July 7, 2013

Berlin Fashion Week S/S '14 Résumé

Franziska Michael S/S '14 © Mercedes-Benz Fashion
During the fashion week I went to some shows and events, this is supposed to be a small résumé of were I've been and which shows I liked. Of course there were more and other events, but these are my top ones and favorite collections. Enjoy strolling through the pictures and videos. 

*On Tuesday night I've been to the UdK-Fashion Design graduation. They've showed their collections and I was pretty amazed of what the graduates were able to create. The designs were full of energy and curiosity. I liked the ideas and their fearlessness. People should always stay creative and follow their dreams! The last presentation of graduate Nan Li 'Call of Beauty' was really eye-catching since the designer combined the bad-ass attitude with the conservative role of a woman. A lot of white fabrics as well!edit: For German readers, read my article at OK COOL-LesMads.

*On Wednesday I've attended the Franziska Michael stage presentation of her new collection in the Mercedes Benz tent. It was really sports and tennis-inspired which I find fascinating because she does have the courage to do something different. She works with contrasts and I think the composition of sports and glamour great! 

Designer for Tomorrow Award 2013

*That day the Designer for Tomorrow Award 2013 hosted by Stella McCartney was given to the winner. Just two days before, on Monday I had the opportunity to be at the fitting session with the models. All five finalists had great drafts. But Ioana Ciolacu Miron, the Rumanian designer won the talent award with her collection 'Paradox'. Once again contrasts are in great demand, her clothes are tender, yet structured and strong, yet feminine.

Schumacher S/S '14 © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

*On Thursday I couldn't attend the runway show of Dorothee Schumacher, but fans could sign up for the live stream. You should watch it here. It's pretty funny because on the soundtrack there were quotes from e.g. Diana Vreeland. One of the quotes I really liked was something like A new dress doesn't get you anywhere, it's the life you're living in the dress. The pictures above are my favorite outfits. Really like the white long vest and the golden coat. Other than that she incorporated a lot of summer colours like rose, orange and apricot, but did a section of  royal blue as well. Her aim was to create strong feminine power. I really love the small details on the white collections with cut-outs, zips and mesh. 


*In the afternoon Katja and I went to the offsite show of Perret Schaad. I was excited to see this collection since Tutia Schaad is also Vietnamese. So we went to the New National Gallery and were surprised when we had to stay outside. The runway was inside the building. The models walked in a square and we were watching the show from outside through glass walls. This idea was pretty funny, yet strange. There were museum visitors who were able to stroll inside and seeing what was actually happening. It was totally quite and there was no music. Still, the collection was nice and at the end the models walked outside for at least one run. Watch the end of the show above.

LALA Berlin S/S '14 © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

*LALA Berlin had her show offsite at an Opera building. Her designs were dominated by colours like red, powder, white and black. The redish outfits will remind you of flamingos and the patterns will transfer you to a beach full of palms. Sharp cut meets summer breeze or in the blogger world: Elin Kling meets That's Chic! ♥


*Oh my gosh! I've just found this out: VEGAN FASHION from Berlin at the fashion week! They had a runway show on Friday afternoon. UMASAN is a brand which only uses plant-based fabrics and recycled polyester. One of the designer-twins has worked for Yohji Yamamoto and therefore the minimalistic cuts are inspired by Japanese martial arts. There are just black and white outfits which are really beautiful, but when I've found out that they are also vegan, I was totally hooked. Check out the whole show! Green fashion is going high fashion! Eco without prejudices because they made it into the MBFW :)

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