September 3, 2013

New In: Topshop Leather Pants and Basic Shirts

At the opening of the first Topshop Store in Berlin, the press people had the chance to shop for an hour until the gate was opened for everyone. I took these pieces: leather pants and two basic tops. So, what do you think? Should I go fot the leather pants? They are pretty boxy and very sporty, but I like the look of it. Still, I do not know if it's worth the 45€ or 50 bucks. I've tried to style it in the wardrobe and I'm still not sure how to mix and match it. Hmm.. I mean, I was searching for some leather shorts and I'm really the shorts-type. 

Oh, by the way, I did return these golden Zara heels I spontanuously bought a few weeks ago. Why? Although they were golden and shiny, they just did not fit into my wardrobe and my current style. Need to overthink the shorts, but will definitely keep the basic shirts, love the casual fit of the grey one, do you believe that that's a size Large?! Yeah =D I took it, it was the last one and my friends liked it, too :)

Here are some similar pants from the Topshop onlinestore.

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  1. Die Shorts find ich klasse!

    Liebste Grüße



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