November 25, 2014

NYC #13 // Happy Birthday ♥

Somewhere in Brooklyn.

Hello there! Yes, I am still alive and yes, I am still in New York. Many apologies for my lack of posts the last two weeks, but my private life had taken over me and my thoughts. Anyways, everything is good and yesterday was a special day for me! If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you might have noticed that it was my Birthday :) But writing this, I actually would like to say: Happy Bornday to everyone who made the past year such a special and incredible one full of life, love and joy! I am looking forward to another new year, a new and better me! May it be filled with more adventures, more mindfulness, more compassion and even more love ♥ 

Thank you to everyone who is reading this, thank you to everyone who believes in me and a huge thank you to my friends and family! And special thanks to the ones, who spent this bright day with me! :) Of course, this wasn't a usual birthday since I am far away from home, but I started the day easy, enjoyed lots of reading and met up with dear friends for some thrift shopping - because in NY you just have to do that! - then later that day, we went out for Vietnamese Dinner because I was craving vietnamese authentic Phở! 

 Bánh Cuốn
 (a nothern dish, rice batter filled with pork, 
mushrooms and shallots)
Sao Mai, East Village
203 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

Open everyday 11-22.30pm

We ended up at Sao Mai in the East Village and it was pretty decent. I would probably come back here again. The appetizers were good, the Beef-Phở Broth reminded me of home and the overall atmosphere, waiters (southern-vietnamese) were nice, too! I wonder how their vegetarian Phở is because this was not so vegan... so an exception for me. This might be a good thing to find out: Vietnamese Vegan Dishes!

After this filling meal, my Japanese friend took me to Cha-An, a very hidden place close to St.Marks. It's on the second floor of the building and when you step into the café, you will enter a Japanese traditional teahouse filled with tea pots, bamboo leaves and little tables. First thought: This place is super cute and cozy! The desserts were really really delicious, I'm definitely coming back here! We had the Dora-Yaki Ice-Cream Sandwich and Yukimi Zenzai - mochi ice cream with red bean porridge and Genmaicha Green Tea. This place is highly recommended for all green tea lovers!

 230 East 9th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, 10003

Mon-Thu 2-11pm
Fri-Sat 12-12am
Sun 12-10pm 

Therefore, I had a beautiful day in the city. The sun was shining bright, it was pretty warm and I had good food and good company! This week will be pretty food-heavy since Thanksgiving is coming up, so stay tuned for more foody-posts the next days, stay curious and have a Happy New Week guys ♥ 

November 10, 2014

Mindful Monday // Find your own Rhythm

The Writing by Tania Debono

Last night I had a nice little chat at the laundry shop. She was on her phone, I was with my magazine. It was one of those moments where one would think: hm, should I talk to her or shouldn't I? It may sound creepy talking to strangers, but for those of you who don't do that at all, some of those strangers can actually turn to your dearest friends, even if they happen to be on another continent. Or they could even change your life, but that's another story. Just be open to small everyday encounters. Anyways, I started talking to her and it turned out to be a wonderful conversation about living in New York day to day.

We drew a nice comparison: this college girl, who is experiencing a student exchange semester in this great city, finding everything crazy amazing, inspired by any-and everything, sucking it all in, was sitting next to a nature-lover, world-traveler, an adventurous, but also calm person who thinks that the city is draining her energy. Couldn't you agree with both of them? Some New Yorkers told me that they have a love-and-hate relationship with this city. On the one hand, it's super multicultural, very diverse and dense, many creatives and artists in one big apple. On the other hand, it's super busy, crowded, very very fast paced and everyone is hustlin', working several jobs to make ends meet. Crazy, huh? Honestly, it does drain your energy, you are seeking for fresh air, more sleep and less people. And although I have a bug in my ear who keeps telling me that I have to do MORE, sleep LESS, socialize and go to every single event that is happening here, I don't. 

It's okay to miss events, to say NO to others, and YES to yourself. It's okay to sleep in, it's okay to take your time to rest, relax and recharge. It's okay to find your own rhythm. When you're new to a city or new to an environment, you don't have to pack your 24hours full with stuff. Allow yourself sometimes to go day by day, live in the present moment and maybe.. not plan everything out. Even if you only have 7 weeks left. Some things I do to keep me present and find my own rhythm: 

1. Don't overstructure your day,
but some routines will help you when you feel lost.
Work/school schedules will do that for you.

2. Try Yoga or Meditation.
After every morning of yoga,
I feel so blessed, so grounded, so grateful 
and am happy to start the day with a smile.

4. Do some reading. 
This helps me to focus on only one action,
subway commutes are best for this.

5. Enjoy some tea.
I love the mornings when I just sit there
and enjoy the herbs, the flavor of my tea.

6. Most importantly,
do more of what you love.

It's about finding a balance between work and rest. Sometimes, it can be essential to just sit back and see the bigger picture, think about what's really important to you and how you can change your actions towards a better lifestyle.

In one of my communications readings I came across this: 

Creativity has paradoxical qualities:
passion & objectivity
tradition & rebelliousness
play & serious work

Give yourself some time to breathe because a relaxed mind is a creative mind.

November 4, 2014

NYC #12 // TCS Marathon // Running Towards Greatness

Wow!!! Congratulations to all 50,000 runners, 10,000 volunteers and the millions who cheered and watched them run this town! This was my first time being at a marathon and watching this happening. I had no expectations. That day, it was freezing cold, there was a harsh wind, but the music, the sun, the people and all the runners warmed us up when we cheered for the founders of Undo Magazine Robin and Vasha, but also for their friends from Black Roses NYC and the Bridgerunners.

It was really exciting to spread out positive vibes and love to everyone who passed by. They were so inspiring, encouraging and I was just like: Wow! These champions accomplished 26.2 miles (42,2km) on Nov, 2nd in the city of dreams. 

Have a look at the emotions yourself!

Robin Arzon

Nai Vasha

So many smiles, so much fun!
And we definitely need more women in sports, 
chasing their dreams and running towards greatness!

November 1, 2014

NYC #11 // When in New York...

Start the day right.. nope.. not with brunch, 
but with real yummy breakfast. Recipe here.

 Walk around and enjoy the little things.

 Visit the Costume Institute Exhibition Death becomes Her

Diego Rivera // The Café Terrace
Max Weber // Athletic Contest
Find your favorite artwork
in the many, many exhibitions.

Dream yourself back in time.

Stroll through Chelsea Market.

See Ms. Liberty, at least once and
for free from the Staten Island Ferry.
Explore Downtown.

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.
 End the day with a nice sunset from Dumbo.

Celebrate Pumpkin Season
and do pumpkin-everything!
Look up. Yep, away from your phone.

Discover new artists and designers at
Artists & Fleas, Williamsburg.
Try something New!

Have delicious food at Smorgasburg.

Take a moment to step back and
be grateful.