September 26, 2013

Fall Essentials 2013 #3: Black Boots

I bought these boots last fall from Zara and haven't worn them very often. I felt like the boots were too chunky and heavy on my outfits, but this season I'm totally in! The Grunge-and-Punk trend this fall gives us the chance to be more edgy, black and rough. Usually I'm super picky with clothes because I really want golden zippers, buttons, studs and so on, since the embellishment is not that big, I can overlook it: Whatever right? =D I'm just all into everything golden, although punk and grunge work better with silver.

My shopping-tip: I bought them in the kids section and they were way cheaper than in the normal women's section. How come? My friend found out, that the kids sizes goes up to 38 EU or 8 US :) Save some money!

Want to find some similar ones?

 1-Leather Boots from H&M.
2-Flat Ankle Boots from Asos.
3-Boots from H&M.
4-Leather Boots from Zara.

1 comment:

  1. ich suche schon seit 22 jahren nach den perfekten boots hahaha
    die #3 sieht gut aus!!


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