July 23, 2013

This is it: Z Spoke by Zac Posen

Working as an intern at the fashion blog LesMads I've intended to get myself a souvenir for this three months I'm working here in Berlin instead of you know... going on holidays ;-) I wanted to get a classic handbag by the end of the internship, so that would be early September. 

Blogging and strolling through online shops everyday I've got caught on the black purses by Marc Jacobs. Still, they were super expensive or just sold out. I've kept looking because this summer sale was making me crazy. On the German luxury online shop EMEZA I've found it: EARTHA SOFT TOP HANDLE bag in black by Z Spoke Zac Posen New York. The moment I saw it, I had to order it because I was afraid that it would be gone... Oh my, working in fashion it's just super hard to resist on not shopping and not splurging.

At first I wasn't really sure of spending so much money for a designer handbag, on the one hand I was like: Do you REALLY need it? It's a lot of money... And then on the other hand I'd be like: Well, you're working and you're not getting into debts. You can treat yourself once in a while. 

My good friend Carla from San Francisco gave me some advice to it:
Just accept that part of you! You're not a nun! You're young and beautiful so what's wrong with buying pretty stuffs. But ask yourself if you can afford it. You should not stretch too much to make yourself suffer for long term. Everyone loves buying luxury things. I usually let my thought sink for a bit and be like 'Buy it first keep it for a week and if I still want it,then keep I'll keep it. Otherwise return for money back!'
This helped me a lot. I've ordered, it came last thursday and since then I love it! Although I was doubtful about the size of the bag, now it's very good since I always bring a lot of stuff with me. All in all I want to shift my shopping habit from 'Buying cheap, following any trend' to 'Less is More, quality instead of quanitity'. First thing when I'm back home: Going to a flea market and selling some clothes I don't wear anymore!

The bag is made out of cow leather and I'm not sure if I like buying real leather or not.. need to find this out in the future! Other than that I love the golden details and the lock. I hope it will take part of a lot of outfit options :) 

Shopping now, I only keep pieces I'd really wear/use instantly or which I really love. No blind shopping anymore! And always listen to your gut, when you have doubts, leave it.

Like my first designer bag? ♥

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