ones because they'd fit to anything.