July 1, 2013

Where I am right now: BERLIN!

As you've noticed: YES I AM IN BIG BERLIN, the capital of Germany!

Doing what? Working as an intern at the well-known fashion blog: LesMads.

How come? Well, you apply for jobs and see what's out there right? Getting out of your comfort zone, hey! Studying close to home makes me want to travel a lot, so I've decided to spend at least my off-college time outside of my little hometown in south-west Germany.

What do I do there? Blogging all day I'd say, writing articles, doing research on the newest fashion trends and dealing with PR agencies, haha. No, it seems easy but it's not! I'm having a LOT of respect for full-time bloggers! So hats off! What I can say is: my passion for fashion is back and I enjoy this little job a lot! :) Want to have a look of what I'm writing? Check: Ok Cool-LesMads. It belongs to LesMads and is about anything new and trending, from small designers to new collaborations in the fashion industry. And yes, you can tell, it is a bit New York-influenced ;-)

My workplace.
No blogging without a camera!

How is it so far? Working with Katja is great! She is really professional and you can learn a lot. It's a very nice experience and I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming fashion week in Berlin and the next few months. Although it is exhausting sitting in the office all day and writing, I really do like it. Shooting outfits, street styles, doing research and being able to create posts is a lot of fun!

Just a little update of what I'm spending my summer with ;-) So, most of the time I'm in the office dealing with fashion :) Oh and when I'm off, I'm trying to experience Berlin to the fullest: food, markets, longboarding and  staying healthily happy :-)

Stay tuned! xx


edit: Read my introduction post on LesMads here!

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