June 15, 2013

My longboard story: Gold x green

Look at this perfection of a longboard. Yes, this is it! Gold to green to the fullest!

Long story: I was sick, became a bit depressed, life was monotonous and I was longing for something which sparks my eye. Do you know what I mean by saying: the glowing in your eyes? I've missed that!

Until the next day, it was like someone heard my call: I met a girl on a longboard. I was like: WHAT IS THAT? CAN YOU TEACH ME?!!! That was a month ago and since then it became one of my passions. The moment I was standing on my friend's board I felt: Freedom. My second thought was: Dedication. I felt free, energized, motivated, so childish, yet very very happy.

I had and still have fear, but I know I have to overcome it. Doubts came up and my mind was telling me things like: 'You need time for it. Do you really want it? Aren't you too old for this? Maybe it's just a phase.' Furthermore it wasn't only my mind, it was also people who surrounded me. They were like: 'Honey, we've all had our skater-girl phase, get over it.' I wasn't sure. I borrowed one for a month and have to say: I used it often. 

Time passed and I've made a decision: The fun and the kick is worth more than anything else as long as you're happy! Hell yeah! I don't give a f***! I want to prove myself that you're never too old to start or learn something new. Listen to your gut more and just do what you love and love what you do! Decisions are no decisions without execution. Today was the day: A Loaded Dervish Sama board, golden Bear trucks and green ABEC 11 wheels. An investment for the next couple of years, hopefully for a lifetime. 

Longboards are bigger than skateboards and are used for many disciplines: downhill, dancing, cruising, slalom riding and transport. Surfers tried to invent something for times when there weren't good waves to surf on. So, why not surfing the streets? The result: Longboards and skateboards. It has been always a dream for me to learn how to surf. I am fascinated of being in the middle of nature and flowing in between waves. Since it is a bit difficult to try it out in Germany, I thought: Well, longboarding just popped up. Give it a try and you'll gain some experience in actually standing on a board.

The moment I stood on mine I was one of the luckiest girl on earth or at least Berlin! The feeling of freedom is still intense and this new hobby widenend my perspective once more. I love changes and I love life! Yes, sometimes I want to be a kid again! :)

Many thanks to Funky Summer Berlin. These guys really know what they're doing and selling! Since 1999 they are trying to establish the longboard sport in Germany and spread out the word. They were super friendly, open-hearted and they really took their time to give me advise. I ended up being there for two hours and testing some boards. I'll definitely return and try out their dance class! I might join them on a longboard tour which they offer every Tuesday night (Cruiser Day). The owner Franky (above) said something beautiful: Longboarding is somekind of meditation for me, of being calm with your mind, body and totally focused on the streets.

Oh and girls can surf and skate, too ;-) 
and TinyBuddha gives some advice for overcoming the fear of taking risks.




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