October 21, 2014

NYC #9 // 10 Facts about The Broadway Bomb

When I knew I was coming to New York City this semester, I put down Broadway Bomb 2014 in big red letters in my calendar. For everyone who is not familiar with this race, here's what you need to know about The Broadway Bomb: 

1. It was founded in 2002 by a group of 15 friends.

2. Ian Nichols was one of them and 
is still organizing it.

3. It is on the 3rd Saturday in October, 
every single year and kicks off at 12, noon.

4. Start: 116th Street & Broadway
 Finish: Charging Bull in Financial District  
5. It is around 8 Miles and
150 intersections & lights will be crossed.

6. The rules are as following: 
Stay on Broadway // No Skitching meaning no holding on to
 cars to gain speed // No knocking down skaters or pedestrians 

7. Since it first started, 
it has gained a lot of attraction and in 2012,
thousands of skateboarders from all over the world 
partcipated in this event. 

8. In 2013, police officers tried to barricade the skaters
with orange nets. Here is a fun video to watch.
In that year, some people got arrested, too.

9. Yes, it is an illegal race.

10. Best of all: it's free and will always be!

Who is coming with me next year? ;)

A post about my personal experience of the
Broadway Bomb Weekend 2014 is coming up,
so stay tuned!

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