May 2, 2012

Peace. Love. Harmony.


Back in March I was able to go to two concerts: Gentleman and Nneka!

I was very surprised that they've performed in NY because they are really well known in Europe but the U.S.? 
Anyway, I was happy that I could see them here, the venues were small, it wasn't too crowded and I enjoyed it!
It was the first time for Gentleman performing in the city and Nneka had a lot of fans coming. For me, it was like vacation, to forget your stressful life and to feel the moment.

Incredible singers and great shows! Very inspiring people.

Opening Act at Gentleman's show: Meta and the Cornerstones

*2nd picture: golden drums ♥ 
One of my favorite songs from Nneka's album Soul is heavy

Stand up for love,


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