June 30, 2012

sleep no more..

I was kind of off this week so I was spending some free time where? Of course- in lovely New York City! I was there from Wednesday to Friday.

On wednesday, I went with some friends to the theatre play Sleep No More - a Hitchcock- Shakespeare mash-up. We, the audience had to wear big white masks and instead of sitting there and seeing a play, we were walking through an entire Hotel, which was transformed into the Set. We could choose to follow the actors, touch the requisite and open books and etc. 
I would definitely recommend seeing it. It goes for about two and a half hours, it was different, scaring and the actors were great! My favourite one was the Asian witch, I think. At the end of the show, she took me by her hand and then gave me a Good Night Kiss :) Maybe she could see through the mask that I'm Asian, too =D

Check out some pictures and audio material here
“A merry macabre chase. A voyeur’s delight. Messes with your head as thorougly as any artificial stimulant. Spectacular!”
-Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Oh and before I forget, if you're into the American Series: Gossip Girl, they've had an episode shooting in the same play: 

Have fun watching it!


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