July 29, 2013

Getting back on track: #3 Muscle ache and maintaining

How do I feel after a good workout the day before? I can feel my muscles which I haven't used for a while and don't you feel great?! :) Yeah, it might hurt and you're feeling like: Oh my, I cannot move anymore, just want to lay down and sleep forever.

Trick: Do not! MOVE instead! What? Yes, really, I'm telling you, the muscle ache will leave when you keep on exercising and moving. If not, the ache will take much longer to heal itself. Then you'll wait another week for the next workout and then the day after you'll have another ache. So, get moving and try to get used to exercise. 

I try to exercise most of the days rather than working out one day per week and skipping six. With this method, I can skip one or most of all two days in a row and then get moving again. You do not have to go for another run or do the same workout again, find some light exercise like yoga or find a sports hobby like longboarding, soccer, tennis, biking, beach volleyball, inline skating or climbing. Anything fun!

How to find a hobby? Try things out and do it for one week, and then another and see if it fits your lifestyle and if it has the right purpose for you. For example: Yoga and meditation for me is to keep me focused, to clear my mind and to calm down in this hectic world. Longboarding is passion and freedom, I'm feeling like a kid again. Need this for new inspiration and energy. Find YOUR active hobby!

Furthermore: Working out hard you might also feel: Okay, I can now allow myself some ice-cream, cake or cookies. My thought would be: Did you workout the first time in your life or do you do it every single/or other day? If so, then hell yeah, go for it! If it was your first time, I'd try to stay away from sugar and fats or did you workout to maintain bad food habits? And NO, I do indulge as well, but just not as often ;-) 

I choose to nourish my body with greens and engery. Just anything which lifts me up. At the end it's your body, it's on you!

I might post an article on how to say NO to bad food choices soon, so stay tuned, keep moving and never give up! :)

July 28, 2013

Beat the summer heat x let's skate

What to do when the thermometer shows 38°C (100°F) and you still want to stay active? Get out of the house and get your butt moving! In the heat? How? Spend some time in nature, go hiking in a forest, it will cool you down or go to a lake and swim a bit. When you're an early bird, get up before work and go for a run.

Working from Monday to Fridays I'm always longing for some get-aways over the weekend. Sometimes I just want to get out of the city and see some trees! A bit of nature, a bit of fresh air to rejuvenate my mind and soul. What did I do this weekend? Well, I met up with some friends, took a train to a station close to a lake and then we rode 8 km to the swim spot. Riding my longboard on big and empty streets is so much fun although the sun is burning on my skin, but there's nothing better than feeling some freedom! After a good ride I'm always feeling superduperüberamazing, haha. It's like: Rolling, swimming, yoga, sports, sun bathing, eating healthily, rolling, swimming, yoga, sports, sun bathing, eating fresh and repeaaaaaat!!! :)

The other day we also went up to the Berlin Teufelsberg and it was just nice to have an overview of the city and being on top of it. I love being out in nature, it's a nice contrast of working in front of the computer all day. You can suck in some fresh energy and just enjoy the present moment of it. No rush, no hectic, no electronics, just being here and now.

Yes, I am enjoying Berlin a lot!!! :)
Hope you guys can get some fresh air and enjoy the summer as well ;-)


P.S.: Here are 12 tips from health.com to stay active when it's too hot to workout, try them! Next time I'll try to take some pictures of the road, the lake and will show some nice spots of Berlin to have your city-get-aways ;-)

July 27, 2013

Getting back on track: # 2 Strength training

Today was the first time since three weeks that I started my strength workout again. I would do this two to three times a week, 60 minutes each session. So, I try to mix it up, one day going for a 45 to 60 minutes run and then the next day strength training. 

Why? Because I feel sooo much better when working out. I'd do this in the a.m. to kick up my metabolism and to just have a fresh start into the new day. You know what I do before major exams? Meditation and then working out! It frees my mind and then I can really focus on the important things. Try it.

And girls! Don't be afraid of some sit-ups and push-ups, I think strength training is essential since you're just toning up your muscles a bit. And no, I don't want to bulk up and become a female hulk! I just think that especially when you get older it's more difficult to gain muscles or to actually keep them, even more when you're a girl. Why start exercising when you're already  sick? Start now when it's still easy to kick your butt and get moving!


July 26, 2013

Food Friday: Mango x Green Salad

In summer I'm always longing for fresh and raw food. The other day I was invited for an International dinner at friends' place. Everyone had to bring some food from their own culture. This is just a nice activity to spend some quality time with friends, good food and to get to know their roots better.

This was another improvisation session for me. I wasn't thinking about any special dish from Vietnam, instead I bought some ingredients and mixed everything up with a bit of fish sauce. Read on for the recipe.

July 25, 2013

Good morning beautiful ones!

I just came home from a run, yep, BEFORE work. How do I feel? Superwomanish =D Why? Because I kicked my butt to get out of the door and I'm pretty proud of myself that I did a 40 minute run. Right now I'm having some oatmeal with peanut butter, banana and almonds. 

Furthermore I feel like:

Today is a brand NEW day. A FRESH start. 

Replace any negativtiy with POSITIVITY. Think HAPPY thoughts. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Nourish and fill your body with fuel and LOVE. Healthy is happy. Inspire yourself. CREATE. Laugh lots. Play around. GO FOR A RUN. Give someone a compliment. Smile to a stranger. Make a new friend. Tell yourself you are BEAUTIFUL. Spread LOVE. Be kind and create good KARMA. Take chances. EXPERIENCE. 7

While running I like having no music with me, listening to nature and just letting my thoughts come and go. Something popped up: I AM READY FOR CHANGE.

Are you? Start today :)

Happy Thursday! xo

July 24, 2013

Getting back on track: The time is NOW!

# 1: Food habits

Oh wow, after binging on food and having a döner here and there it's just super hard to get back on track. I mean going for a run once in a while is okay, but keep doing it is the real thing. Being dedicated to your actual lifestyle is hard especially when you're stressed out, having friends over who'd eat fast food and so on.

Here's the deal: I've been eating 'badly' for my standards for like three weeks now and I do feel unhealthy. I'm always tired, feeling sick and sluggish. Additionally there was the Berlin Fashion Week three weeks ago and then I had friends over from home for like.. yeah, they stayed three weeks long. Result: No meditation, no strength workout, bad food choices and being inconsistent with my routines.

You know what I really do not like? When people around you say things like: Hey, don't be hard on yourself, you can have that once in a while... Well, what if that 'Once in a while' happens every other day?! NO MORE! I do not understand how people would be like: Hey, yes you should definitely eat fast food when you actually know that's bad for you. I get that it tastes good and stuff, but it slows down your metabolism and you'll feel like me: Sick. 
I think it's not worth it when you pay with your health, so I rather stay away from fats and sugar.

I'm lacking of energy, so what my body really needs is: REAL food meaning vegetables, fruits, whole grains and seeds. Tons of water as well!   

It's so easy to just give in and to indulge in food cravings, but what I ask myself right now is: Do I really want this long-term? Did I start eating healthier and mindfully to give up after almost two years? NO! And this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change. Let's get back on track starting NOW.

Here are some tips if you want to get healthier and read my weekend food shopping post for a refridgerator-makeover!

YES, call me a health-freak ;-)

Vöner: Vegan Döner

It's hard being in Berlin and NOT eating a döner, but it's like everywhere. You can get one at any place for around three bucks. As you've noticed in my former posts, I do like vegan food and my boss recommended me this vegan place where you can get a Vegan Döner, it's called: Vöner

It looks like a regular döner with the flatbread but it's actually more crusty. Instead of the meat they're using Seitan made out of grains and legumes. They've also had three sauces: chili, tahini-garlic and a herbal sauce. At first I went with the first two, but I was missing something, like salt or so. After adding the chili sauce it was way better, more spicy. 

The taste was really different, but in my opinion it couldn't replace the signature taste of a real döner. Still, it's a good alternative for vegans and I'd go there again :) If you're curious, you should definitely try it out and go for it!

Enjoy eating in Berlin!

Vöner, Boxhagenerstr. 56, 10245 Berlin

Flea finds at Soho House Berlin

This passed sunday I went to the flea market at Soho House Berlin which just takes place twice a year. This is when they open their doors for the public since you need to be a member to be part of the Soho Club. There's one in the summer and one in autumn I guess. There were not many vendors, maybe just ten but a lot of good stuff, like clothes from Chloé, Lala Berlin, Strenesse or small designers. Definitely worth going! The best way to find out the best fleas and stuff, check LesMads for their weekly recommendations for weekends =P 

So, I found this necklace by Tom Shot and this summer pants from Zara. Already had the stuff on because I was searching for some summer pants like this. They bring some colour in my wardrobe and I love combining these with just basic shoes, shirts and bags. No more effort needed and it's a nice alternation to shorts and skirts.

Happy strolling through fleas guys!

July 23, 2013

This is it: Z Spoke by Zac Posen

Working as an intern at the fashion blog LesMads I've intended to get myself a souvenir for this three months I'm working here in Berlin instead of you know... going on holidays ;-) I wanted to get a classic handbag by the end of the internship, so that would be early September. 

Blogging and strolling through online shops everyday I've got caught on the black purses by Marc Jacobs. Still, they were super expensive or just sold out. I've kept looking because this summer sale was making me crazy. On the German luxury online shop EMEZA I've found it: EARTHA SOFT TOP HANDLE bag in black by Z Spoke Zac Posen New York. The moment I saw it, I had to order it because I was afraid that it would be gone... Oh my, working in fashion it's just super hard to resist on not shopping and not splurging.

At first I wasn't really sure of spending so much money for a designer handbag, on the one hand I was like: Do you REALLY need it? It's a lot of money... And then on the other hand I'd be like: Well, you're working and you're not getting into debts. You can treat yourself once in a while. 

My good friend Carla from San Francisco gave me some advice to it:
Just accept that part of you! You're not a nun! You're young and beautiful so what's wrong with buying pretty stuffs. But ask yourself if you can afford it. You should not stretch too much to make yourself suffer for long term. Everyone loves buying luxury things. I usually let my thought sink for a bit and be like 'Buy it first keep it for a week and if I still want it,then keep I'll keep it. Otherwise return for money back!'
This helped me a lot. I've ordered, it came last thursday and since then I love it! Although I was doubtful about the size of the bag, now it's very good since I always bring a lot of stuff with me. All in all I want to shift my shopping habit from 'Buying cheap, following any trend' to 'Less is More, quality instead of quanitity'. First thing when I'm back home: Going to a flea market and selling some clothes I don't wear anymore!

The bag is made out of cow leather and I'm not sure if I like buying real leather or not.. need to find this out in the future! Other than that I love the golden details and the lock. I hope it will take part of a lot of outfit options :) 

Shopping now, I only keep pieces I'd really wear/use instantly or which I really love. No blind shopping anymore! And always listen to your gut, when you have doubts, leave it.

Like my first designer bag? ♥

July 22, 2013


The reason why I haven't posted anything over the weekend or not as much as I'd liked to, was because I was busy caring for others and doing so many things all at once. I'm not going to talk about my problems here but the only thing I have to realize once more is: Listen to your body.

Listen hard. When your body is showing you signs like a bad headache over days, bad mood or you're just exhausted, stressed out and easily annoyed, something IS wrong.

Your body then is telling you to pull the handbrake! Slow down. And this moment right now, I need to admit that my body and my mind need a rest, I have to take responsibility of myself. If not, I can tell you that your body will force you to stop. How? You'll get sick, get a fever and will stay in bed for days. Back in April/May I had a really bad fever I've never had before. My lymph nodes were totally swollen and I was just weak.

Weak to even get up and to dress up myself. After the first day of staying in bed I was like: Oh my, I do not want to stay in bed all day and waste time doing nothing. You're actually NOT doing nothing. Your body is trying to heal itself by forcing your mind to keep calm. Although the doctor told me to take medication, I did not. I've wanted my body to heal itself, not depending on medication, how I cured myself? Next time I'll tell you. 

Do not push too hard. Yes, being ambitious, having high expectations of yourself and all is good, but do not push against your health, your well-being. Take rests if you need it. Really! I know we're all young and there is this stupid saying 'You can sleep when you're dead' but what's the point of pushing to the limits, so that you have to stay in bed for three weeks (or even longer) and then be annoyed of yourself that you've let it come to that. Honestly, who wants to be sick, weak and not being able to step outside of the bedroom? Slow down, do not rush, breathe. Time flies anyways whether you're rushing through life or having some rest once in a while.

So, I'm very much looking forward to some down-time this coming weekend, let's see if I can stay unplanned for the whole weekend. No plans, no schedule, just living in the day and resting. 

Take care :)

July 19, 2013

Food Friday: Kristin's Vegetable Curry x Bok Choy

Having friends from home over is a real luxury, especially when they cook for you :) This friday I want to represent you a super-duper-delicious recipe from my dear friend Kristin. It's funny how she cooks because she does not use any salt and pepper, and whenever I ate her food I was like: Really? NO SALT AND PEPPER?! She'd answer: Uhm..yep! Still, it's surprisingly delicious!

Have some vegetables: Broccoli, Green Pepper, Bok Choy.

Cut them into small chunks and then stir-fry them in the pan with some vegetable oil.
Add two table spoons of curry powder, one quarter spoon of cilantro, 
add one can of coconut milk. Dash some pine nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds
and then depending on your taste: add more curry.
Oh totally forgot the pineapples: add some for a bit of sweetness!

Have some healthy wild rice with it :)

I love the idea of cooking with no salt and pepper, you will taste the vegetables differently.
Try it and have a new experience in cooking. 

July 18, 2013

Meet & Greet with Susie Bubble :)

Through work I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Susie Bubble from Style Bubble during the Berlin Fashion Week. We were at the Bread & Butter fair and were talking about her life and how she actually started blogging. I've had a really nice interview with her. She was super nice and really down-to-earth, funny and inspiring as well.

Read the German version on LesMads and enjoy :)

How come, that you've started blogging? In your blog you're saying that you wanted to rebel against your parents, why was that or when was the point that you've decided to start blogging? Was there a special incident?
Well, with fashion I wanted to rebel. Getting into fashion was quite rebellious for me because I’ve attended an academic girl’s school and my parents were quite conservative; I lived in suburbia in London. Fashion was my way of rebelling against that and then later on when I was working in advertising, like right after I graduated, I didn’t want to be  a person who has a boring 9-to-5 job and being content with it. So I started the blog as a hobby, as something on the side, as something to really indulge in and to reenjoy. When I first started blogging, it was like: I’d do it before lunch, before work, during lunch hours, after work and it was like an obsession. I studied history at UCL, that was like my academic state.

I was reading blogs at that time but there weren’t as many like Fashionologie and blogs that don’t exist anymore. I was also on the Fashionspot a lot, the forum. So yeaht that’s kind of how it started really, it was just supposed to be a hobby. I didn’t really care about who was reading it, I just wanted to do it for myself. I always been into extracurricular things, I’ve also did things just to get a different experience.

How did you end up with Dazed and Confused and then later Elle?

July 16, 2013

Worth a sweat

When you're stressed out, go for a run! It's worth a sweat because afterwards you will feel super good. Yeah, so that's how I look like after a run =D Being a fulltime-intern and then having friends over from family I barely find time for myself. I have to admit that I didn't meditate for about two weeks and didn't workout again until last weekend. Whenever I come home from work I'm like: Okay... I'm super tired, would love to just hang around and sleep. Then I'll tell myself: NO! Kick your butt and get back on track! Get out of your comfort zone and don't become lazy. Lazy about you, about life and its struggles. 

MOVE. You're one run away of being happy.

And indeed: It's worth a sweat and I do feel much better afterwards. 
Loving it!

Faux crocodile leather purse

After hitting the handmade supermarket on sunday we passed the weekly flea at Ostbahnhof Berlin and stopped for some nice bags and purses. My friend Kristin is vegetarian and doesn't like to wear real leather. We found some really nice ones and this was her purchase: A faux crocodile leather purse from the 70s with a crocodile brooch

Kristin #1: Sunglasses from Esprit, New Yorker scarf, H&M jacket, Kauf dich glücklich sweatshirt, H&M jeans, s.Oliver shoes and Vintage faux croco-leather purse.

July 14, 2013

Vegan Burger x Sunday Shopping

What are you guys doing on sundays? For me, I just love sundays fleas and markets. Right now, I'm having friends over from my little hometown and we've made it to the handmade supermarket. I was very much looking forward to the vegan burger and the fairtrade products. The vegan burger from Sunday Burgers with tofu, red beets, sprouts and three different sauces was just delicious. I'm telling you, go there, get it, have it, you'll be instantly happy. The sauces were chili-chipotle, peanut-coconut and mango-chutney, everything self-made! Besides I had the berry juice, full of antioxidiants and super healthy, love the pink colour!

Strolling through markets I'm always tempted to get myself some handmade jewelry. I had to get the bracelet from Maugold Berlin because it's something different and I'm drawn to anything gold and green. I think this is a statement bracelet. Whenever I see things like that, I'm always like: I should start doing more DIY-stuff, but I just don't take my time for it. Are you up for DIY?

Happy Sunday! xx

July 13, 2013

Sun, are you still around?


Yes, I just HAD to wear the new THU THU shorts on monday, right after I got it. I've combined it with a Forever 21 shirt, a bikini bandeau, my Vintage Coach bag and my Zara sandals from last season. The ring is from COS and the bracelets are from some street vendors in NYC.

Right now I'm wondering if summer is still on because it's getting a bit chilly here in Berlin. Hopefully the sun will come back and I can wear my lovely shorts more often! :) I really do love them, the colour kind of reminds me of a mixture of gold and green and I cannot wait for more outfit options!

M #4

New In: Thu Thu Shorts, H&M Blazer & Shorts, Vintage Shirt

Last saturday I went shopping with some friends, it was the first time since I've been here working and living. What happened? All my friends ended up buying NOTHING =D I was the only one splurging on some new clothes, oh my! How will I survive in Berlin with this huge summer sale?

First thing I've got myself was the lovely shorts of the ThuThu Sample Sale! I've tried on some jackets as well, but just couldn't afford it. When I wore the shorts, which has a very extraordinary cut because at first sight it looks like a skirt, but really is a shorts. I also love the colour, I think it fits me very well and the imprint with the Sapa-made details makes it even more special. Thanks, ThuThu!

July 12, 2013

Food Friday: Stir-fry tofu x Bok Choy x Soy curry

What is it called? Yeah, improvisation with ME! Last night, I had some friends over and we were like: What to cook? What to eat? No idea! The only thing I knew was: I was longing for tofu and curry. We bought chinese bok choy, wanted to steam it and then dip it into fish sauce. A simple dish. Instead I did something totally different. Have a look.

July 10, 2013

Image and what's actually behind

You should definitely watch this video: Cameron Russell talks about her life as a model and answers questions most people want to know. She gives a really honest insight of how it is to be a model and that models are probably the most insecure women on earth.


Image is powerful, yet superficial. 
Whenever you get to know people, try to get to the core of them and don't judge them by their outer appearance.

This moment right now, I choose to be happy

The Habits of Happiness

‘Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.’ ~Dalai Lama

By Leo Babauta
I’m not one who believes you can be happy all the time, but I have learned you can be happy much of the time. And that’s not something that depends on how your day is going or how others treat you — it depends on what you do on a regular basis. I remember being unhappy most days, at one point in my life. It wasn’t because I hated the people in my life — I had a lovely wife, great kids, other wonderful family members and friends. It was because I was unhappy with myself, and that caused growing debt problems, unhappiness with my job, health problems and more. I felt like I couldn’t change any of that.
Then one day I sat down and made a list. I make a lot of lists — it’s one of my favorite habits — but this list seemed to have a magical power. It was a list of the things I was grateful for. Amazingly, there were a lot of things on the list, from things about my wife, kids, relatives, and friends, to things about my job, about nature around me, about my life.

July 9, 2013

LesMads Fashion Week party at Cookies

I don't have to say more right?! =D Oh my, it was so much fun! Although I was super tired and super exhausted of the week I just had to attend the LesMads party. Before we came, we took a nap and were like: Okay, we're super tired, let's just go there for an hour and then leave. The 90's motto wasn't our thing anways.

July 8, 2013

Vietnamese weekend in B.

Fam. DangTorstraße 125, 10119 Berlin

Since my friend Tina from Munich is here and we were longing for some Vietnamese food, we wanted to try out some restaurants in Berlin. I have to say, there are so many Vietnamese places here, you won't know where to go. She told me that we should check out Fam.Dang because one of her friends recommended it. Friday night we went for Lime Juice, a Goi Mien-Salad with glass noodles, Ga Xau Rau-chicken breast with mixed vegetables and Vietnamese herbs and the same thing with beef: Bo Xau Rau. Everything was really good and super delicious, the waiters were friendly as well. Whenever you're in Berlin and you want some authentic Vietnamese food, check this out!

July 7, 2013

Berlin Fashion Week S/S '14 Résumé

Franziska Michael S/S '14 © Mercedes-Benz Fashion
During the fashion week I went to some shows and events, this is supposed to be a small résumé of were I've been and which shows I liked. Of course there were more and other events, but these are my top ones and favorite collections. Enjoy strolling through the pictures and videos. 

*On Tuesday night I've been to the UdK-Fashion Design graduation. They've showed their collections and I was pretty amazed of what the graduates were able to create. The designs were full of energy and curiosity. I liked the ideas and their fearlessness. People should always stay creative and follow their dreams! The last presentation of graduate Nan Li 'Call of Beauty' was really eye-catching since the designer combined the bad-ass attitude with the conservative role of a woman. A lot of white fabrics as well!edit: For German readers, read my article at OK COOL-LesMads.

*On Wednesday I've attended the Franziska Michael stage presentation of her new collection in the Mercedes Benz tent. It was really sports and tennis-inspired which I find fascinating because she does have the courage to do something different. She works with contrasts and I think the composition of sports and glamour great! 

Designer for Tomorrow Award 2013

*That day the Designer for Tomorrow Award 2013 hosted by Stella McCartney was given to the winner. Just two days before, on Monday I had the opportunity to be at the fitting session with the models. All five finalists had great drafts. But Ioana Ciolacu Miron, the Rumanian designer won the talent award with her collection 'Paradox'. Once again contrasts are in great demand, her clothes are tender, yet structured and strong, yet feminine.

Schumacher S/S '14 © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

*On Thursday I couldn't attend the runway show of Dorothee Schumacher, but fans could sign up for the live stream. You should watch it here. It's pretty funny because on the soundtrack there were quotes from e.g. Diana Vreeland. One of the quotes I really liked was something like A new dress doesn't get you anywhere, it's the life you're living in the dress. The pictures above are my favorite outfits. Really like the white long vest and the golden coat. Other than that she incorporated a lot of summer colours like rose, orange and apricot, but did a section of  royal blue as well. Her aim was to create strong feminine power. I really love the small details on the white collections with cut-outs, zips and mesh. 


*In the afternoon Katja and I went to the offsite show of Perret Schaad. I was excited to see this collection since Tutia Schaad is also Vietnamese. So we went to the New National Gallery and were surprised when we had to stay outside. The runway was inside the building. The models walked in a square and we were watching the show from outside through glass walls. This idea was pretty funny, yet strange. There were museum visitors who were able to stroll inside and seeing what was actually happening. It was totally quite and there was no music. Still, the collection was nice and at the end the models walked outside for at least one run. Watch the end of the show above.

LALA Berlin S/S '14 © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

*LALA Berlin had her show offsite at an Opera building. Her designs were dominated by colours like red, powder, white and black. The redish outfits will remind you of flamingos and the patterns will transfer you to a beach full of palms. Sharp cut meets summer breeze or in the blogger world: Elin Kling meets That's Chic! ♥


*Oh my gosh! I've just found this out: VEGAN FASHION from Berlin at the fashion week! They had a runway show on Friday afternoon. UMASAN is a brand which only uses plant-based fabrics and recycled polyester. One of the designer-twins has worked for Yohji Yamamoto and therefore the minimalistic cuts are inspired by Japanese martial arts. There are just black and white outfits which are really beautiful, but when I've found out that they are also vegan, I was totally hooked. Check out the whole show! Green fashion is going high fashion! Eco without prejudices because they made it into the MBFW :)

Black x White at Brandenburg Gate

It was the last day of the fashion week. My dear friend Tina visited to volunteer for IMG and I was happy to spend some time with her. Two Vietnamese exploring Berlin during the fashion week: a lot of fun, a week full of Vietnamese input and some non-sense talking: love it! ♥ 

Click for outfit informations.

July 6, 2013

THU THU Sample Sale

The Berlin fashion week just went by super fast and I have to say I am suuuper exhausted! Do you know how it is to be tired all week because you're lacking of sleep? It's like you haven't slept for one whole night and then you're just permanently tired all day and night. You won't be able to catch up on some sleep later on.

Anyways, this saturday, I still wanted to spend some time outside with my dear girls. We wanted to check out THU THU's sample sale since she is a London-based designer and she was only here for the fashion week. There's a funny background story to it: On thursday night we went out to the LesMads party at Cookies which was a lot of fun! When we were sitting in that cinema room, the designer of ThuThu and her friends came in, joined us and we've had a really nice chat.