June 30, 2012

sleep no more..

I was kind of off this week so I was spending some free time where? Of course- in lovely New York City! I was there from Wednesday to Friday.

On wednesday, I went with some friends to the theatre play Sleep No More - a Hitchcock- Shakespeare mash-up. We, the audience had to wear big white masks and instead of sitting there and seeing a play, we were walking through an entire Hotel, which was transformed into the Set. We could choose to follow the actors, touch the requisite and open books and etc. 
I would definitely recommend seeing it. It goes for about two and a half hours, it was different, scaring and the actors were great! My favourite one was the Asian witch, I think. At the end of the show, she took me by her hand and then gave me a Good Night Kiss :) Maybe she could see through the mask that I'm Asian, too =D

Check out some pictures and audio material here
“A merry macabre chase. A voyeur’s delight. Messes with your head as thorougly as any artificial stimulant. Spectacular!”
-Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Oh and before I forget, if you're into the American Series: Gossip Girl, they've had an episode shooting in the same play: 

Have fun watching it!


June 26, 2012

Sunrise Yoga

How do you guys like yoga? Have you ever tried it before?
Well, I've did it twice now and I'm looking forward to do more of it! It was a free yoga class in the city: compass yoga. -Of course I've found about it from a Street Fair! :) So if you're ever in New York and you're having some spare time especially for beginners, check it out! There are also free yoga sessions in the parks in NYC. That day I went on my own and actually I became friends with the yoga teacher! Her name is Frances from England, she did her Master's degree in the city and she's leaving the country in August, too! See, it's so easy to meet and get to know nice people! :)

I've found out about a free yoga course on Island Beach in my town here in NJ, too! Tuesdays from 7- 8am! Perfect for me, since I'd get up early anyway :)
So, today I went to the first session and it was great! The weather was good, not too hot in the morning and the teacher seems very nice (in the picture above). I like it because in addition to my strength and cardio workout it is good to stretch, twist and twirl your body and just to 'meditate' a little bit, to be aware of your mind, body and soul. I think, that's my thing! Meditation and Yoga :) I should try Pilates someday, too :)


and much love.


June 24, 2012

Jewelry spree *.*

This saturday my german friend Matze and I, we went to the MET and it is  is so huge, we're always getting lost, it's really hard not to! =D
We saw the Schiaparelli and Prada Exhibition, Cloud City by Tomás Saraceno and also the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Later South Asia.
I have to go to the Schiaparelli and Prada again because their art/design work is amazing! A must for every fashion- lover! Cloud City, an installation on the Roof is very interesting, I feel like it doesn't really fit there but still it's cool! :) Check it out, it's on until November '12. The last exhibition is a permanent one, it has great carpets and calligraphic designs. I love that they often used the colour gold and the jewelry below is from India. After that I just wanted to travel to Asia again! Let's visit Istanbul and India, please! :)
Later that day, we went to lovely Brooklyn. 
At Smorgasburg (every Saturday) we had delicious lunch. It was so hot that day and the problem with this kind of food market is that there are too many choices!!! And if you're hungry, you don't want to stay in line for hours, but also you want good food =D This is the U.S.!!! There are just too many options and there is a lot of competition! And I am just indecisive with these things because I always want to compare and see what I'd get for my money! =D
So, I've been there before with my friend Frances from England, that day we've had Cemita's Mexican Sandwich. It's filling, so I'd recommend sharing one with a friend.
Yesterday I've had a Colombian Dish: a flaxseed Arepa with chicken, Colombian cheese, arugula, salsa and cilantro sauce. Loved it! I'd like to try making that on my own.

The Renegade Crafts Fair was at the East River State Park, Williamsburg, right next to Smorgasburg and there were so many vendors! Again: too many choices! =D I ended up buying jewelry from Sna$h Jewelry because I've seen her stuff at one of the many flea markets before and I fell in love with the golden designs! Designed in New York- by a New Yorker :) I got an open-faced bracelet and four square rings. One guy at Snash Jewelry called me 'golden girl' =D It took me hours to make a decision! I'd buy them all!!!

On our way back to the subway station we crossed Williamsburg Walks on Bedford Ave. They've closed down the streets and had artists coming and had fun activities:
Matthias and I got free charm necklaces from Brooklyn Charm, I picked out a short golden necklace with three green pearls. I usually wear long necklaces but I thought: Let's try a short one because I've seen it on many girls and I liked how it looks on them. Green pearls because I'm on a green trip guys! =D

That was a very nice saturday!
Great weather and I've had a lot of fun with Matthias!
And.. I was successful with my jewelry spree! :)))

Hope you're still enjoying my city- trips!



June 21, 2012

Swimming: all day, everyday!

97°F outside, it is humid and hot!
What did I do? I got up early in the morning and went for a workout- swim! :)
It feels so great, I love swimming and I always feel relieved!
In the afternoon I took the boys to the lake, so I went a second time.

This week I already went swimming when it was around 60°F and I have to say: The water was freaking cold.. but I've did it! I was in the water for about 40minutes and after that I really needed a hot shower and hot tea!!! I felt perfectly fine afterwards!

Right now, I'm enjoying life so much and I've never felt as energetic as I do now! I hope it stays :)) I hope you guys are enjoying your warm days, too! 

Much love and don't forget the sunscreen ;)


My green-tip: Never forget your reusable water bottle and your cloth bag! 

June 18, 2012

Family weekend part II

Sunday was really nice, too! I got up early again to get some things at the grocery store, oh I have to tell you: I cannot sleep in anymore! It is like impossible since I'm here, I'm always awake around 7/8am. I think it is really good because then I start the day earlier and have more time. Don't you love the smell of fresh air in the morning? Around 5/6am it is really nice outside in the summer! I want to try to go for a run that early one day :) 
So after that I started working on my hostfather's day present :) I wanted to make strawberry shortcake sliders with whipped cream! I got this recipe from Simply Recipes and it turned out perfectly! I was afraid it wouldn't work out at the first place but everyone liked it! :) I recommend this website and I've tried their rice pudding recipe as well! Easy and delicious dessert!  

June 17, 2012

Family weekend part I

This weekend I am not in the city because I didn't feel like going and I just wanted to hang around and relax :) Actually this sunday is the American father's day!

Saturday morning I got up early and after my breakfast I've decided to go to the lake for a swim instead of a run. I ended up going there not really swimming but rather tanning because the high schools' swim team was there and I didn't really want to swim laps in front of them =D It was still very nice and I am just a water lover. Summer is the best time of the year!!!


Gathering the world’s most renowned bloggers in fashion under the NOWMANIFEST name, we aim to inspire and guide readers around the world. Our bloggers are handpicked due to their strong sense of trends and great impact on their readers. NOWMANIFEST addresses the modern consumer with an eye for fashion and style, and the ones seeking to be fashion-forward.

Throughout history, fashion is known to reflect trends in modern society. NOWMANIFEST should therefore not only enlighten readers alike all over the world, but also act as a diving-board into the aspiring world of fashion today.
It all happens right here, right NOW.

As I understand it, nowmanifest is a fashion platform for the most well- known fashion blogger on the world wide web.
Actually I do like fashiontoast's, style by kling's and bryanboy's blogs. 
You should check them out if you're into fashion, I check their blogs daily and I like reading what they post.

I started reading fashiontoast before her blog was on this platform and
Rumi Neely is just awesome! I like most of her outfits and the pictures are great!!! I like to follow her and BryanBoy as they travel a lot and also tell about where to go/ where to eat. It is definitely a plus that they are 'Asians', too :) It is just fun for me reading about what they see/do/experience and of course WEAR! =D

Elin Kling's style is kind of 'simple': a lot of denim, skinny jeans, blazers, still classy and 'chic'. That's what I like! Sometimes less is more! Of course also the fact that she is living and working in the city for now! I should try to catch her at some point =D 
There is a lot of hype going on about her, good and bad things, she as a blogger, entrepreneur, model etc. I just think that people are jealous and she should do whatever she likes and just keep doing it if she's happy!

I like this outfit because it is really laid- back/casual. I feel like she can pull anything off although she is so skinny!!! 
That's like one of my biggest issue with my bodytype. I am also kind of skinny but always don't know if I should stick with tight and short, so you can find curves, haha =D Which curves?! And then again if I wear clothes which are too loose I feel boyish or it just doesn't look right...
Let's see if I will ever be able to answer that styling question :)

June 13, 2012

Sneak Peek: Diary #2

Fri. June- 8:
* 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards at Lincoln Center NYC, you have to watch it!!!
After Garance Doré's and Scott Schuman's speech I had tears in my eyes, such an amazing and inspiring couple in the fashion industry, keep doing what you love!!! 
- finally finished the book: Glimmer- How design can transform your life and maybe even the world by Warren Berger: really good book!!! Speaks from my soul! ♥
I need to write down all the resources/ facts. I recommend it to everyone (not just for designers) out there! :)

Sat. June- 9:
- hanging around in town, getting applications done! Yes!
* I do need a big black handbag with golden straps (classics)
* every celebrity is wearing Isabel Marant now! 

Sun. June- 10:
- I've met with Sarah, a girl from my hometown in Germany, she's heading home soon! :(
* Flea Market: Hell's Kitchen: one summerdress, cutout in the back and one oversize shirt b/w, pictures are coming soon
I was like: 'Hey Sarah, let's stop by the flea market since it is close to the High Line just to have a look, I don't want to buy anything, need to save up money for Calif. 
Well, I was successful :D but thank you S for holding me back!!! xx

- High Line: it was soooo hot! Around 86 degrees, it went crazy this weekend! That's why we needed to buy some ice pops! :) And there's new street art around the High Line, check it out!

Big Apple BBQ in Madison Squ. Park, we've had Beef Brisket from Hill Country NY, a must for meatlovers!

* Starbucks with Sarah, she brought me some Neon Purple Pink nailpolish by China Glaze! LOVE IT!!!! I was going crazy because it turned out MATT!!! THANK YOU :-* 

- at night: hanging around with friends in Brooklyn, Williamsburg
- didn't work out all weekend, feel fat :D now I need to focus again>> back to work!
- optimistic: how bad do you really want it? >> discipline! YOU CAN DO IT!

Sneak Peek: Diary

Hey guys!
I haven't posted anything since two to three weeks, I am so sorry! I really need to update my pictures and tell you about what was going lately.

Actually you know what? Since I'm having a diary for my thoughts and daily life, too, I'll just give you a small sneak peek about my past time :)

Thurs. May- 31:
- I'm in a REGGAE mood!!! - summer, sun and sunshine :)
- Bob Marley- Don't worry, be happy!
- Patrice: Sunshine>> Keep moving, keep spinning/ you better love yourself!
- Collie Buddz- Gimmie love
- perfect weather! I've booked my flight to San Francisco for August! It will be sooo much fun, my friend Tabea and I, we are going to rent a car for a roadtrip (San Fran- L.A.- Santa Monica- San Diego- Grand Canyon- Vegas- Yosemite Nationalpark- San Fran)
- I've found out that our lake here in town is open to the public, I need to check it out and swim!!! :)
- three months left, craaaaaazy! time to enjoy!
- The sky is the limit! Follow your dreams!

Fri. June- 1:
- Perfect day, haha! Swam in the lake, it was dirty and cold but very relieving! Awesome feeling afterwards! Never ever give up! Push harder!
- Coffee Peeling once in a while: after showering I just use ground coffee to rub it on my thighs and legs, rinse with warm water and then when you're still in the damp put bodylotion on!!! Your skin will thank you for :)
- oh and yeah once in a while I allow myself one piece of dark chocolate after dinner: 85% cocoa by Lindt- the best!

Sat. June- 2:
*Fashion- Fav:
Elin Kling: fashion blogger, entrepreneur, swedish, blond, young, skinny, lots of denim, looots of denim! white oversize blouses, blazers, really nice heels
*couldn't resist it! Forever21- order: although I need summer dresses I ordered some dresses for going out, I don't really go out at night here in the U.S., but whatever! Will wear them when I'm back home.
*colour peach + gold: nice match, perfect for summer
*in need of high heels! Will start buying new ones when I'm back..
*in need of summer dresses because I don't have any here!! :D especially a maxidress made out of jersey
- I do love the feeling of aching muscles! :)
- looking for schools/universities in good old Germany
- I do not live in the past. Period.
- being healthy and happy, enjoy life, smile :)

Mon. June- 4:
- rest of the weekend turned out pretty good:
I just like American BBQ with corn and meat :D
I have to confess that I'm a meatlover, sadly. Want to try to be a vegetarian, but it might work a lot better when I live on my own>> Weekday- Vegetarian would be a start!
I played freesbie :) and we've made pear- sauce without sugar of course but with cayenne pepper! Yummy!
Sunday night: wanted to see Kristin before she left for home again, after a lot of thinking I've decided to go into the city (it wasn't my intention that's why): You only live once right?!
I've met with Kristin and Matze and their friends in Chinatown, we went to: Joe's Shanghai, which is apparently world famous for its dumplings. Indeed! The dumplings were really good and the other stuff, too :) I've had the dumplings and beef soup, shanghai style, very mild for my taste! I like it hot :) Dessert at desserttruck, delicious warm molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice- cream: cheatday!