January 29, 2014

Recap: Berlin Fashion Week Outfit

Oh just forgot about these :) Well, this was my outfit for the 1st day of Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2014 two weeks ago. That day, I wasn't really sure what to wear because the day was packed with a hair appointment, shows, dinner with friends and the blogger bazaar. Comfy, cozy and classic was my mantra then. I paired a black basic sweater with Zara pants, the Zara boots, the H&M leoprint coat, my vintage Kenzo scarf and my first-designer love a Zac Posen handbag :) It's again an all-black outfit, but right now, I'm actually trying to wear less black, so stay tuned ;-) 

Slow down and breathe guys,

January 27, 2014

Mindful Monday: Speed - In Search of Lost Time


Last week I came through this movie by Florian Opitz about our precious time and how life is becoming faster and faster. Why I've watched it?

Often, I find myself stressing out and rushing throughout everyday life. Just recently, when I had to catch the train back home from Berlin, I was super nervous and rushing my boyfriend to move, I really stressed him out and at the end, we had another 20 minutes of waiting for the train. Yeah, poor me, I'm always like this. How to get rid of? Well, I usually meditate and do a lot of yoga to calm me down and on my smartphone-screen it says: Slow down. Breathe.

But I forget, you know, I honestly forget to breathe. My heart is racing, I am short-tempered, I feel inner stress and the only thing, I want to do is: be on time and get things done. On time for what? I pack my day full of to-dos and it's just hard to keep the right balance of resting and working. So, I really recommend you to watch this movie. For all Germans: click here, it is for free until Wednesday, spare 97 minutes of your life and let it inspire you and make you think about what is really important! For all English-speaking readers: the above movie is only a trailer.

This movie reminded me of a few important things again:

Take care of yourself.
When I'm sick, it's actually because of my stress, 
I overwork myself and than I'm stressed again because I am unproductive. 
Now, I'm telling myself: hey! 
It's good to do NOTHING sometimes 
and to take time to heal myself.

Focus on the most important task of the day.
Have it your No.1 priority and do it.

Have digital breaks.
No smartphone, no internet, no distraction. 
No facebook, no instagram, no twitter,
no checking mails.

Slow down and really breathe.
Your to-dos can wait, 
your body and mind cannot.

My mantra for this week: 
dear stress,
let's break up ♥

January 24, 2014

Food Friday: Vegan Banana Pancakes ♥

Oh my! I really do have a thing for vegan everything although I am not one. How come? Just so, I love trying out vegan food and cooking and baking with meat/egg/milk-substitutes :) Right now, I'm having a semester break, but not really, anyone who understands me? Yeah, I still have to work on papers'n stuff, but there's never no time for cooking delicious meals :)

Earlier this week, I was lusting for some banana pancakes, so I've tried out some recipes and this is how it turned out.

1 cup of whole-grain flour (spelt etc.)
4-5 teaspoons of brown sugar
1 teapsoon baking powder
1 pinch of salt
1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon (depending on your taste)
1 cup of soy milk
100g almonds
2 ripe bananas
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
1 banana or 1 apple to slice up separately

1. Smash the ripe bananas and mix them with all the other ingredients. If the almonds are too chunky or too big for your taste, you can also chop them up.

4. Slice up the banana or the apple into squares and add them to the dough. You will love the big pieces in your pancake later ;-)

3. Put some oil (olive oil, coconut oil) on a pan, heat it up and put two-to-three spoons of dough onto the pan to form one pancake. Depending on your pan, two to three small ones will fit in. Thinner is better and faster, and don't forget to turn them around ;-) Serve pure, with some honey or jelly. 
 Et voilá, that's it! 
Enjoy and happy weekend :)

January 22, 2014

Blue x White x Ripped Off

Yesterday was the first day of snow here in Berlin, and these pictures were shot just two days ago. Crazy, how the weather changes that fast! Anyways, it's still super cold up here and I'm trying to keep my feet warm :) But guess what I'm wearing this moment, yeah these pants again... Right now, I'm totally digging my ripped-off denims because they are really comfy and not too tight compared to my other jeans :) and in the pictures I was actually trying out new poses for more outfit posts ;-)

I had no intent to wear blue and whites, but after putting on the jeans, I felt like wearing this shirt from a New York flea market. It's really just a loose-fit tee and I rather wear it in the summer, but that day I paired it with one more layer and a fleece (which are covered by the coat) and yeah, I admit black shoes, the grey-leoprint coat and a black scarf had to join =D I'm really trying to wear less black, but a good amount of my closet consists of dark shades ;) Oh and I think, I didn't show you that Beanie before.
So how do you like this outfit?

Vintage Tee. H&M scarf and coat. Hollister pants. Goertz Chelsea Boots. Nixon Beanie. Vintage golden necklace.

Keep warm guys, xo

January 21, 2014

Impressions Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2014 #4

After an amazing dance-night at Les Mads x Wald Store Party at Cookies, I went to the UMASAN Runway show Friday morning. I've already told you a bit about this special brand by the twin-sisters Anja and Sandra Umann. They create unique vegan pieces which are inspired by the Japanese cutting techniques, as well as traditional yoga and the connection between mind, body and spirit. 

Furthermore they consider sustainability and longevity. They do not believe in trends, but rather timeless styles in black. Black is no more the color of darkness, but of light :) Their show was really different, but definitely exciting! Artists were dancing with grace and strong expression while the models showed the new collection. Have a look at my favorite pieces and watch the full video. Unfortunately the sound on the video is not the one of the show.


That Friday, it was also the Fashion Blogger Café by styleranking, a meet-up event for all bloggers out there to catch up with friends or to get in touch with new ones, and also having the opportunity to participate in blog-related workshops. Some pictures here:

To sum up this season's Fashion Week, I was happy to have the
opportunity to go to all these shows and fairs :)
It was nice to learn about new brands, new collections or even designers, 
but I have to say that Umasan and the Fashion Show
by my friend Anh were the highlights of this week! 
I've also enjoyed a delightful company by some of my blogger
friends and would be happy to see you guys soon! :)
Thanks to my dear friend, who danced the night away with me
and thanks to anyone who is reading this post ♥

Happy week and stay tuned! xx

January 19, 2014

Music x Fashion x Dinh - Hanisch

Dinh - Hanisch is described as laid-back graphical urban fashion with the fresh and quirky spirit of the girls. The collection 'Emerald' is inspired by the majestic stones but in all their rawness, just being extracted from granite (...) ready to be cut into sparkling jewels.

One of these girls is actually my dear friend Anh from tha.darlinh. She had her very first fashion show this thursday during Berlin Fashion Week A/W'14 at the event: Music meets Fashion. DJs were playing, upcoming and newcomer designers were showing. And this was superduper-exciting for her because she just had her first semester as a fashion student and in only one month, she and her friend Sarah were asked to create a small collection. Anh is really talented and I think I don't have to say more, but: I love the combination of sporty-chic and my favorite pieces are the short dress and the vest beneath in black and seagreen.

Lovely pieces and beautiful designers, 
happy faces and talents to watch out for!

January 18, 2014

Impressions Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2014 #3

On the 3rd day of Berlin Fashion Week I was able to visit the Ethical Fashion Show and the Green Showroom, which showcased eco fashion and fair-trade clothing. I was really interested in these because I am longing for more eco-friendly clothes, which are stylish and unique. So, here are some lovely brands I really liked and found most interesting. 

Khogy is a fishy brand :) Why? Their beautiful bags and shoes are made from leather, but it's a special kind. Can you guess what it is? Maybe from the color you will.. It's actually TUNA! Haha, yes, I kind of like tuna, but should eat less and think about the ocean more and more. This is what the designers behind Khogy want to do, they want to remind us of the ocean and the leather industry. Due to the demand of tuna fish, the skin is thrown away, so Khogy designers thought: why not use it and make clothing instead? So there will be less waste. Really love this idea and the design is nice, too. Very natural, very summery and if you like fish scent (not too bad), these handbags should be your new accessory for summer outfits :) And.. handmade with love ♥

Do you know the brand or bags from ABURY? Not yet? Well, I haven't heard of them until a few weeks ago when I strolled through an eco-fashion onlineshop selling Abury handbags. They are also handmade and have a more vintage, handcrafted look with a unique embellishment on the front.
Abury supports projects held in Morocco giving assistance to the Berber women to earn a living in their villages in the surroundings of Marrakesh. The scope is to create a guideline directed to social brands with an aim to ethical design in developing and underdeveloped countries.
The handbags beneath are a collaboration between the masters graduate Mayta Lara Leal and Abury. She wanted a more modern, geometrical look and designed them for the next collection coming up in April :) Love the bright colors and the fact that they tried to reduce chemicals, so the leather is vegetable-tanned. The bags are also super-practical and are made for everyday-use. The perfect Uni-backpack I guess.. ;-)

n.u.s.k. is a new brand in the eco-fashion world and comes from Spain. I was very interested in the vests because they are very minimalistic and wearable. I loved the soft fabrics and I've found out that they use recycled or up-cycled, raw ecological fibres to create these pieces. I'm curious and look forward for more. We'll see. Are you guys into eco-fashion?