January 22, 2014

Blue x White x Ripped Off

Yesterday was the first day of snow here in Berlin, and these pictures were shot just two days ago. Crazy, how the weather changes that fast! Anyways, it's still super cold up here and I'm trying to keep my feet warm :) But guess what I'm wearing this moment, yeah these pants again... Right now, I'm totally digging my ripped-off denims because they are really comfy and not too tight compared to my other jeans :) and in the pictures I was actually trying out new poses for more outfit posts ;-)

I had no intent to wear blue and whites, but after putting on the jeans, I felt like wearing this shirt from a New York flea market. It's really just a loose-fit tee and I rather wear it in the summer, but that day I paired it with one more layer and a fleece (which are covered by the coat) and yeah, I admit black shoes, the grey-leoprint coat and a black scarf had to join =D I'm really trying to wear less black, but a good amount of my closet consists of dark shades ;) Oh and I think, I didn't show you that Beanie before.
So how do you like this outfit?

Vintage Tee. H&M scarf and coat. Hollister pants. Goertz Chelsea Boots. Nixon Beanie. Vintage golden necklace.

Keep warm guys, xo

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