June 21, 2012

Swimming: all day, everyday!

97°F outside, it is humid and hot!
What did I do? I got up early in the morning and went for a workout- swim! :)
It feels so great, I love swimming and I always feel relieved!
In the afternoon I took the boys to the lake, so I went a second time.

This week I already went swimming when it was around 60°F and I have to say: The water was freaking cold.. but I've did it! I was in the water for about 40minutes and after that I really needed a hot shower and hot tea!!! I felt perfectly fine afterwards!

Right now, I'm enjoying life so much and I've never felt as energetic as I do now! I hope it stays :)) I hope you guys are enjoying your warm days, too! 

Much love and don't forget the sunscreen ;)


My green-tip: Never forget your reusable water bottle and your cloth bag! 

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