October 13, 2014

Mindful Monday: Dream. Believe. Achieve.

When I came to NY the very first days, I looked up some half marathons and saw that there is one coming up on my birthday! Nice, huh? :) I asked my dear friends if they would be up for that. No racing, only fun and friends motivating each other to accomplish something together instead of a big party. 

At that point, my ankle was still swollen and I am glad that by now, it turned to normal size again ;) It was rather a No from every party. So, I turned this chance down and didn't think about it anymore.. until last weekend! 

With my Girlcrush on Sophia Chang, I came across one of the Undo-Ordinary Co-Founders Robin Arzon. A former lawyer turned into a fitness journalist and an ultramarathoner, running for her mum and multiple sclerosis, read her full story on her blog. I read an interview with her and this is what made my eyes spark again: 
Endurance racing really parallels life in that there are so many moments when you’re like, I can’t do this, but then you look back with 20/20 vision and you’re like I am stronger than anyone could ever imagine.
Read the full interview here.

With these words I was like: This is so so true! After every long run I did in my life, I always felt like superwoman afterwards! In that year of 2012 when I started long runs I was like: I can't do this, I don't want to run anymore.. and then you push, push, push and you finish!!! Every single time, I felt more energetic, more alive, more focused! 

Long story short, I ended up getting the right gear to start running again and as soon as I feel better, I will hit the streets of NYC! :) Really cannot wait!!! Will I do the 10k on my birthday or the half marathon? I do not know yet, but I will run for sure! What is your hobby or passion that gives you power, more strength and endurance for life? 

Never stop dreaming, always believe in you!

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