July 14, 2013

Vegan Burger x Sunday Shopping

What are you guys doing on sundays? For me, I just love sundays fleas and markets. Right now, I'm having friends over from my little hometown and we've made it to the handmade supermarket. I was very much looking forward to the vegan burger and the fairtrade products. The vegan burger from Sunday Burgers with tofu, red beets, sprouts and three different sauces was just delicious. I'm telling you, go there, get it, have it, you'll be instantly happy. The sauces were chili-chipotle, peanut-coconut and mango-chutney, everything self-made! Besides I had the berry juice, full of antioxidiants and super healthy, love the pink colour!

Strolling through markets I'm always tempted to get myself some handmade jewelry. I had to get the bracelet from Maugold Berlin because it's something different and I'm drawn to anything gold and green. I think this is a statement bracelet. Whenever I see things like that, I'm always like: I should start doing more DIY-stuff, but I just don't take my time for it. Are you up for DIY?

Happy Sunday! xx

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