September 30, 2013

Changing Seasons: Autumn is here.

Well, have you noticed that the season has changed? I didn't yet, here in the south the weather is pretty nice and I don't feel like wearing huge sweaters and scarves yet. So, the other day I finished working out and had the lust of wearing my leather shorts from Topshop to school. My friends were like: Oh no, you definitely need to wear some tights with it, it will be freezing outside. I've checked the weather forecast, it said sunny and up to 22°C (70°F), furthermore I was like: No, just go with the shorts, you will regret wearing long pants later that day.

There you go, me, the only one wearing shorts, was happy without tight, long pants and the sun was shining bright on my bare skin. Loved it! Whenever your guts tell you something, just do it and don't care what others will say or think. We should show more skin when it's still warm out, especially when we're lacking so much sun and Vitamin D. In addition I think that, when the 'big people' wear short skirts and dresses to the Fashion Weeks right now, we could also be more brave with our everyday styling :)

I've loved my season's changing outfit: I've paired the Topshop leather pants with a grey sweater from Zara, black sneakers from Deichmann and a light blazer from H&M. The tote is from the Funky Summer Longboard Shop, the two-tone necklace with the black ring on my thumb are from & Other Stories, the small rings are from Snash Jewelry, on the right hand there's the golden COS ring, a natural one from Brazil and the bracelet from my dad. What do you guys wear when the season is changing?

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