May 29, 2012


This weekend I went to the BAM Dance Africa Bazaar in Brooklyn with a friend of mine. We tried some caribbean food and it was just nice to see all these people wearing such bright and colourful clothes! I love african influenced jewelry, that's why I couldn't resist to buy a necklace from Jamaica (born-create) which I'm wearing on the last picture.

The rest of the weekend I stayed with Kristin and Matze, who I've met last year. They had friends over, we had brunch together and we went peacock watching. We enjoyed German Schnitzel, potatoe and asparagus salad by Matze and Kristin and an Asian salad by me. It was really nice and I do like them a lot, we always have interesting conversations and I get along with each of them since she's already studying back in Germany and he's still here.
I enjoy their company and they became very good friends to me :)

Much love,


May 24, 2012

Bag it!

The other day I was watching this documentary about plastic. It is really good and well done! Not too boring or too formal but it provides you with worth known facts about how much the Americans consume plastic, how much it causes harm to mother nature and where it actually ends, no not in your recycle bin!

An average guy, like you and me, is talking about something which we use every single day. It surrounds us everywhere if we notice. It can make us and especially our children sick, it damages the oceans and actually it is not recyclable.

My life is definitely too plastic! Is yours, too? 

Spread the word out, use less plastic, reuse bottles and refuse single- use plastic.

"Think about it, why would you make something that you're going to use for a few minutes out of a material that's basically going to last forever, and you're just going to throw it away. What's up with that?"
- Jeb Berrier  

May 23, 2012


WOW, what an awesome weekend! 
Everyone was busy, everyone was gone, but I still wanted to go into the city. Lovely New York. I've found out of this festival: GOOGAMOOGA! 

May 19, 2012

wedge sneakers/ sneaker wedges

Isabel Marant,

Yay or nay? What do you think of those wedges or sneakers? 
At the beginning I saw them in a few blogs and magazines and I found them kind of ridiculous. 
There is always a new fashion trend and in my opinion you don't always have to follow them, just stick to the ones you like and the ones which fit your style the best. 

However, now I see them on women's feet, in Brooklyn, in the city, just recently on the High Line! And you know what? They CAN look nice and elegant! You just have to know how to pull them off (skinny jeans, black turtleneck sweater, a little bit of jewelry). I think it's the same with women wearing big sneakers like Nikes.

Still, they are pretty pricey, they cost around 300$ and I know they wouldn't fit me well, big shoes like those by Nike or Timberland are too chunky for my body type.
Maybe it is something for you?! :)

May 8, 2012

'Impossible Conversations'

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Tonight was the opening gala of the Costume Institute's exhibition 'Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. The exhibition is on from May 10 to August 19 and I am definitely going to see it in the next few weeks! 
I will tell you how it was then! 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art won’t have to stay open till midnight to accommodate crowds for “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations,” this year’s Costume Institute extravaganza, mainly because the show isn’t all that extravagant, certainly not on the order of the Alexander McQueen exhibition last year..
Read more on The New York Times

May 7, 2012

Vietnamese food in Chinatown!

I do miss all these cakes, dumplings and rice dishes. It reminds me of home.
It is very funny though, I live in Germany, but at home we're having vietnamese food.

I wish I could make them, when I'm back, my mum has to teach me how! Vietnamese dessert is soo sweet and sticky, love it! It's not everyone's taste but I grew up with it.

How to describe vietnamese cuisine?

May 5, 2012

I care.

My last article for the college's student newspaper came out today. I wrote about the Earth Week at my college, its activities and if the college is really 'green'.

At the green festival in NY, we've got a lot of information about going green and how small steps can make a difference. I think that people would like to do something in order to go green but they are just too busy to really think about it. 

Right now I am trying to find a balance between my shopping habits, consumption itself and being green because after I had time to do some research and watching documentaries now I think twice what and where I buy.

Would you like to join me?

May 3, 2012

Dear New York,

you make me happy ♥

A day with me in the city could look like this =)
There is a lot more to see in this wonderful place! I love it, I am definitely coming back as soon as possible! But for now, I am trying to spend every minute here to explore more things and moments.

You want to know, where we've been?