November 21, 2013

21st Birthday Wishlist ♥

Well, another year is over and in two days I'm turning 21 :) I'm having a smile on my face right now because thinking about this year, it turned out really good.. so far ;-) There's a nice German proverb to it: Don't praise the day before nightfall! But we'll stay optimistic, right?

When I first came back to Germany in September 2012, I had a reversed culture shock since I wasn't used to everything anymore =D I had to adjust myself to German seriousness, but also to Vietnamese conventional lifestyle again (parents ;)), but that wasn't enough: friends and family had to get used to me and my new lifestyle now, less partying, more exercising, stuff like that, a lot has changed and if you want to know more, read on here. Unistress came along the way and the past winter was really about 'adapting' to my 'old' life again, but trying to stay the 'new' ME. Throughout this year I've met interesting people, some became friends, some I had to let go, and I think that anyone gets into thinking whenever another whole year passes. 
Time is flying so fast, right? 

This year, I'm not having big 'material wishes' compare to the last birthdays or rather: if material wishes like a pro-camera, a smartphone (yep, haven't one! yet! =D), I buy them myself ;-) This list here is really about things I need or would like to have for comfort.

Since I'm running around with my green metal bottle with hot tea inside, and it's actually not doing its work, I am looking for a NEW Thermos Bottle :) Simply plain, nothing special, just to have more than a cup on the go and to keep my tea hot for more than half an hour! Talking about staying warm, I'm also back in running and going to get myself a nice pair of Running Shoes, as well as a Running Headband. Super cold outside, but if you have the gear, move your butt I'm saying ;-)

How hard is it to NOT find a grey hoodie? Just scrolled through shopping-sites, impossible!!! I really like hoodies, but don't own as many because I can be picky with those. For my 18th birthday I've got a really nice grey one and am still wearing it. Now, three years later I'm seeking for a different color than grey =D Oh boy, but this selection is not better because it's all black: really fell in love with that super-cute and stylish Panda Sweater (always wanted a panda-sweater ♥) and the Black Hoodie from Naketano which would be more sporty.

Other than the more practical wishes for my birthday, I was thinking of buying D&G-TheOne again since my bottle is almost empty, but also thinking of changing my perfume, don't know yet ;-) Oh and I've just noticed the white nail-trend at my friends' fingers, so I'm totally digging the Essie Blanc Color-matte and pure whiteness :) 

Looks like this birthday wishlist is super long, but I think it's quite fair since most of the stuff I honestly need =D Broken running shoes, freezing ears, NO working thermos bottle and a new hoodie, which I get once a year at most =P are the reasons. Nevertheless and most importantly I cannot wait to spend some quality time with friends and family, have missed them so much since I don't get to see them everyday, week, month ;-) ♥

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  1. Great wishlist... I also don't know what to wish for christmas...
    And the essie is great... I have exactly this colour!!
    I'm studying Communication Scienes, Business Studies and European Ethnology in Bamberg in Germany ;)


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