June 2, 2013

Coco, coco, coconut oil!

Several months ago, working at an organic food/health store, my co- worker told me to try out coconut oil since the ends of my hair were really dry. I've tried it, did some research on it and now I'm using it for everything: as a body lotion, face moisturizer, make- up removal and I cook with it as well!
My skin just feels so much better without chemistry and I feel better as well =)

Coconut oil is my go- to- everything now and I just ♥ it! 
It's also a great gift for my girls and they are totally enthusiastic about it.
Of course I did recommend it to some customers and now I look at empty shelves, no coconut oils anymore? =D No worries, I've got some in stock =)

More information about coconut oil and how you can use it:

More benefits: 

Enjoy coconut oil ♥


P.S.: Leave it in the refridgerator becaue it'll melt at 25°C/ 77°

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