October 4, 2014

GIRLCRUSH // Sophia Chang from Queens, NY

 By Jeremiah Wilson for Hypebeast

When I first heard about Sophia Chang, I had to immediately talk to K from Off Color and was like: Oh my! New Girlcrush! I'm so into her! Why? Her appearance and her style, I love the fact that she's sporty and super feminine at the same time! Oh and the most important part: she's real! Also, her work, her thoughts, and yes even her bun! I was amazed by the young illustrator and designer from Queens. She just had a major collaboration with PUMA and designed the series 'Brooklynite', in which she incorporated her New York inspired illustrations. This creative mind is not only active in the arts & design field, but also in sports such as running and aerial yoga/pilates, which I would love to try out myself, too! 

Her interview on Hypebeast really motivated me to also take some time off from school and explore myself and embrace new projects.. Well, time will tell, but her words really stuck in my mind:  
Struggle, fail, try, make attempts, succeed (maybe) and see how far I can take myself.
Read the full interview here.

She is also part of Undo Ordinary, a magazine where sweat meets culture. I will definitely get a copy of that because it sounds like my perfect bible, style meets culture meets fitness.

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