November 25, 2013

All black everything

The other morning when I had to prepare myself for Uni again, I was thinking: All black everything :) So, this was super easy for me and I really like mixing and matching different fabrics of black clothes. I combined some leather with cotton and added a bit of gold. My favorite Zara pants with the flower pattern (love the details: pattern and zippers ♥) went with a grey-black sweater from Vero Moda; the leather-arm blazer from H&M, which I just bought, worked well as a second layer and since I were at school, I had my fake-leather UO backpack with me. The shoes are some old ones from Goertz and the accessories are from friends :) How do you like this black outfit?

1 comment:

  1. Love this outfit! Black is my absolute favorite color (yes - to me it is one). It's classy, edgy, chic, rock, grunge, you name it.

    a teeming mind


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