March 17, 2014

Mindful Monday: Let's go for a run!

Long time no post, huh? Well, a week I guess :) But that's not too bad because you know what? I've started working out and eating healthier again!!! This year we had barely no winter here in Germany, except from a week full of snow in Berlin, but this amazing weather and the early signs of spring just made me go out and put on my running gear again :) So, the last week was packed with my studies, but also 5 times of exercise. I have to say it has been really tough for me to get back on track since that crazy year in the U.S. in 2011-2012, why? Because then, I had sooo much time to care for myself, like really. I would workout every single day, being outside, having loads of activites and read about food, health and trying out new stuff, experiencing the super-healthy-American-way of life :) Actually experiencing the best and healthiest ME I could ever be and reaching limits, but more of my transformation in this post.

What did I do last week? I went for a run, did some weight training and yoga :) I think now it's really time to get back on track. Remember, being healthy, eating mindfully and being active is not just a trend, which comes and goes, it is a lifestyle decision. As soon as I've started running outside last week, I felt more alive, more energized and motivated to keep all this -yes life- going! Therefore this week's motto is simply:

You're only one run, stretch, skate, swim, play.. 
away from being happy. 

That's just how it is. Move your butt! For example yesterday when I didn't feel well because I was a bit stressed out with Uni and several other projects, I've turned away from my desk, put on my running shoes and went for a run. How did it feel? It's like meditating, I am by myself, fully focused, clearing my mind and the only thing I am doing is: breathing.

I breathe in all positivity and light which nature gives me. 

 I breathe out all negativity and worthless thoughts.  

And also during the run, I was grateful for having the ability to actually walk, run, and breathe in this fresh air. Friends and other people tell me that they don't like working out because they feel tired afterwards, but what it does for me is, it actually relives me and gives me more strength for the upcoming tasks and challenges life has for me. A dear friend once said: Energy creates energy. Give it a try, I promise you will feel better afterwards when you get the hang of it! Or better yet, wanna meet up for a run? :) 

Here are tips on how to get back on track and 
here's one on how to deal with your muscle ache the day afterwards ;-) 
Enjoy reading them! 
Keep up the light guys and stay positive ♥

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