October 29, 2013

New UO Backpack x Student Life


I've finally found the perfect solution for my bag-dilemma for school. Well, how to find a handbag which is big enough for your books, waterbottle, food etc., but won't be too heavy wearing on one shoulder? It's like impossible.. until I came across this lovely piece in the Urban Outfitters Store during my last visit to Berlin. At first glance I couldn't believe that there were golden zippers on it, but indeed :) Since day 1 I'm happy to have it because it's practical, doesn't stress my shoulders too much and it's stylish at once. It looks like an oldschool backpack and fits very well to my wardrobe. Furthermore it's not cloth, better yet it's fake-leather, so it will be more durable. Since we're witnessing a Golden Autumn-so called in GER-it was warm enough to not wear any jacket and scarf for school :)

Topshop Basic Grey Tee.
H&M Conscious Collection Blouse.
Dark patterned Pants from Zara.
Goertz Chelsea Boots.
Maugold bracelet.
 UO backpack. 

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