June 15, 2013

Weekend Food Shopping

It is my first weekend all by myself in Berlin, so what did I get? First of all I have to say that it can be pricey living by yourself and feeding yourself. Haha, no mommy and daddy, no full refridgerator! Anyways, as you can see I try to stay healthy and I cannot live without vegetables, fruits and a bit of protein. I also make sure to have oat flakes, almonds, eggs and whole grain bread in stock.

Carrots: my go-to snack to munch on, full of Vitamin A and good for your eyes.

Zucchini: very good for stir-fries, have you tried it raw?? :)

Peppers: red vegetables and fruits like red grapes are full of iron, you don't need meat! ;-)

Turnip cabbage: vietnamese influence>> steam it and dip it in traditional fish sauce.

Radishes: like the spicy taste a lot, raw! I also use up the greens for soup or broth.

Pickles: who does not love pickles? Try some from McClure's in Brooklyn, super funny, it is a family recipe and these guys make some spicy and garlic ones! Everything hand picked and hand sliced. Want to make a pickle pizza? Check out their website, just love this creativity in cooking!

Bananas: full in potassium, my go-to pre-workout snack when you want to head for a jog in half an hour, very versatile for smoothies, banana bread???! Mix them in oatmeals and it is a great substitute for eggs in baking dishes!

Strawberries: antioxidants go! Dark berries are the best, full of Vitamin C, perfect summer fruit for smoothies, salads, desserts, yummy!

Nectarines: just available here in the summer, more exotic frui.

Whole grain bread: good carbs, whole grains?! says it all, cannot get it, don't like the ones in supermarkets? Bake your own: Whole grain bread variaton #1

Almonds: super healthy fats!!! Your body do need those! Snack on them, make your own almond milk, add to anything from breakfast to salads.

Eggs and cottage cheese: egg-omelet, boiled eggs=6g of protein, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese does not have as much fat but I don't consume as much lactose.

Here are some tips to up your fruit and vegetable intake: Just have it at home! Get out and enjoy the sun!

Happy weekend guys ♥

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