June 15, 2013

New Boho Chic: Free People + Anthropologie

Free People Presents "Roshambo" from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Beautiful people: 'Girls' actor Christopher Abbott and model Sheila Marquez are featured in this first short film of Free People. A love story takes place in beloved Brooklyn, New York and shows clothes from the brand. Free People and Anthropologie belong to Urban Outifitters, Inc. I recognized these brands when I was in the City and now that it's summer I'm longing for them again. Although I don't like UO as much, I adore Anthropologie, it has something more chic, more mature and feminine.

Free People is romantic, laid-back and invites us to dream. It brings us back to hippie culture, but this season it's not about big colourful flower or crop tops. Instead the new boho chic trend includes golden details, the metal matches the outfits perfectly! Boho or hippie doesn't only mean 'festivals and open-air' anymore, it is now more city-suitable and can be worn anytime. Dress it up with nice sandals and statement-pieces!

Working in and around big cities one doesn't have to wear blazers and pencil skirts. Be free! These looks create a nice polish touch which reminds me a lot of Manhattan, NY. I miss you, NYC! Watch the video above and the second part in Rio, Brazil here. I love and want these dresses! The colours black, white and nude always fit. The pattern on the black dress with the turquoise embellishment is amazing, cut-outs are super sexy and the grey dress makes me think of: Freedom! I might order soon, enjoy my favorite pieces in the gallery...


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