July 4, 2013

MALAIKARAISS Spring/Summer '14

Cathleen Wolf for MALAIKARAISS
I've actually intended to write just about the shows/events I've been to this week, but when I saw these big earrings from Sabrina Dehoff for Malaika Raiss' Spring/Summer 2014 runway show, I had to watch it on youtube. Anyways I'll show you my favorite outfits from her collection here.

I have the feeling that this season there is sooo much white, rose and apricot involved. It's like: Where are the colours? I mean okay, yes I don't want to dress like a rainbow, but I think Berlin should be more outgoing, should experiment more with colours, prints and mixtures. And of course, I did notice the colours blue, red, green and stuff but they didn't take the most part of the collections. Still, Berlin has great designers and we should appreciate every collection because the designers took so much work, effort, time and hopefully love in it. Moreover I just can imagine how great it is, to see his or her own creations on models walking down the runway for the whole world to see.

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So, Malaikaraiss is a really young brand, founded 2010 in Berlin. Raiss and her team are trying to create ready-to-wear styles with a feminine touch. This season her Leitmotif was 'Gypset' which equals the lifestyle of a bohemian. She also tried to give the looks a bit of glamour by adding these big earrings and using high-quality fabrics. I like the stream of the sheer dresses and how the fabric flows on the skin. My favorites of this selection are the jumpsuit with the orange/apricot print which is almost  unrecognizable on the picture and the last outfit with the top and the skirt. I just love crop shirts and sheer dresses! :) Oh and did I mention the earrings??? Hey, they are golden! =D 

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