July 19, 2013

Food Friday: Kristin's Vegetable Curry x Bok Choy

Having friends from home over is a real luxury, especially when they cook for you :) This friday I want to represent you a super-duper-delicious recipe from my dear friend Kristin. It's funny how she cooks because she does not use any salt and pepper, and whenever I ate her food I was like: Really? NO SALT AND PEPPER?! She'd answer: Uhm..yep! Still, it's surprisingly delicious!

Have some vegetables: Broccoli, Green Pepper, Bok Choy.

Cut them into small chunks and then stir-fry them in the pan with some vegetable oil.
Add two table spoons of curry powder, one quarter spoon of cilantro, 
add one can of coconut milk. Dash some pine nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds
and then depending on your taste: add more curry.
Oh totally forgot the pineapples: add some for a bit of sweetness!

Have some healthy wild rice with it :)

I love the idea of cooking with no salt and pepper, you will taste the vegetables differently.
Try it and have a new experience in cooking. 

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