January 27, 2014

Mindful Monday: Speed - In Search of Lost Time


Last week I came through this movie by Florian Opitz about our precious time and how life is becoming faster and faster. Why I've watched it?

Often, I find myself stressing out and rushing throughout everyday life. Just recently, when I had to catch the train back home from Berlin, I was super nervous and rushing my boyfriend to move, I really stressed him out and at the end, we had another 20 minutes of waiting for the train. Yeah, poor me, I'm always like this. How to get rid of? Well, I usually meditate and do a lot of yoga to calm me down and on my smartphone-screen it says: Slow down. Breathe.

But I forget, you know, I honestly forget to breathe. My heart is racing, I am short-tempered, I feel inner stress and the only thing, I want to do is: be on time and get things done. On time for what? I pack my day full of to-dos and it's just hard to keep the right balance of resting and working. So, I really recommend you to watch this movie. For all Germans: click here, it is for free until Wednesday, spare 97 minutes of your life and let it inspire you and make you think about what is really important! For all English-speaking readers: the above movie is only a trailer.

This movie reminded me of a few important things again:

Take care of yourself.
When I'm sick, it's actually because of my stress, 
I overwork myself and than I'm stressed again because I am unproductive. 
Now, I'm telling myself: hey! 
It's good to do NOTHING sometimes 
and to take time to heal myself.

Focus on the most important task of the day.
Have it your No.1 priority and do it.

Have digital breaks.
No smartphone, no internet, no distraction. 
No facebook, no instagram, no twitter,
no checking mails.

Slow down and really breathe.
Your to-dos can wait, 
your body and mind cannot.

My mantra for this week: 
dear stress,
let's break up ♥


  1. Haha. interesting post! It's good to see how you are positively attacking on stress.
    I guess even stress creeps in somehow or somewhere when you are doing yoga and meditation.
    Although having a list of to dos can be a good thing since you can be productive (and to be frank, I actually envy you having time to do yoga and other things), relaxing is important as well.

    Hope the movie gets translated or some sort ^^

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Lately, I've been watching these kind of documentaries more often and find them to be very helpful and inspiring.
    "It's good to do NOTHING sometimes and to take time to heal myself." Great quote :) ! I love your ability of self reflection.


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