July 24, 2013

Vöner: Vegan Döner

It's hard being in Berlin and NOT eating a döner, but it's like everywhere. You can get one at any place for around three bucks. As you've noticed in my former posts, I do like vegan food and my boss recommended me this vegan place where you can get a Vegan Döner, it's called: Vöner

It looks like a regular döner with the flatbread but it's actually more crusty. Instead of the meat they're using Seitan made out of grains and legumes. They've also had three sauces: chili, tahini-garlic and a herbal sauce. At first I went with the first two, but I was missing something, like salt or so. After adding the chili sauce it was way better, more spicy. 

The taste was really different, but in my opinion it couldn't replace the signature taste of a real döner. Still, it's a good alternative for vegans and I'd go there again :) If you're curious, you should definitely try it out and go for it!

Enjoy eating in Berlin!

Vöner, Boxhagenerstr. 56, 10245 Berlin

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