November 4, 2014

NYC #12 // TCS Marathon // Running Towards Greatness

Wow!!! Congratulations to all 50,000 runners, 10,000 volunteers and the millions who cheered and watched them run this town! This was my first time being at a marathon and watching this happening. I had no expectations. That day, it was freezing cold, there was a harsh wind, but the music, the sun, the people and all the runners warmed us up when we cheered for the founders of Undo Magazine Robin and Vasha, but also for their friends from Black Roses NYC and the Bridgerunners.

It was really exciting to spread out positive vibes and love to everyone who passed by. They were so inspiring, encouraging and I was just like: Wow! These champions accomplished 26.2 miles (42,2km) on Nov, 2nd in the city of dreams. 

Have a look at the emotions yourself!

Robin Arzon

Nai Vasha

So many smiles, so much fun!
And we definitely need more women in sports, 
chasing their dreams and running towards greatness!

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