September 9, 2013

Feeling fresh and new!

Yes, I've did it!!! It's not short, but definitely shorter, what did I say when I got my last haircut: step by step should it be. So, the end of my internship was coming and I thought: Okay, I'm up to it, I want something new, something edgy and cool and then I've called a friend: Basti Jung, who recommended me the hair-and make-up artist Theo Schnürer.

Theo actually did a Hugo Boss show in Berlin and you should definitely check out his website. Before meeting up with him I didn't have any real image or haircut to ask him for, I thought: Well, maybe, what about an asymmetrical long bob? 

It happened last sunday, Septemer 1st and when I went to his place, I was a bit nervous. Theo was super friendly and really honest with my needs. He suggested me to do something more classic because if I'd have something too edgy, I shortly wouldn't like it anymore. When cutting up my hair, I wasn't able to look into the mirror, so by the end when he finished blow drying I had to. I was like: Oh my world!!! Is this me??? I cannot look into the mirror, I look sooo different, haha. I didn't have shorter hair since I was five or so =D Super different, it's like I'm a new person, a new type and I LOVE IT :) :) :)

He then curled my hair a bit and showed me how to do a different style, so I left Theo's place very content and I'm super happy about that decision :) Sometimes you have a feeling and sometimes you should let that feeling overflow you and DO IT :) That day I was like a kid, jumping around and being happy all day because of my hair. My head was feeling so much lighter and I loved swinging my head and hair around, I felt like a hippie =D Haha, just kidding, oh no, I really did that =D

The first resonances were: - Is it you??? - Oh my gosh, what happened to your hair?? - Love it! - Now you actually have a real haircut. - And suddenly there's so much volume in your hair. =D =D - Looks a bit like Elin Kling, naah, do you really think that?

Apparently friends and family liked it as well :) So, what do you guys say? :)

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