October 7, 2013

Mindful Monday: I want less. Here and Now.

I want less, here and now started with my decision of becoming more and more aware of what I buy, use and really need. I've wanted to clear my clutter, to get rid of things which weigh me down and I'm still in this life-long process. You're very welcome to join me, to give me tips or we could help each other. I'm just trying to practice and test myself in consuming less.

Step #1:

Two weeks ago I've managed to look through a bunch of clothes, sorting them out and actually selling them. It wasn't me selling my clothes; I was at school when a friend of mine took my clothes and sold them at a big flea market in town. Again, thank you very much for that!!! She herself was moving and also wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff she doesn't need anymore. This year I've already sold some stuff at different fleas and I'm always glad about the fact that my stuff will find a new and good owner. 

Yes, it's strenuous to stand there from 5 or 6am until 2pm to see people strolling by, stopping by, not buying and just looking. However, it's super funny when there are actually people wanting your stuff and immediately loving it. Be it scarves, bags, clothes, accessories, pick them all together and go look for the next flea market to sell them! 

If you haven't worn anything in one or two years: Say Goodbye and leave it for someone who will wear it and appreciate it! I'm also thinking of opening up a FB-Page to swap my stuff, be creative, call a friend who'll join you for a flea and you'll have a lot of fun, I'm sure! :)

Watch this now: When you're from France or Germany, you definitely have to watch this documentary: Less is more from ARTE. Super interesting how a few of us live alternatively, completely without the need of others and happily together.

Less meat, more vegetables, less plastic, more paper or reusable glasses, less driving, more biking and so on. I'm looking up to those; I think this video is up for seven days, so don't wait!

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