November 16, 2013

New In: Nixon Beanie x H&M Blazer & Skirt

Yes, yes, I know, no more shopping for me!!! :D Well, my birthday is coming up and I think this will be my birthday-outfit, haha, just kidding ;-) I'm not going to wear a Beanie on my birthday, but hey! Who knows, thinking about this outfit right now... wouldn't look that bad, no? :D

Anyways, yesterday, I've just joined a dear friend of mine, who was totally in shopping mood and was looking for a Beanie, as well. So, we were ONLY looking for beanies to keep our heads and ears warm. How did it turn out? Of course, after hitting a few Skaterstores, Zara, H&M and the like, we were 'kind of' successful: I've found the perfect Beanie for me and actually more. She came home with a bunch of bags full of skirts, jackets and blouses.. but no beanie :(

So, I really fell in love with the grey-blue patterned one from Nixon and cannot put it off anymore :) Too cozy! (Similar one here). The black blazer with fake-leather arms from H&M (buy here) was love at the second sight since I didn't want to shop there anymore.. well, yeah, I think if you really love a piece, be conscious about it and buy it if you're not getting yourself into debts (advice from Carla ;-) ) Last but not least, I bought a long grey-black skirt with a cut at the side, really like that edgy style :) Yes, I know this shopping trip wasn't planned, but I'm super happy and really want to transform my closet into a closet full of pieces, I honestly love and could wear everyday.

What about you guys, do you already have your closet full of clothes you would actually wear everyday? Or are you still changing it since trends come and go? :)       

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